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Friday, October 21, 2016

Happy endings

The classic "happy ending" of song and story.

But................that's not what I meant. (Still, I got your attention.) No, I mean the literal (and literary) happy ending to a it book, movie, etc. They say "everybody loves a happy ending", and to some degree that's more true for some than others. Recently I read a few stories that had the potential to really stick it to the reader at the end. The throat was bare. But the author in each case, let justice triumph or had the evil character achieve redemption. And you know what? The readers who commented on these stories LOVED those endings............just like the guy in that picture above would probably prefer this:

to this:

But that's not how life always goes, and maybe it's me but I really love the end with a dark finish. (And since I end up more often like the caged guy than the champagne bottle, perhaps I am in a minority of opinion and experience.)

Cinematically, just think of how much better the Director's cut of "Bladerunner" is with the realistic, dreary, hope-in-a-dirty-bottle ending. How much better would "I Am Legend" have been if it ended with the woman and her son finding the sought after facility ruined and overrun just as the sun set.....with the sounds of the creatures echoing through the woods? How much cooler would it have been if "Children of Men" ended with Kee waiting in the boat with Theo's body.........but never seeing the boat in the fog. Maybe it comes. maybe it doesn't. End it there.

The reason I reference these three movies is that they were not happy, upbeat films to begin with. (I don't think "Singin' in the Rain" would be more appealing if Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, & Debbie Reynolds were all struck by a bus at the end. Though I do love the use of the song 'Singin' in the Rain' in "A Clockwork Orange".) No, these were dark films.....and yet to appease the typical viewer, they were given crowd-pleaser endings.

Well, for me the same is true with a spanking story. Sure most are fun. Others are a bit sexy. But not every single one has to be. If you live this lifestyle, you probably love the juicy elements involved...........but you probably also know that things don't always go according to fantasy, and that spankings are not 'magic pills' that solve everything. Every now and then I like to read (or write) a spanking story that doesn't promote sexual elation, but leaves me thinking. 

If you feel the same way, and believe a spanking story can be used to do more than just titillate.....try these:

And if you have written or know of a story with a darker aspect, leave a comment or link! I have read a few and they really impressed me with their insight and disturbing realism.

If not? To each their own............and continue to enjoy your "happy endings"! 

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