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Monday, October 31, 2016

Julie's gonna get it.

There seems to be quite a surge of interest over at “Strict Julie’s” blog lately. It seems that Julie has managed to use her Machiavellian skills, usually employed to trap her husband David in some sexy escapade, to ensnare herself. As a result she is anticipating a serious paddling from a female friend as “payment” for a homemade paddle she received from a “Daddy Dom” she enjoys ‘playing with’ online. And with the recent delay, she may actually be paddled twice!

I love that my cyber-friend and fellow blogger is going to realize an exciting fantasy in real life, but I am fairly amazed at the odd reaction from her audience! These are supposedly submissive guys normally reveling in her exploits as Domme to David. You would think that seeing their heroine, long-established as a Top, suddenly in a submissive role would upset this Femdom fan-base…..but that is clearly not the case. It seems her ‘comeuppance’ is hotly desired and fueling a lot of energetic one-handed typing, and that seems so………… ‘unsubby’ of them! The same guys who a few months ago were pledging their undying adoration of Julie’s dominance and expressing their envy of David, are now making lewd remarks over what they hope happens to her behind. WTF?

However, Julie is definitely enjoying this attention, as one would expect from someone currently in a submissive mindset and that at least makes perfect sense to me. This is her fantasy-come-true and she is getting to experience the added spice of some public humiliation……which is always a kick. So why wouldn’t she appreciate the teasing? So if you want to get in on the action, head on over to Strict Julie’s (linked in my margin) and leave your suggestive tease for her eager eyes.

I am also posting this lovely shot of Julie’s bottom (which has triggered an avalanche of responses all pondering its fate), as fodder for your ideas. (I would bet that besides comments, this little picture has probably triggered some other things too; no doubt explosive and messy things.)

For me, though, there will be no such self-indulgence....cute though these buns may be. And I think my concept of Julie is so rooted in female dominance that rather than imagining these buns all red and raw, such an image will always make me think of Julie standing proudly with her hands on her hips saying “Start kissing and don’t stop until I say so!”


  1. Oh my gosh! There's my butt, again!!!
    Will it never end?

    1. Oh don't worry! It's such a little one folks might not even notice it. ;-)

  2. I actually have a spanking fetish for BOTH sides, although I am completely Dominant. In other words, I call all the shots. I'm sure it's the same for Julie.

    Hot pink tushie is sexy!

    1. I know what you mean since Rosa is the same way. And Julie has done that too in the past.....a spanking, but in a very controlled "I'm still in charge" way. This time it seems she is seeking a different experience and from what she's written, very likely to get it.

  3. Crimson Kid (C.K.)November 1, 2016 at 6:54 PM

    Well, I'd definitely prefer kissing those sweet bumcheeks myself (as opposed to swatting them), I must admit, but I can understand the appeal of a normally dominant female who receives a "comeuppance" during which she gets to experience having her own bare bottom soundly spanked (without any *topping from the bottom,* something which she's otherwise accustomed to doing to her submissive(s).

    However, it's very important to me that another assertive woman be the spanker, not a male--I don't at all like the image of her being dominated by a man, even merely momentarily, my feeling is that she should always be in control and "dishing out the discipline" during any kinky interactions with males.

    In my fantasies, this kind of situation requires that the briefly humbled lady reasserts her authority and reestablishes her dominance by thoroughly blistering the naked buttocks of the submissive male(s) who enjoyed her embarrassing and highly atypical corporal correction.

    It's even arguably healthy for a feminine disciplinarian to demonstrate that she can "take it as well a dish it out," but only with extreme infrequency--yet once again (to me anyway) only from another dominant female. If I ever were to become aware of a disciplinary woman submitting to a male, her appealing image would be permanently and seriously damaged in my perception.

    "Folks," as in naughty children of any age, not noticing that delectable of a womanly derriere--I wouldn't count on that happening... --C.K.

    1. No worries, ck, I agree with you completely! My husband is getting a special treat for being such a good sport, but after that, it's bottoms up for him and that special paddle!

    2. I'm not sure why it is, but with a few minor differences, I feel the same as you, CK. It's not logical though, but we are not creatures entirely built on logic, are we?

    3. Well, I read the account of her very thorough paddling by her girlfriend Tracy, and I greatly enjoyed it *except* the parts that some guy she called "Sir," with a capital "S," was somehow contributing to the process.

      (Unless a male has been formally knighted as a baronet by the English monarch, I find the use of "Sir" to reflect egotism and possibly arrogance--*especially* if it's being employed by a dominant female. Since when does a self-respecting domme refer to ANY man as "Sir"...??)

      Okay, I can understand Julie wanting to go into *submissive mode,* while her friend Tracy clearly knew less than nothing about administering corporal correction (I'm stating "less than nothing" because she'd apparently read FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY, otherwise it would just be nothing), so presumably Tracy needed guidance from someone other than Julie herself, to avoid the "topping from the bottom" issue.

      So there was no female disciplinarian who could've supplied such advice to Tracy, who clearly did an excellent job wielding the paddle on her own once she'd gotten underway with the chastisement? It was rather off-putting to have this "Sir," who seems to have merely sold the paddle to Tracy, assuming some sort of indirect control over the proceedings and claiming that Julie's paddling somehow was "payment" owed to him.

      (This reflects why I tend to share KD's attitude toward male tops, like the one in this case who felt he should be scripting Julie's punitive session even though she's a dominant type herself--of course, I also don't know why his arrogant assumption of such authority was pretty much agreed to by both feminine parties involved.)

      Anyway, the description of the actual paddling (and the accompanying "before-during-after" photographs) was highly gratifying to read (and observe), but why did this "Sir" assert that he should personally be sent the photographs and description of the spanking? They're on Julie's site, he can view them there like everyone else, can't he?

      My impressions:

      [1] Julie has a beautiful bottom, even more attractive when it's glowing a sweet rosy red, plus considerable integrity as a domme in experiencing a long, hard paddling herself.

      [2] I'd greatly appreciate being spanked by either of those ladies--Tracy turned out to be a *natural* at teasing and embarrassing Julie during the session (including the use of the humbling diaper position), I don't believe she needed that much outside direction.

      [3] Hopefully next time, assuming there eventually is one, Tracy can handle it entirely by herself without any outside person *inserting* himself into the process, well beyond simply explaining how to employ the corrective implement involved which he sold--with any required outside guidance (if needed) coming from a "Ma'am," preferably another dominant female who knows Julie personally and would be justified in being indirectly involved if necessary.

      Okay, I've probably overemphasized my one serious criticism a bit, it's just that I personally dislike seeing a strict female disciplinarian like Julie showing such deference to some guy who calls himself "Sir" and assumes that such deference is his natural due from her... --C.K.

    4. While I have that same bristly reaction to "sirs" and male Tops, I must say that in this case, the Top called "Daddy " by Julie and referred to as "sir" had a deal with her in which he gave her a beautiful handmade paddle in exchange for the session and photos.

      So this was all part of a very clear bargain. And since I know plenty of sub females, I just accept their decisions as their own.

      To your point though, personally I would have been very angry at the teasing David endured in the latest session with Tracey. But I am not David and he is not me. ;-)

      All the best, CK!

    5. Okay, my apologies to Julie for reading the account of her paddling by Tracy but not the background to it--that explains why she sent him photos and her account of the session. (Since they appeared on her site anyway, I suppose she was a smart businesswoman via essentially getting a free paddle out of the deal.)

      So do you mean that she's a "sub female" to male tops then? Because a mere business arrangement wouldn't require one person to address another one as "Daddy" (or "Sir"), would it?

      That would explain the "Sir" reference, I suppose, and her allowing him to indirectly supervise her spanking from Tracy (which struck me as rather unnecessary from a pragmatic standpoint), but it would also leave me somewhat disappointed.

      To put it in a folk-music context, "Where have all the true female disciplinarians gone?" --C.K.

    6. Not really, I have no issue with female switches at all, but I do feel just a touch disappointed at discovering that a lady whom I'd perceived as being 100% spanko-dominant towards males (her occasionally being spanko-submissive to another female isn't that much of an issue to me) has a relationship (real-life or online) with some guy whom she calls "Daddy Dom" or "Sir."

      I've looked over Julie's blog on occasion but obviously not followed all of it too closely--since I am pretty much a spankophile "purist" anyway and other aspects of it haven't captured my interest--thus I might have missed other indications that she's sometimes submissive to male tops, directly or indirectly.

      As for how David was teased about being cuckolded during his witnessed-by-Tracy paddling from Julie, my reaction to such a situation would depend on how seriously I believed the speculations by the two women were--perhaps he thought that they were merely playful and didn't represent serious intentions.

      Then again, to some submissive males accepting one's female partner cuckolding them is merely part of their submission--the same could apply to what I'd consider to be the women's rather insensitive taunting of David for an implied "lack of manhood," I suppose... --C.K.

  4. Yesterday I happened across the Blog posting of Julie's paddling, with the pictures of her, yes, VERY cute butt. She got quite a substantial paddling. Whether it was meant to be "experimental" or not, It sure qualified as a disciplinary session in my world.

    Coincidentally, I got spanked before bed last night for impatience and even raising my voice. It was not really a big episode, more like a one-time anecdote. But still, I was shocked by my own behavior. So of course the session was totally deserved (and appreciated since I felt like a jerk).

    In all honesty the spanking I got was a fraction of the session Julie endured. It was plenty enough for my wife to get her message across and I am not even slightly tempted to test her. Yes I have a pretty low pain threshold, which makes life easier for her.

    Anyway my point is that I admire Julie's courage and toughness for making it through the whole thing. I'm sure she could have called an end to it if she really chose to.

    1. Very cool story, Tomy. I have had a different take on your same situation and I should probably do a post about it.

    2. What was your "take" on the situation?

    3. I had a similar outburst which Rosa wished to address with a punishment. I told her she had the authority but explained that due to the reasons for the outburst, I would not be able to take a punishment without it causing a bigger separation between us. We hashed it all out and things are back to normal without a punishment being given.

  5. Susan, my better half would have redden my bottom a lot more, Unlike some men who have spank me, she knows how and I so enjoy squirming over her lap. Joan and I will be married shortly and have been told spankings will be used. I'm looking forward to being naughty, Joan knows the true meaning of giving a spanking.

    1. Hello Susan. It's odd to hear a DD person say they are looking forward to misbehaving especially when they claim that their disciplinarian is proficient. Do you see your DD as serious or an excuse to play? Either is legitimate but I am curious. Thanks.

    2. Joan is very much serious, likes to be in charge. I carefree, do things on the spur of the moment, you might call it play, the spankings are very real. I just at times like to push Joan.

    3. Thank you for that explanation. I can see that dynamic and even relate to aspects of it.

    4. Being a adult, us females can be a child anytime, be very naughty in private or public. This is what I like and Joan will not think twice when a spanking is needed. I'm thankful that she takes me to a restroom or back to our hotel room. Being spanked in the restroom have learned it is no big deal. Some wish they were being spanked, older women want to be giving the spanking. One older woman picked up my panties and told Joan, keep them, her spanked bottom on a hard surface will serve as punishment.

    5. I'm assuming this is "Susan" again? Please refer to the two simple rules for posting and I would also recommend checking out the Blog Post entitled "Non Sexquitur".

      You are currently right on the line for deletion. Be careful not to cross it. Thanks.