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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Explain this one:

Returning to our little foray into CFNF, and in particular those shots that just cry out for an explanation, here's one to ponder:

Obviously a posed candid shot at some home party (just check out the bottles on the counter). The "CF" looks older and, besides both breasts, also has both purse and cell phone in her grasp.

My guess is that the NF is celebrating something like a 21st birthday or graduation and getting a little wild. The CF is an older relative, possibly a sister, who has just arrived or is about to leave, and decided to take a fun shot.....while playfully 'covering up' the exposed goodies.

Again, this isn't the weirdest one I've ever seen, but I like the tone in it.


  1. Joseph, my girlfriend and I were celebrating her birthday, I was taken a picture of her, naked, her best friend walked in and quickly covered her beautiful breast. I said you came at the wrong time, she smiled and said Not. Finally she allowed me to take the picture.

    1. I like that, Joseph. It seems believable.

    2. It is true, her friend is just that type, tied to get her to pose nude, no luck, she did want a picture and she got an 8x10.