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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

2 Kinks in 1

I saw this picture on a blog today and it just really resonated with me:

Chastity AND foot-teasing! What a combination.

While I am no stranger to such teasing, this is not actually "us". Rosa rarely paints her perfectly groomed toenails and she wears her KEY in a locket on a necklace rather than on an anklet. The guy is a bit more like me in hairiness.....but I tend to shave the entire pubic area, not just by my CB.* 

*{In fact, I decided to just offer anyone who wants to see the real me the opportunity to do so without openly posting pictures others may not care to see. After all, I'm close to 57 and no model. But some of you are just curious little perverts who won't care about that and just want a peek. Anyway, as I've stated before, I am ALWAYS bound by both a "No unauthorized 'O's" rule and a very difficult "No pleasurable touching without permission" rule. So while I will be locked at certain times, most often I just wear a 'reminder' cock-ring 24/7.....except for the occasional removal for shaving or just a break from the ring itself. The images linked show me first in the cage used most often, two more of me in my ring, and lastly a B&W shot I just felt was a little provocative yet artsy in a sick sort of way. (link)}

Anyway, back to the post. So as I stated in a post a couple of days current O-less condition is getting more and more pronounced. Several things recently have accentuated it even further than the length of time itself. But, I am also in a nice, submissive state of mind because of it as well............and that is the goal in doing denial. It really does affect you in a profound way. It's not always easy (as I can attest) but it does have its benefits that make the effort worthwhile.

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