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Thursday, October 6, 2016


Everybody has their 'thing' when it comes to cruising adult images. Despite my seemingly  "out there" nature, surprisingly my pet weakness is not for hard-core anal, or even uber-bondage. And while I do like the occasional spanking photo, the thing that really  gets me is: CFNF (clothed female/naked female).

And while there are all sorts of reasons why two women will end up in a photo with only one of them clothed, there are certain categories of CFNF that amuse me more than others. I will be using a few posts to explore CFNF a bit and today we will begin with just the main categories.

Naturally the most basic reason for one woman to be naked with another in a photo is that they are models posing for something that requires only one of them to be naked; perhaps a spanking shot? maybe a bondage or other BDSM scenario? or maybe even just a posed shot of some girl-on-girl action with one of them clothed? Whatever it is, these shots are as plentiful as they are...........well............a bit boring. It is so much better when the people involved are not models

Here are a few shots (some admittedly posed by models) that show off a few CFNF categories:

The posed CFNF portrait.

CFNF as part of an artsy statement.

Models and staff between shots. (Abby Winters has an entire section of these 'behind the scenes' and model/staff buddy poses. They are cute and have a nice reality about them......even though they are paid professionals.)

Then, whether models or not, there are those shots which just have a candid 'feel' to them.

Models? Or a real couple caught on camera?

Then there are those that appear to be real people involved in some sort of 'dare'. (There are also Professional Dare sites done by professional models......which for me, takes all the fun, and even the 'dare' out of it.)

There are also a LOT of these 'one person naked' shots seemingly taken on vacations. They have a certain appeal, but part of the fun of CFNF for me is when the NF is naked in a more risky place than a crazy vacation beach or hot tub.

BUT my ALL-TIME FAVORITES are those I like to refer to as the "what the fuck?!" pictures.
These are shots that seem to be just regular people in a CFNF situation that just cries out for an explanation. Unfortunately few if any have such background. Just LOOK at THIS one! What is going on here? Where is the 'bunny' going dressed (or undressed) like that? You could say it's just a good-natured woman posing with a professional stripper....but is it me or is there a bit of a shared resemblance? Is that Mom? A crazy aunt?

So those are the main categories. As I said I will explore a few in more depth, and I promise you a whole lotta fun with the LAST category!


  1. This is hot! Was just wondering about CFNM ~sara

    1. Thanks and welcome, Sara. As for CFNM? I like DOING it (in fact I REALLY like doing it).....I just do't particularly enjoy looking at it in pictures. (Unless they are really interesting in some way.) Naked guys just don't do it or me. ;-)

    2. CFNF..Oh My There is clearly no limit to the possibilities for acronyms.

      This is new to me. Never heard of it. Doesn't hurt my eyes one bit. :)

    3. There are several variations on the 4-letter acronym:
      CFNF: clothed female naked female
      CMNF: (very popular) clothed male/naked female
      CFNM: (popular among F/m-ers) clothed female/naked male
      etc. etc.