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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Skewed hierarchy

In continuing the reversal theme, this time we are going to look at reversals based on flipping the expected ranks of people within a hierarchy. This too, is a popular theme with one of the most overused examples being the 'secretary who spanks their boss'.

Another interesting one is the maid who turns the tables on their employer:

Unfortunately, when these dynamics occur in a story, too often the reason for the reversal centers around some sort of blackmail. I HATE BLACKMAIL PLOTS! I prefer the reversal to result from some mutual recognition that the subordinate who takes control is somehow destined through their character to become the Top. What I like about this picture is how the expression on the scrubbing 'employer' in addition to the soap in her mouth, implies some possibly deserved fate for how she spoke to her maid. All people in all stations, deserve respect, so this is a nice lesson for Ms. Homemaker.

Our last set of pictures deals with the reversed 'teacher/student' dynamic:

There seems to be some implication of a class issue at play here. The teacher, though ostensibly 'in charge' ends up subordinate to a student of higher social/economic status. I love it and hate it simultaneously.

I'm not sure if the same situation is true here, but I love their 
expressions and what they imply. For whatever reason, the teacher seems to have accepted her fate, making no attempt to resist. That willingness to accept the younger girl's determined paddling is the key to the appeal for me.

I don't know enough about this kid to know how he was able to pull this off......
but it is a cartoon.

And here, "teacher Clare" is just overwhelmed by sheer force of numbers. In the real teaching world, devoid of models and cameras, there would be suspensions and probably criminal assault charges filed.

The "student spanks teacher" dynamic while popular is a difficult one to rationalize. It makes for great fantasy-fodder, but other than the "teacher did something bad and rather than face formal accusations, agrees to be spanked"-angle, I can't think of too many plots that make sense. And how many times can you use that one?


  1. Clare Fonda and Sarah Gregory, two of my all time favs! I agree that the scenario is unlikely but it IS titillating, no? As for the boy, I don't know how he did it either, but my hat's off to him...