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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Gearing up!

The residents of Sunnydale are again getting prepared for their biggest day of the entire year: Halloween! And that means lots of work for the humans residing there.....all under the supervision of taskmasters (and mistresses especially) who are very quick to chastise any shoddy efforts.

Waiters must be efficient.....

......and barmaids solicitous.

There simply are not too many figure-illustrated stories that combine creepy Halloween elements with kinky themes interspersed throughout. The story of Sunnydale is a refreshing novelty. If you've never read it, why not go give it a try and get in the Halloween spirit? And even if you it again! Make it a viewing tradition like watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" or "The Nightmare Before Christmas" year after year.

Click here for the tale: Sunnydale


  1. I just love your figurines! Thank you for bringing them back.

    1. Thank you my dear, but they are always available to view on the main website.....all year long. I just only set up the display in my home for October.