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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Only ones?

Last night Rosa and I engaged in some "playtime". Now I realize I maintain we are a "DD" couple and that those discipline spankings are serious affairs, BUT I have never denied that we are also a kinky couple that enjoys playing around with some of the very same things we use for punishment, or expressions of our dynamic, etc.

One thing we will do on occasion is the "reward/play spanking". These are a much friendlier exchange than when I've misbehaved. However, Rosa does like to spank crisply even when playing, so my butt is probably never as sure about what's going on as my head is. A play spanking feels differently............but more mentally than physically (although Rosa does know some nasty practices she employs only when I'm being punished, so there are some physical differences, but not when it comes to how my butt ends up when she's done.)

Since this was a reward, I actually got to tell Rosa what I wanted, and while I told her that she could definitely start with me over her lap, eventually I wanted to do this 'thing' we do with me in a prone wheelbarrow position, with my face at her feet. I looked for a picture to illustrate this and was amazed that I could not find anything except this one with two ladies involved:

( Do any of you do anything like this with a lot of passionate foot-kissing worked in? It seems like such a natural combined activity....{even here: the spanker's bare feet are so within the victim's reach }......and yet the Internet has nothing that I could find showing it. )

Position-wise this is pretty darned close.....just switch me in for the young lady in distress and you have a better picture. However, the reason I request this postiion is so that I can kiss my Honey's bare feet while she uses a particular rounded paddle very suited to the position on me. So in the above picture, you also kind of need to have those idle bare feet right up in the young lady's mouth muffling her "ouches".

The thing with this activity, is that it results in me getting very passionate with the dual activity of toe-smooching while getting my buns paddled. The combination whips me into a frenzy quite literally..........and that frenzy triggers an impassioned response from Rosa who tends to emotionally feed off my antics. This results in a crazy cycle of her smacks making me kiss more fervently and that wanton display of submissive attention prompts her to hit harder and more feverishly as well. (Sometimes Rosa will even have an "O" from all this. Heck, sometimes, with permission, so do I!)

However, although this is all very playful and sexy, the end result is usually a very well-kissed pair of tootsies for Rosa, and a VERY sore butt for me.

Now, while I do love this treat, it is not without a few drawbacks: I am very tall and not as young and flexible as I used to be, so the position will sometimes become more uncomfortable than the whacks themselves. And the odd presentation also results in Rosa having a very easy time whacking my left cheek, but being very prone to striking the right one from an angle that catches me a little higher and to the side than feels ideal. In fact, that happened last night enough times that I requested we stop a bit sooner than usual. Since this wasn't a punishment, Rosa agreed.

However, just so that neither of us went away from the experience feeling 'underdone'.....back over her lap I went for a grand finale that went on much longer than I ever expected..........but left me deliciously sore and emotionally mushy and contented.

It was a good night..............and I am still definitely feeling the after effects today!


  1. Never saw/thought of this position before. :::thinks hard:::

    1. And it works for a bit of chaste frotting as well! ( ooooh, TMI! )

  2. We haven't tried it. I find that laying on the bed for spankings cranks my neck in a very uncomfortable way, so it would probably not be a good one for me. And neither one of us is into the feet fetish thing, so that doesn't add to the attraction of the position for either of us.

    1. When we do basic OTK we still use the bed 90% of the time. Rosa would be in the same position as the spanker in the photo, but I would be across her lap....and my head would be over the edge of the bed and not arched up at all.

      If you aren't into the 'foot thing' you might just as well give this position a "pass". For pure spanking, it's not very good at all.