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Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday! Party time!

In continuing with the CFNF theme, and since yesterday's post was more extensive, today I'm just going to post this cute posed shot:

I guess if you're going to celebrate your birthday, you may as well do so in your 'birthday suit'?
(Does anyone even say 'birthday suit' anymore?)

OK, obviously set up as a joke, this shot is still one of my all-time favorites! And while the subject is cute in her own way, she certainly is not some voluptuous model.....and that is the first thing that catches me. This amateur girl isn't the least bit shy about showing the world that, in addition to perhaps enjoying her first legal drink.....she might also now be ready for her first training bra as well. Now I happen to like small breasts, but most people still mock this young lady has confidence and guts. I think if she had some perfect curvy body, the shot would not be nearly as appealing.

 Then take a look at the two CFs. Tell me that's not Mom and big Sis! And posed or not, all three nail the perfect expressions. You've got the subject who is sort of saying, "hey, it's my birthday (maybe even the big 21?) and I'm going all out. I got my drink, my hat, so who needs clothes?". Sis obviously is in total, thumbs-up agreement. And 'Mom' is feigning a sort of shock at this 'depravity'....but she sure doesn't seem truly annoyed (no Oscar for her!) But even that adds to the fun.

Meanwhile, in the far background, what seems to be President Obama, Dr. King, and the King (emblazoned on a lacquered clock plaque in all of his Hawaiian, comeback glory) all look on. Touches like these are too good to be true.

Now if there IS a background story to this, beyond some open-minded family's "joke", I would love to hear it! (And if the young lady in the hat ever sees are hereby formally invited to all of my parties! (come as you are)


  1. I have to agree with you she has beautiful breasts. In my younger days we used to say anything over a mouth full is wasted.

    1. I would have to agree. I also feel small breasts are more aesthetically pleasing and less prone to sagging. They even look 'neater'.

  2. Shawn, my girlfriend celebrated her birthday with all her friends, I was not invited. I decided to check it out and found my girlfriend, naked, over the lap of a friend, also naked, getting her birthday spanking. The look when I walked in and when I put my girlfriend over my lap, she enjoyed it and gave me such a kiss afterwards. The other friends which was five wanted a spanking also, my girlfriend gave me the okay and see five very red cute bare bottoms and the spanking dance afterwards was priceless.

    1. That sounds like quite an adventure, Shawn.