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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Teased again!

So about an hour ago, I see my neighbor, Marta heading over with some cookies for my step-kids. I was outside by my garage door working on a very cool prop for the upcoming RenFaire and showed it to her. I then invited her inside to see Rosa who was sewing some new pillow covers for our porch. I also complimented her on her appearance since she had just gotten ready to go out to another friend's house and looked quite nice.

We all chatted for a bit and Marta complimented Rosa on her work. And then as we discussed our thoughts for the pillows and a new futon cover, I mentioned that we had considered dyeing the old one with blue Rit Dye but that Rosa was concerned that the dye might rub off on the pants of our guests. Marta just happened to be wearing white slacks and agreed it was a definite possibility.

Then without any prompting, she looked right at me and playfully threatened, "and if I ever ended up with a blue butt, you'd definitely end up with a red one!"

My mouth fell open and Rosa could not stop laughing and even more teasing ensued before Marta had to leave.  Before she did, Rosa commented in front of Marta, that she had certainly grown quite comfortable with her authority. 

We also talked a bit more about Marta's role as RenFaire disciplinarian and the inevitability of me ending up on the receiving end of some of her smacks. 

It's so cool to have a friend who is comfortable enough with our lifestyle to tease like this!

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