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Friday, October 28, 2016

Party Time!

Just taking a laptop break as I prepare for tomorrow evening's Halloween Party. As you may know.....or have figured out by now....Halloween is my all-time FAVORITE holiday!

We went all-out this year, but I don't have access to this year's I'll just gave you all a taste with a couple from last year:

this is what is atop our pool table in the living room. There's more creepy stuff there this year but I'll post those another time.

these are our bar top specimen jars.....again there are more this year and creepy-monkey is sitting elsewhere.

As you can see, there are no friendly witches or cartoonish ghosts about. The color scheme is off-white, sepia, brown, and black. The large rusty 'grim reaper' scythe and other scary implements on the table are not plastic toys from Spirit, but the real antique deals.

There are so many new things this year, I really must get them posted for you all.

( a regular doll I repainted)

( a creepy baby I got from Spirit a while back......and repainted.)

In the meantime, "Happy Halloween" go out and scare someone good!