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Monday, September 12, 2016


This was precisely the enthusiastic desire of a couple of guests Rosa and I had over on Saturday. These are two lovely ladies we are close to, that we haven't seen in a while and who were eager for some adventurous fun while cooling off on the unusually hot day. Unfortunately I had every intention of closing the pool prior to the RenFaire this weekend and as a result sort of 'let it go' rather than dump more chemicals into it for no good reason. As a result the pool was less than pristine. In fact it had more than its share of debris on the bottom and a few patches of late-season algae bloom. A dip would have churned that all into soup in minutes. So I gave the bad news to the ladies.

Rosa told them she would have been more than willing to indulge their idea and that had we known, we would have taken steps to get the thing back in shape. Our friends seemed disappointed but upon actually seeing the pool realized we weren't making up some story to avoid getting naked. (HA! Like that would happen!) I think we were all a little disappointed at the missed opportunity......but who knew this would come up?

However, one thing I mentioned to Rosa on Sunday was that maybe it was for the best since, due to certain circumstances, I was actually locked in a chastity device that day. We don't use locking devices all of the time but every now and then we do for an extra bit of 'emphasis'. Had I stripped down with the ladies, they would have seen the device and maybe they would have been a little freaked by it.

(not me, but make the legs a bit hairier, change the device to a different design, and add two hernia scars, and it's otherwise close.)

At first Rosa  said that had it come down to an issue with the CB, she would have just had me remove it......but as we discussed it more, Rosa came to the conclusion that these particular ladies would not be offended at all but rather have a positive "you go, girl!" attitude. As such, had this happened.....or if it happens in the future and I am locked......I will be skinny-dipping that way so that my situation and Rosa's control are blatantly visible!


  1. A girlfriend and I did just that in her mother's pool, actually we were playing around and soon I had her naked and she then had me naked. We did not realize her mother had come home, soon both of us were trying to explain, her mother did not listen. She told me I could take the punishment her daughter was going to get or I could leave and would not be welcome back. I was soon standing beside my girlfriend, facing the wall, crying, her mother had given both of us a sound spanking, and were facing the wall waiting for her to get the hairbrush to insure we learned our lesson. After the hairbrush I danced around, bawling, rubbing, until told to face the wall. She spanked her daughter harder and her dance proved that. Needless to say we never went skinny dipping in the pool again. Frank

    1. Great story, Frank! How old were you when this happened?

  2. It sounds like you missed a chance to have some pool fun. I can only imagine the fun the ladies would have had teasing you about your cock cage. Maybe next time.

    1. True, it was a missed opportunity, but with those two wild-gals I'm sure there will be others.