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Monday, October 3, 2016

Feeling it

Man am I relating to this fellow right about now. For the last few weeks my sexual side has had to find contentment through giving O's to Rosa, smooching her tootsies and bottom, and enjoying(?) the occasional, permitted "self-tease" (i.e. toying with myself but not to orgasm) and even a playful but stingy spanking now and then.....which does tend to take my mind off things ...............temporarily at least.

As I've written before, we don't employ locked CBs 24/7, just now and then for effect. So most of my "no O's" and even "no pleasurable touching at all without permission" are achieved through honor and obedience rather than by mechanical prevention.

It's now the beginning of October and I am currently looking at Halloween as my target "release date". Considering how I'm already feeling, it should be an interesting month!

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