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Monday, October 17, 2016


This is a pretty accurate depiction of how I feel today.

Yesterday was a complicated day. It started out fun and even sexy, and literally ran the gamut until it concluded. When you visit spanking blogs, you see the full range of how varied this one activity can be. What is even more interesting is how varied even a single session can be!

Rosa and I engage in all sorts of things at different times. Sometimes we are playful, other times sexy, and yet other times there is a very serious disciplinary aspect to what we do. But truly, most often these feelings tend to blend rather than isolate themselves instance by instance. Therefore I can get a "serious" spanking for genuine misbehavior and feel very contrite and punished......and that authority and my reaction to it can turn Rosa on so that she finds the genuine discipline sexy. But I have always felt there could often be an undercurrent of seriousness to even playful spanking and that is sort of what happened yesterday.

Even if you just 'play' with can real life not touch upon the discipline at times?

We are open in our household as many of you know. Everyone knows that I get spanked for misbehavior and for 'fun stuff' as well. In fact, it has long been established that no one living here need ever 'worry' about "Birthday Spanks" because while we don't do them every time there's a birthday.......if we DO do them, there's only one behind in danger no matter whose birthday it is. I am the family "Birthday-Spank Proxy". And because of that, when we engage in this tradition, we don't just do the old "one swat for each year" thing. Instead, the birthday honoree and others get to decide on a total number of spanks and then it's off to the bedroom for a thorough spanking. The birthday boy/girl gets the "luck" associated with the practice and I get the hot bottom. And everyone (including me) finds it humorous and fun.............even if the spanking part for me is a little less so.

So yesterday morning, Rosa asked her clan for a number with which to honor her son's birthday. To my surprise, my step-daughter suggested a rather large number and the birthday boy then followed suit with only a slightly lower one. Rosa simply added the two together and it was decided that at some point later in the day, I would get this marathon paddling. (Thankfully my other stepson was already at work or who knows how high that number would have risen?)

As the day progressed, each kid went off on their own adventures and Rosa and I ended up with a lot of private time. We were driving back from taking Ana back to college when I asked about what Rosa thought was behind the rather substantial sum suggested by her kids. She thought it was actually prompted by my behavior, since due to some external stresses, I have not been the most patient person with people. I thought the number was a mischievous way for them to encourage Rosa and I to have some real lengthy time together since they know we have only recently come back into re-living our lifestyle as we used to.

I asked Ana today via text about her reasoning and she admitted it was truly BOTH. So what was meant as 'fun' did have some serious undertones contained within. 

Anyway, regardless of the entire range of reasons, the spanking itself was epic and ran the gamut of challenging, playful, and even sexy. Rosa got excited enough to demand an "O" for herself midway through (which she got) and also some nice foot-pampering after we were done. All with me sitting on a thoroughly-roasted and swollen bottom! Me? By the end I was total mushball of puppy-dog submissiveness.

Today though, any of that 'endorphin rush' or even local numbness you can experience during a really long paddling is long gone, and due to the astounding number of swats I received, my bottom is just incredibly sore!  Sitting, or even just walking or moving, all instantly remind me of last night. Additionally, this very real fact will again affect behavior, since regardless of the range of reasons for last night's paddling......there is simply no way I am going to do anything to prompt another spanking right now. It would be hell to get spanked on top of this raw bottom and Rosa has no qualms about spanking a second time if necessary. 

Now just where IS that ice-pack anyway?


  1. very interesting... I did not realize Rosa's whole "clan" was aware of your spankings. Have you written much about that anywhere? How that situation came to be?
    (forgot to click the "Notify me!" last time)

    1. Since that dynamic has been in place for several years, the numerous accounts of it were posted mostly on other forums I frequent or frequentED. By the time I started this blog, I felt like I had 'told the story to death'............but you raise a valid point. There simply are probably a lot of visitors here who have NOT heard the tale and perhaps at some point I should devote at least one post to it.

      As for stories....."Proxy" is HEAVILY based on our home dynamic with just a few changes to make things more fictionally smooth. "Schoolgirl Spanking" is another that did not technically happen as written.....but is so thoroughly influenced by our home situation that it easily could be a real account. "Milgram 2016" is a total fiction, but the relationship between Dennis and Alexis is based totally on my reality here.

  2. Please do. The sooner the better! And you KNOW it's not polite to leave a lady waiting...