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Monday, October 31, 2016

Julie's gonna get it.

There seems to be quite a surge of interest over at “Strict Julie’s” blog lately. It seems that Julie has managed to use her Machiavellian skills, usually employed to trap her husband David in some sexy escapade, to ensnare herself. As a result she is anticipating a serious paddling from a female friend as “payment” for a homemade paddle she received from a “Daddy Dom” she enjoys ‘playing with’ online. And with the recent delay, she may actually be paddled twice!

I love that my cyber-friend and fellow blogger is going to realize an exciting fantasy in real life, but I am fairly amazed at the odd reaction from her audience! These are supposedly submissive guys normally reveling in her exploits as Domme to David. You would think that seeing their heroine, long-established as a Top, suddenly in a submissive role would upset this Femdom fan-base…..but that is clearly not the case. It seems her ‘comeuppance’ is hotly desired and fueling a lot of energetic one-handed typing, and that seems so………… ‘unsubby’ of them! The same guys who a few months ago were pledging their undying adoration of Julie’s dominance and expressing their envy of David, are now making lewd remarks over what they hope happens to her behind. WTF?

However, Julie is definitely enjoying this attention, as one would expect from someone currently in a submissive mindset and that at least makes perfect sense to me. This is her fantasy-come-true and she is getting to experience the added spice of some public humiliation……which is always a kick. So why wouldn’t she appreciate the teasing? So if you want to get in on the action, head on over to Strict Julie’s (linked in my margin) and leave your suggestive tease for her eager eyes.

I am also posting this lovely shot of Julie’s bottom (which has triggered an avalanche of responses all pondering its fate), as fodder for your ideas. (I would bet that besides comments, this little picture has probably triggered some other things too; no doubt explosive and messy things.)

For me, though, there will be no such self-indulgence....cute though these buns may be. And I think my concept of Julie is so rooted in female dominance that rather than imagining these buns all red and raw, such an image will always make me think of Julie standing proudly with her hands on her hips saying “Start kissing and don’t stop until I say so!”


It's the best holiday of the don't need presents. You don't need to prepare any fancy food.....a few bags of candy will do just fine. don't even need a costume!

So go have some fun. The possibilities are endless:

Going to a Halloween party is the best idea...... 

......where you could be the center of attention!
But if not..... could just invite one special someone over for a quick bite.

Maybe get crazy and try asphyxiation sex?

Or if those ideas are too wild....just suck a toe or two or .......5?

At least just try putting on a mask? And if all that is too strenuous for you.....

....have someone pour you a special drink.....

.......and make yourself a nice sandwich.

And if you have no one to play with, you can always play by yourself.

Whatever you do, don't let Halloween go by without doing something a little freaky!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Party Time!

Just taking a laptop break as I prepare for tomorrow evening's Halloween Party. As you may know.....or have figured out by now....Halloween is my all-time FAVORITE holiday!

We went all-out this year, but I don't have access to this year's I'll just gave you all a taste with a couple from last year:

this is what is atop our pool table in the living room. There's more creepy stuff there this year but I'll post those another time.

these are our bar top specimen jars.....again there are more this year and creepy-monkey is sitting elsewhere.

As you can see, there are no friendly witches or cartoonish ghosts about. The color scheme is off-white, sepia, brown, and black. The large rusty 'grim reaper' scythe and other scary implements on the table are not plastic toys from Spirit, but the real antique deals.

There are so many new things this year, I really must get them posted for you all.

( a regular doll I repainted)

( a creepy baby I got from Spirit a while back......and repainted.)

In the meantime, "Happy Halloween" go out and scare someone good!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Gearing up!

The residents of Sunnydale are again getting prepared for their biggest day of the entire year: Halloween! And that means lots of work for the humans residing there.....all under the supervision of taskmasters (and mistresses especially) who are very quick to chastise any shoddy efforts.

Waiters must be efficient.....

......and barmaids solicitous.

There simply are not too many figure-illustrated stories that combine creepy Halloween elements with kinky themes interspersed throughout. The story of Sunnydale is a refreshing novelty. If you've never read it, why not go give it a try and get in the Halloween spirit? And even if you it again! Make it a viewing tradition like watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" or "The Nightmare Before Christmas" year after year.

Click here for the tale: Sunnydale

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


As a kinky person with a cell phone, I have to wonder: just who in the hell came up with the emojis that are standard to an I-Phone? As a couple into chastity and the occasional lock-up, we love that there are three different lock emojis:

There's this one plus one with a key, and one unlocked. 

But beyond chastity conversations, anything else requires imagination and the creative corruption of innocent images. One of our favorites is:

It may not look like what Rosa & I are texting about, but there's little doubt or confusion as to what this is going to mean for me.

Another option is to use those emojis that have already been reassigned by a perverted public to mean other things:

Everyone seems to know that this peach is not what it seems. And if you add:

along with it, you get another pretty clear message!

Beyond all these though there are glaring absences in the Apple roster: no feet? They have hands galore, a nose, lips, eyes, even a tongue, but no feet..........only sad footprints of where those lovely toes had once been. Fortunately for me, we have an inside joke wherein toes are routinely called "mushrooms" in our house. So I just use the mushroom emoji whenever I'm talking tootsies............but that just works for us.

And then they have all these common household items........... but no hairbrush. No paddle in the sports stuff either. Instead there are emojis that just make you scratch your head. Colored buttons and shapes, Astrological signs? Symbols I do not understand. And do I really need flags from all over the world? 

What's even more interesting is that I can't get a foot, or hairbrush, or even a clothespin? But I can get this soft steamy pile:

It seems to me the person responsible for the selection offered needs a good slap. So, what emoji would YOU like to see as a standard offering?

Monday, October 24, 2016

A Past Incident

It seems that the few posts revolving around others in our circle being aware of our lifestyle resonated with people. When I went looking back over some posts in other places to find the background piece, I stumbled upon another incident that happened this past March.....right around St. Patrick's Day. I figured I'd copy and paste it here:

Yesterday morning I was supposed to drop my nieces off for their school bus stops and fell back to sleep so that I only managed to make it in time for one of them. Now initially that sounds like a punishable thing, but the twist is that at the time it happened....and even now, Rosa is not terribly upset that it happened. She has felt that my brother has repeatedly and consistently done things like this and that I hardly ever mess up like this. So in her mind, she felt this was a good lesson for him. However, while she insists she is not upset about my screw-up, she has cheerfully decided she will punish me just the same. She actually said though that she is going to consider this a reward spanking, but when I asked her if that was how it would be from my perspective she gleefully informed me it would not. So while she is pleased about the accidental "life lesson" for my usually late brother. I am still going to get a solid punishment spanking.

Personally, I HATE being late for things and I drive most people crazy with my OCD compulsion to always be on time, so I actually don't mind being punished for yesterday's screw-up. It seems fair. The reason I posted this though is to show how whether we are spanked when our HoH's are really mad or when they are not mad at all.......for our butts, there isn't much of a difference!

Yesterday Rosa got home but did not punish me right away like she warned. Instead I had to wait until evening when she was finally ready. She instructed me to get the lighter of our two main "punishment paddles" and asked me how I felt about what was going to happen. I explained I was resigned to all of it and she then gave me a stingy but moderate punishment of about 200 smacks. But while it certainly wasn't enjoyable, when she told me to get up, I did feel a bit like I had gotten off easy......especially after her multiple teases and warnings through the day. I guess I was just thinking it was going to be a bit worse.

As I was putting the paddle back she commented on the color of my bottom and I told her that while it definitely stung, I had expected worse. She then explained very good-naturedly how she really wasn't upset that this happened, repeating her feeling that she liked that this may have given my perpetually-tardy brother a good lesson. She did admit that she did still punish me because, regardless of his past issues, I had said I would pick the girls up and I messed it up a bit. But she just wasn't very mad about it.......hence the milder spanking.

As you may know from past posts, Rosa and I have a DD understanding that goes back to the very start of our agreement which says that we each agree to either endure or deliver enough punishment so that each party walks away feeling like "it's finished". Usually it's her who wishes to add more on, but on a few occasions I was the one to suggest a bit more so as to thoroughly wash away my feelings of guilt or remorse. With that firmly in mind, Rosa said she truly understood what I was saying about my own guilt in this regardless of my brother's past record. She said that while she felt satisfied, she could see why I might have more guilt associated with what happened since she wasn't actually hurt by what happened while my nieces were. And since she definitely admitted that she had indeed gone easier than usual, given my current feelings, she would gladly worsen my punishment. 

So back over her lap I went and Rosa, now armed with the heavier of the two paddles, proceeded to add 70 more swats to my rear.............and these were full-force scorchers that had me yelping! She really let me have it! She spanked me now just as if she was really upset with me. When done my butt was radiating heat and felt totally leathery and swollen.   She was beaming a smug little grin though and when I asked her about it, she just mentioned how much she enjoys her power. So my hinder is still fairly tender this morning and Rosa went to work teasing me that she might spank me again tonight.......but I think she's just teasing.

Then this follow-up a couple of days later:

So yesterday we were over our neighbor-in-the-know's house so that my tech-savvy Rosa could help her with the clarity of her HDTV image. 99% of the discussion had to do with the approaching holidays (Easter) and the TV issues themselves, but at one point I got a phone call I needed to take that resulted in a discussion that caused a revelation of a chain of related tidbits..................oddly leading up to the incident described above, and since Rosa is so open and proud of her authority and our neighbor is so unusually interested in our lifestyle, Rosa went on to explain that despite her personal feelings on my screw-up, that she still punished me for it. Our neighbor loves these stories and asked some questions smiling with each answer! All with me standing right there. 

The thing about our neighbor is that she would like to live such a lifestyle herself but her husband, while also cool with us doing it, does not want it in his own life.....especially since her desire is to be the HoH. So she sort of enjoys hearing the nuances of how such a relationship actually plays out in the day-to-day world from us. What she learned yesterday from my Honey, is that the punishments are not just for my 'benefit' but also so that Rosa can release her anger or frustration. She seemed initially surprised at that, but then seemed to quickly understand that such a thing could be very beneficial for restoring harmony. The one thing that I find blushingly cute, is her genuine lack of sympathy for my punishments. I know from conversations with her that her approval is based on knowing: 1: this is consensual, 2: Rosa is amazingly fair, 3: I do actually do the typical things that drive a spouse crazy at times, and that 4: these are 'spankings' and not some frying pan bludgeonings......meaning while genuine, they only result in a stinging backside, not black eyes or broken bones......and she's bemusedly OK with that.

I should add though that Rosa is not the only one who is open, I too sometimes reveal my comeuppances in certain circumstances. In fact, shortly after the incident, I did text apologies to both of my nieces, but I also let one of them know what happened as a result. (Both of them are aware of our lifestyle BTW, and while both are cool with it, my one niece is much more 'bemusedly receptive' than the other.) It wasn't a long or detailed exchange, more of a "you know how we live over here, so just to let you know, Rosa made sure to take care of my screw-up" type thing. Whenever I do tell my niece these things I do make sure to keep things simple and somewhat discreet or euphemistic. The main thing I always made sure she understood whenever we discussed stuff like this is that the DD punishments are not some R-rated adult game but the real deal......and that I do agree to them and not being bullied or abused in any way. She is another person though who despite her youthfulness, seems to understand that ......and also approves. When I told her about how this incident was 'resolved', she texted back that she agreed with Sonia's handling of it and felt I did truly deserve what I got. And ironically she was the one I made it in time for!

While my niece did not 'do the honors' like this young lady, she flatly admitted that she approved of Rosa's handling of the situation.

So whether it's friends or relatives, those we have chosen to be open with, all have accepted it and most have given their approval as well. I wonder if those who know all of us, whether we are HoHs or TiHs, do pick up on the same traits that have led us all to this lifestyle? I wonder if that's why....other than those occasional negative stories you hear, a lot of the stories I have heard about people who are even just one or two other people.... seem to reflect that same "approval"? It's definitely one thing to be OK with something, but quite another to go so far as to endorse it.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

I Know........

...............right? They usually just end up being a great place to pile up clothes!

I love these old covers. Check out the subtitle: "HER STEPMOTHER TURNED HER TO THE QUEER LIFE BEFORE HER FIRST DATE SHE WAS WHIPPED BEFORE SHE STARTED". The lack of any punctuation and the choice of words makes the statement much funnier than I'm sure the author intended. I mean life is sort of queer when you think about it. Strange stuff happens all of the time. Now if that's not what Meryl Cork (great name too, huh? like you have to wonder when Meryl got popped?) meant, then you get into that whole "you can make someone homosexual, and therefore conversely, cure someone of it as well".........and that's just a load of shit.

And then there's "she was whipped before she started". Literally? Like whip whipped? Well maybe the lash welts were enough to convince her to try something new, even if it wasn't her 'thing'? Or was she defeated whipped? Or maybe she was just tired whipped? Fatigue can have you agree to a lot of things you wouldn't do wide awake.

Like write detailed posts about old book covers that no one even has read. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Happy endings

The classic "happy ending" of song and story.

But................that's not what I meant. (Still, I got your attention.) No, I mean the literal (and literary) happy ending to a it book, movie, etc. They say "everybody loves a happy ending", and to some degree that's more true for some than others. Recently I read a few stories that had the potential to really stick it to the reader at the end. The throat was bare. But the author in each case, let justice triumph or had the evil character achieve redemption. And you know what? The readers who commented on these stories LOVED those endings............just like the guy in that picture above would probably prefer this:

to this:

But that's not how life always goes, and maybe it's me but I really love the end with a dark finish. (And since I end up more often like the caged guy than the champagne bottle, perhaps I am in a minority of opinion and experience.)

Cinematically, just think of how much better the Director's cut of "Bladerunner" is with the realistic, dreary, hope-in-a-dirty-bottle ending. How much better would "I Am Legend" have been if it ended with the woman and her son finding the sought after facility ruined and overrun just as the sun set.....with the sounds of the creatures echoing through the woods? How much cooler would it have been if "Children of Men" ended with Kee waiting in the boat with Theo's body.........but never seeing the boat in the fog. Maybe it comes. maybe it doesn't. End it there.

The reason I reference these three movies is that they were not happy, upbeat films to begin with. (I don't think "Singin' in the Rain" would be more appealing if Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, & Debbie Reynolds were all struck by a bus at the end. Though I do love the use of the song 'Singin' in the Rain' in "A Clockwork Orange".) No, these were dark films.....and yet to appease the typical viewer, they were given crowd-pleaser endings.

Well, for me the same is true with a spanking story. Sure most are fun. Others are a bit sexy. But not every single one has to be. If you live this lifestyle, you probably love the juicy elements involved...........but you probably also know that things don't always go according to fantasy, and that spankings are not 'magic pills' that solve everything. Every now and then I like to read (or write) a spanking story that doesn't promote sexual elation, but leaves me thinking. 

If you feel the same way, and believe a spanking story can be used to do more than just titillate.....try these:

And if you have written or know of a story with a darker aspect, leave a comment or link! I have read a few and they really impressed me with their insight and disturbing realism.

If not? To each their own............and continue to enjoy your "happy endings"! 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Go for it.

Today I thought to take a break from long, revealing posts to just offer a thought to accompany this cute cartoon I found online:

(just click on it to see it larger)

It seems lately that I've been seeing a lot of sad accounts from people who are suppressing their kinkier desires in order to maintain some sort of harmonious, yet unsatisfying, status quo in their lives. I cannot understand this. I think that just like the lady in the cartoon, people would be surprised at how simple it might be to have their desires met if they just took the bold step to reveal them. It starts with letting people know who you really are, up front, right from the start.........and without undue shame!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


While I have openly discussed this before on several forums and alluded to it here, there has been a reasonable question posed as to the how’s and why’s of our open DD lifestyle.

So I am going to describe it as accurately and succinctly as I can:

Rosa and her three kids live with me. At the very start of our cohabitation Rosa expressed a concern that by moving into “my” house, she worried that she would never feel it was hers too. At the time we were already ‘playing’ with spanking and some other BDSM activities, but had not adopted a full-out DD lifestyle. In order to assuage my Honey’s concerns, I suggested we take our activities ‘to the next level’ complete with rules she could enforce and consequences. At the time I felt this was a huge step. Rosa however, reacted as if it was the most normal, logical, and reasonable thing in the world. She agreed in a heartbeat and took over as a sort of disciplinary HoH with areas that were left egalitarian (like finances and handling of issues with our own children). 

Not long after initiating a DD relationship, she discussed her desire to live openly as a family.....mainly to show that a responsible, mutually-desired lifestyle is nothing to be ashamed of. I saw her point and with only a little hesitation, agreed. That was around 2010....give or take, and when we came out to her kids, the world did not end. They all reacted differently but essentially positively to the news. Each seemed mature enough to understand it, even if they initially found it to be a very different sort of thing from what they were used to. It did not take long though for them to not only get used to it, but embrace it. I do think the reason this has worked so well for us is the particular serendipitous dynamic we have. I tend to doubt her kids would be as receptive to a DD household if I was the dominant partner spanking their Mom for misdeeds. But in our case, this arrangement has been completely embraced by them since it is their mother in charge and her rule ensures a huge benefit of guaranteed respect and safety for them. In our home, there is never any reason they need to worry about how anyone might be mistreated. They and their Mom are safe and secure. If I do anything to jeopardize that……I suffer the consequences. All three (now 16 through 20) had those occasional issues with me where I either scolded the wrong kid, or impatiently snapped at one of them for no good reason, and they saw the issue resolved with their Mom taking me off to our room and spanking me for it. And despite our great inter-relationships, none ever seemed too upset about me getting it good for hurting their feelings.

This older piece depicting an early household reality, is framed and hanging just inside our bedroom behind the door when opened and visible when closed. While depicted as piggies, each of us is represented in somewhat accurate resemblance and gesture. Anyone knowing us would easily know which piggy was who.....though the little piggies at the door are quite grown up now.

If one of them was directly wronged by me and they seemed sincerely upset by it, their mother not only informed them that she would ‘take care of it’ but very often even asked that they themselves suggest an amount of spanks they thought was fair. Now one might think this would result is some crazy suggestions, but each one always took that offer very seriously and really gave fair suggestions sometimes even with tears in their eyes. Furthermore, you’d think such a thing could lead to a lack of respect for me…….but it never did. 

Overall her kids see me as a father figure  and have said so openly. However, there is also a general feeling of being in the same situation with regards to their Mom's authority.....with the exception that they were not spanked. So, if there is any misbehavior in the house, any one of us could expect to be punished by my honey. However, they experience only revoked privileges. I too may have privileges revoked, but invariably my misdeeds are handled with a punishment spanking behind closed doors......but not out of earshot.  

However, other than this dynamic, we are very much the average family in every other way. There is no lack of mutual respect. No inappropriate teasing. If they do tease, it’s very much in line with what you might expect from anyone aware of the situation. We all care about each other very much. Coming out to them merely resulted in an open lifestyle. No worries over who was home if I needed to be punished.....just off to the bedroom and immediate consequences: a combination of a stinging backside and the embarrassment of having my punishment being easily heard. It might sound strange....but it works for us.

Monday, October 17, 2016


This is a pretty accurate depiction of how I feel today.

Yesterday was a complicated day. It started out fun and even sexy, and literally ran the gamut until it concluded. When you visit spanking blogs, you see the full range of how varied this one activity can be. What is even more interesting is how varied even a single session can be!

Rosa and I engage in all sorts of things at different times. Sometimes we are playful, other times sexy, and yet other times there is a very serious disciplinary aspect to what we do. But truly, most often these feelings tend to blend rather than isolate themselves instance by instance. Therefore I can get a "serious" spanking for genuine misbehavior and feel very contrite and punished......and that authority and my reaction to it can turn Rosa on so that she finds the genuine discipline sexy. But I have always felt there could often be an undercurrent of seriousness to even playful spanking and that is sort of what happened yesterday.

Even if you just 'play' with can real life not touch upon the discipline at times?

We are open in our household as many of you know. Everyone knows that I get spanked for misbehavior and for 'fun stuff' as well. In fact, it has long been established that no one living here need ever 'worry' about "Birthday Spanks" because while we don't do them every time there's a birthday.......if we DO do them, there's only one behind in danger no matter whose birthday it is. I am the family "Birthday-Spank Proxy". And because of that, when we engage in this tradition, we don't just do the old "one swat for each year" thing. Instead, the birthday honoree and others get to decide on a total number of spanks and then it's off to the bedroom for a thorough spanking. The birthday boy/girl gets the "luck" associated with the practice and I get the hot bottom. And everyone (including me) finds it humorous and fun.............even if the spanking part for me is a little less so.

So yesterday morning, Rosa asked her clan for a number with which to honor her son's birthday. To my surprise, my step-daughter suggested a rather large number and the birthday boy then followed suit with only a slightly lower one. Rosa simply added the two together and it was decided that at some point later in the day, I would get this marathon paddling. (Thankfully my other stepson was already at work or who knows how high that number would have risen?)

As the day progressed, each kid went off on their own adventures and Rosa and I ended up with a lot of private time. We were driving back from taking Ana back to college when I asked about what Rosa thought was behind the rather substantial sum suggested by her kids. She thought it was actually prompted by my behavior, since due to some external stresses, I have not been the most patient person with people. I thought the number was a mischievous way for them to encourage Rosa and I to have some real lengthy time together since they know we have only recently come back into re-living our lifestyle as we used to.

I asked Ana today via text about her reasoning and she admitted it was truly BOTH. So what was meant as 'fun' did have some serious undertones contained within. 

Anyway, regardless of the entire range of reasons, the spanking itself was epic and ran the gamut of challenging, playful, and even sexy. Rosa got excited enough to demand an "O" for herself midway through (which she got) and also some nice foot-pampering after we were done. All with me sitting on a thoroughly-roasted and swollen bottom! Me? By the end I was total mushball of puppy-dog submissiveness.

Today though, any of that 'endorphin rush' or even local numbness you can experience during a really long paddling is long gone, and due to the astounding number of swats I received, my bottom is just incredibly sore!  Sitting, or even just walking or moving, all instantly remind me of last night. Additionally, this very real fact will again affect behavior, since regardless of the range of reasons for last night's paddling......there is simply no way I am going to do anything to prompt another spanking right now. It would be hell to get spanked on top of this raw bottom and Rosa has no qualms about spanking a second time if necessary. 

Now just where IS that ice-pack anyway?

Friday, October 14, 2016


( Considering how conservatively a lot of DD folk see themselves, this might not have been the best picture to illustrate our 'community'......but a bunch of folks looking like they were at a wedding wouldn't get the point across as well either. )

I've been thinking about how things have changed in my lifetime. There was a time when you didn't even have to be friends with someone to engage in reciprocity. It was an understood social expectation among polite and civilized people. If someone invited you to their home, you left thinking of when you'd be able to return the invitation. But today that's gone like a ripple in a stream.

Recently I have had a few disappointing instances where people just couldn't be bothered with things that literally would have taken a minute or two at most.

While this is very much a prevalent way of thinking in 2016, one would hope that in a community of alternate lifestyle people, who always seem to clamor for 'acceptance' from a world that doesn't always understand them, that there would be more of an effort to nurture connections and support. Ah.....but who has the time? Right?

When my kids were very young they used to compete with each other for attention. I used to tease them when it got too much by turning to them with an exaggerated expression and repeating, "lookatme-lookatme-lookatme" over and over until they laughed. Thankfully they outgrew that behavior. But how disappointing it is to find that as time passed our entire society regressed into that childlike mindset.

Now everyone wants attention. I am no exception. But I always felt that the key to a mature and lasting guarantee of attention was reciprocity. ( Just like in polite conversation: you listen to me and then I listen to you. ) It's how friendships are formed.
But today who needs friendship that requires effort when you can just have a "friend" with a click and interact with a "like"? Easy, right? Well it may be easy......but like anything easy, what is its value? Where is the depth? What's the point of a shallow 'like' when there could be a discussion and exchange of ideas?

Now I'm not perfect with this either.....but I am sincere. If a person comments here and they have a blog I am aware of, I do try, at least periodically, to leave a comment there. So, if you come here and read my blog and like it...........and you have a blog of your own......drop me an invitation! I'll visit. If we agree, perhaps we might even link each other? I increase your traffic and you increase mine, and together we build!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Kitchen tomfoolery

It appears our exploration of CFNF has lost some steam, so while I have others in reserve, I'm going to offer just one more for now before shifting gears to other topics. We may very likely revisit CFNF in the future though. But right now here's this:

So these two look like they could be sisters. And while a 'caught you' picture is not uncommon in these days where everyone has a camera in their phone, a couple of things that are curious:
Why is the NF in a kitchen? 'caught you naked' pictures almost always happen in bedrooms, bathrooms, locker rooms, or hotel rooms. And more interestingly.....who is the girl in the background? She seems disinterested in the little scenario unfolding around her. One would expect her to be looking into the camera with glee.................but no. She looks almost annoyed. So what's going on here?

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Explain this one:

Returning to our little foray into CFNF, and in particular those shots that just cry out for an explanation, here's one to ponder:

Obviously a posed candid shot at some home party (just check out the bottles on the counter). The "CF" looks older and, besides both breasts, also has both purse and cell phone in her grasp.

My guess is that the NF is celebrating something like a 21st birthday or graduation and getting a little wild. The CF is an older relative, possibly a sister, who has just arrived or is about to leave, and decided to take a fun shot.....while playfully 'covering up' the exposed goodies.

Again, this isn't the weirdest one I've ever seen, but I like the tone in it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Apples to Apples

Hmmmm, now what might those cards say if they were the "blank, fill-in-your-own-answer ones"?
'a punishment spanking from Rosa' ?
'consequences for bitchy behavior' ?
'sitting' ?

If it was my round and those were the cards presented, I'd have a hard time picking one. They would all be so accurate.

Over the weekend I ended up playing "Apples to Apples" with Rosa, her daughter, and her daughter's boyfriend. Now when I play this game I never compete to win with the fervor I do in other games. It's just too frustrating. But I can enjoy a drink while engaging in some familial fun if that's what everyone wants to do. However, I begin to lose it when the cards chosen follow NO pattern whatsoever. I even get annoyed when a card that is not even my own...... but is the OBVIOUS CHOICE, is ignored in favor of something seemingly unrelated.

If I voice this frustration, I am always met with the response that the dealer can choose whatever card they want for whatever reason and that there are no wrong choices. Well, perhaps not. But there are stupid ones. One of my less-than-charming character flaws is a very intense desire for descriptive accuracy. It can be helpful at times but it can lead to all sorts of issues if emphasized when unnecessary. 

When playing Apples to Apples for fun with is clearly unnecessary....but that didn't stop me from getting extremely bitchy this weekend and sort of ruining everyone else's good time. At one point I just got so annoyed that I began playing and picking cards without even looking at them to prove my point about the frustration of selecting something with care when the person judging is going to choose arbitrarily.  It proved my point, but also put a real kibosh on the fun.

Well, it all eventually caught up with me. On Sunday morning Rosa told me that she intended to punish me for my behavior during the game. Now here's where you folks that truly understand a DD relationship in the real world and how it plays out outside of fantasy will relate: I DID NOT WANT to be punished. And I did not think it fair. Instead I got very defensive and with very clear reasons, explained away my behavior. Obviously if players are free to upset me by choosing cards according to their own whim, why can't I? There are no rules on choosing, right? And no rules on choosing things in a way that upsets others?

Well, Rosa explained that she actually understood my point, but that the reason the game went that way was that the other two players were intentionally just trying to figure out which card was hers so they could pick it and boost her ego. (I was unaware of this although my step-daughter told me yesterday that this was exactly the case, and insisted that she told me this during the game.) Anyway, Rosa let it go and I thought the issue was dropped.

Yesterday morning Rosa called me from work to tell me a few things and one of them was that even though she let the incident slide initially, that she STILL felt it warranted a punishment and that I should expect one when she got home. Oddly, after talking to my adult step-daughter about it and in the clear light of a bit of time past, I saw how it was sort of fair. Even if I had a point, I hadn't been very nice. I mentioned to my step-daughter that her Mom intended to punish me and she admitted that she felt her Mom was absolutely right to do so and completely supported that decision. At this point I began to realize that I had truly tromped on a lot of the toes of those I care about. By the time Rosa got home, I was resolved in my guilt.

Rosa and I talked and then she gave me a pretty emphatic spanking..........with a bit extra tossed in on her daughter's behalf. When done she asked me about how I felt and I admitted she was right to punish me but that there was something still bothering me: I confessed that I didn't like that I resisted when Rosa first suggested the punishment. I told her I appreciated that she held off, but that I felt that it ran contrary to my desire that she act on her own when she wishes to, and that my refusal only served to confuse her. 

(I should interject here that we are both coming back into our DD after putting the more real aspects on hold during a very stressful period that is only partially resolved. She and I both wanted to continue the DD, but the stress just made it a bad idea. So even though we have brought it back.....there are still impediments to being back into full swing.)

Anyway, she admitted that my refusal did undermine her a bit but that was why she didn't eliminate the punishment, but only postponed it. I thanked her for that consideration but admitted that I felt guilty over acting so evasively and defensively and would now be willing to pay a price for that as well...........and TRULY clean the slate completely. She agreed and I went back over her lap for an additional spanking that ended up being a bit lengthier than I was thinking at the time of my confessing............but that's what makes a punishment a punishment. It's not like I should be the one to decide the amount even if it's due to something I volunteered, right?

Interestingly, the whole affair, as serious as it started out..........ended up making my Honey a bit horny and we concluded the session with me giving her a nice big "O". ( I can't be positive, and certainly wasn't going to spoil the mood by asking, but I do think it was my confession spanking that prompted Rosa's mood. She tends to react very passionately when there is something still lingering and rather than her having to bring it up......I surprise her by mentioning it instead. Especially when my admission not only coincides with something she had also been thinking, but when the consequences are so genuinely unpleasant. Perhaps that's why the add-on was no picnic or some indulgence of my whim.....but a complete, separate, additional spanking of about 100 smacks......given in a way she knows I hate: repeated swats on one cheek and then the same to the other, back and forth in sets of 10 and ending with 2 sets of 20 ( I counted ). Twenty crisp ones in a row really do hurt.)

At one point I texted my step-daughter, who by this time was back at her dorm, and told her that I was sorry for upsetting her as well, and that her Mom had added on some extra smacks on her behalf, and ultimately that her Mom's delivery of the punishment was indeed "emphatic". I also thanked her for talking to me Monday morning and giving me her honest opinion on the whole episode. Always gracious and always as authoritative as her mother, she accepted my apology and thanks with ease, but succinctly expressed her approval of her Mom's spanking zeal with a plain old "Good."

And looking back, I think it was. Yes I'm sore, but I am so proud of my Honey for not backing away from a punishment she wished to deliver. (And 'yes' I did tell her that to her face.)

Monday, October 10, 2016

Another one.

Shifting gears a bit, here's one that seems to be a couple at a kinky street fair (perhaps Folsom in San Francisco?) 

But the age reversal is interesting. Are they a couple? Friends? Just a kinky photo op between strangers? You tell me.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

First "WTF?" Challenge

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my predisposition towards CFNF is piqued when the rationale for the picture is unfathomable. The weirder the better. So while some like captioning, I'm going to ask my readers for their take on what they think was going on in this CFNF picture when it was taken:

Granted, this is not the weirdest of the bunch, but it does make one wonder who the people are and why the one is naked?

So, any thoughts? (There's no prize. Just the satisfaction of solving a mystery. Like CLUE....but without clothes.)

Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday! Party time!

In continuing with the CFNF theme, and since yesterday's post was more extensive, today I'm just going to post this cute posed shot:

I guess if you're going to celebrate your birthday, you may as well do so in your 'birthday suit'?
(Does anyone even say 'birthday suit' anymore?)

OK, obviously set up as a joke, this shot is still one of my all-time favorites! And while the subject is cute in her own way, she certainly is not some voluptuous model.....and that is the first thing that catches me. This amateur girl isn't the least bit shy about showing the world that, in addition to perhaps enjoying her first legal drink.....she might also now be ready for her first training bra as well. Now I happen to like small breasts, but most people still mock this young lady has confidence and guts. I think if she had some perfect curvy body, the shot would not be nearly as appealing.

 Then take a look at the two CFs. Tell me that's not Mom and big Sis! And posed or not, all three nail the perfect expressions. You've got the subject who is sort of saying, "hey, it's my birthday (maybe even the big 21?) and I'm going all out. I got my drink, my hat, so who needs clothes?". Sis obviously is in total, thumbs-up agreement. And 'Mom' is feigning a sort of shock at this 'depravity'....but she sure doesn't seem truly annoyed (no Oscar for her!) But even that adds to the fun.

Meanwhile, in the far background, what seems to be President Obama, Dr. King, and the King (emblazoned on a lacquered clock plaque in all of his Hawaiian, comeback glory) all look on. Touches like these are too good to be true.

Now if there IS a background story to this, beyond some open-minded family's "joke", I would love to hear it! (And if the young lady in the hat ever sees are hereby formally invited to all of my parties! (come as you are)

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Everybody has their 'thing' when it comes to cruising adult images. Despite my seemingly  "out there" nature, surprisingly my pet weakness is not for hard-core anal, or even uber-bondage. And while I do like the occasional spanking photo, the thing that really  gets me is: CFNF (clothed female/naked female).

And while there are all sorts of reasons why two women will end up in a photo with only one of them clothed, there are certain categories of CFNF that amuse me more than others. I will be using a few posts to explore CFNF a bit and today we will begin with just the main categories.

Naturally the most basic reason for one woman to be naked with another in a photo is that they are models posing for something that requires only one of them to be naked; perhaps a spanking shot? maybe a bondage or other BDSM scenario? or maybe even just a posed shot of some girl-on-girl action with one of them clothed? Whatever it is, these shots are as plentiful as they are...........well............a bit boring. It is so much better when the people involved are not models

Here are a few shots (some admittedly posed by models) that show off a few CFNF categories:

The posed CFNF portrait.

CFNF as part of an artsy statement.

Models and staff between shots. (Abby Winters has an entire section of these 'behind the scenes' and model/staff buddy poses. They are cute and have a nice reality about them......even though they are paid professionals.)

Then, whether models or not, there are those shots which just have a candid 'feel' to them.

Models? Or a real couple caught on camera?

Then there are those that appear to be real people involved in some sort of 'dare'. (There are also Professional Dare sites done by professional models......which for me, takes all the fun, and even the 'dare' out of it.)

There are also a LOT of these 'one person naked' shots seemingly taken on vacations. They have a certain appeal, but part of the fun of CFNF for me is when the NF is naked in a more risky place than a crazy vacation beach or hot tub.

BUT my ALL-TIME FAVORITES are those I like to refer to as the "what the fuck?!" pictures.
These are shots that seem to be just regular people in a CFNF situation that just cries out for an explanation. Unfortunately few if any have such background. Just LOOK at THIS one! What is going on here? Where is the 'bunny' going dressed (or undressed) like that? You could say it's just a good-natured woman posing with a professional stripper....but is it me or is there a bit of a shared resemblance? Is that Mom? A crazy aunt?

So those are the main categories. As I said I will explore a few in more depth, and I promise you a whole lotta fun with the LAST category!