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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Main website poll

I sometimes wonder if the visitors here are aware of the bounty of kinky material (stories, art, cartoons, resin figures) housed at the Collected Submissions WEBSITE? There is now a poll question to that effect with the link to the website right above it. 

One of several "KDPierre" illustrations you can find there.

And of course there are the cartoons!


  1. I do, some I like others really not my thing. The picture of the woman admiring her work, that is nice. A person I'm seeing a little older does spank, but not for foreplay. Usually the next morning she will inspect her work always in the kitchen, pulling down the bottoms of my pajamas and rubbing it and always with a smile you have been naughty and I just smile and stand there.

    1. Thanks for the reply. I don't expect everyone to be into everything. In fact there are cartoons there that were done for a BDSM magazine back in the 90's where I used themes I myself was not fully into.

      I like your 'dropped pjs' story!

    2. There are times after a spanking, I must wear my pj's the rest of the day. Her friends will drop in, see me and just smile, been a naughty little boy, I just say yes.

  2. Your "Topping from the Bottom" cartoon is absolutely hilarious. I laughed to myself a couple of time the other day just thinking about it.