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Saturday, October 22, 2016

I Know........

...............right? They usually just end up being a great place to pile up clothes!

I love these old covers. Check out the subtitle: "HER STEPMOTHER TURNED HER TO THE QUEER LIFE BEFORE HER FIRST DATE SHE WAS WHIPPED BEFORE SHE STARTED". The lack of any punctuation and the choice of words makes the statement much funnier than I'm sure the author intended. I mean life is sort of queer when you think about it. Strange stuff happens all of the time. Now if that's not what Meryl Cork (great name too, huh? like you have to wonder when Meryl got popped?) meant, then you get into that whole "you can make someone homosexual, and therefore conversely, cure someone of it as well".........and that's just a load of shit.

And then there's "she was whipped before she started". Literally? Like whip whipped? Well maybe the lash welts were enough to convince her to try something new, even if it wasn't her 'thing'? Or was she defeated whipped? Or maybe she was just tired whipped? Fatigue can have you agree to a lot of things you wouldn't do wide awake.

Like write detailed posts about old book covers that no one even has read. 


  1. Mary, I see a woman wanting to try something new. My college roommate played the same game with me. I walked in to find her naked and enjoying herself. Looks like fun I said, she smiled, I soon was nude and layed beside her, she quickly started to enjoy me, I so much enjoyed her large well rounded beautiful breast I suck them. We had an enjoyable afternoon and evening, nothing was off limits.

    1. Welcome, Mary. I have to disagree that engaging in a same-sex relationship can be explained merely by wanting to try something new. I love trying things that are new yet I don't believe I would hop into bed with a man just because he was laying on it naked. The inclination for bisexuality or homosexuality has to be in a person for such a thing as a naked person on a bed to trigger the desire for an encounter.

      I'm glad you had fun though.

    2. In college you try anything for the most part and to be truthful it had been in the back of my mind.

    3. Well, if it had "been in the back of my (your) mind" already, then obviously you were experiencing some degree of lesbian attraction toward your roommate, I'd venture.

      It's been decades since I went to college, but I don't recall trying erotic activities that I clearly didn't believe I would enjoy back then.

      As for the paperback's cover 'blurb,' I'm figuring that "whipped" means "defeated" (any resistance to lesbian sex squashed by her stepmother) in this situation. She has a sweet, fully-rounded derriere, I can certainly appreciate that anyway... --C.K.