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Monday, January 30, 2017

Ana's Installment

As promised, I will now post Ana's Installment. As you all know, Ana is my adult step-daughter. We are very close and I am always being accused of spoiling her. But she is my "Little Monster" and I think she deserves the attention I try to give her.  Unfortunately, by being close to me, she is also the first in the 'line of fire' when I am not at my best.  Prior to the stresses of this past year, that usually meant little altercations and misunderstandings.....any one of which she could resolve with a "discipline slip" to her mom. She did not always resort to this, but she did so often enough.....sometimes even when the offence wasn't terribly serious. (Those times it was clear she was just 'playing' with me a bit. But all in good fun, never with cruelty.)

This past year was extreme. It put stresses on the entire family in ways that were truly unfair. What follows is a very interesting treat for you readers. It is an explanation of the very high amounts Ana gave for the 2016/2017 spankings in her own words. (I edited only a very few things.) So, if you would like to see into the mind of a 'disciplinary female' ......albeit a fairly young one, read ahead:

"As the year ended and the new year begins, a lot has happened, good and bad. It was a year that tested our patience, love, and sanity. I tried to see the perspective from everyone in the house, not only mine. I get that everyone has different things on their plate, especially by the different status and responsibility everyone holds, not only financially but emotionally. A balance is the best way to live. As the year has come to an end, I have observed the change in (KDP’s) personality. Obviously, he had to make some changes, no one is perfect and everyone is human. I have gotten that and at times I wish very hard things were different but also it did not only affect him as a person but everyone in the household. The negative vibes spread more quickly than the positive ones so all of that affected everyone and honestly I felt that most of the times I was more affected than anyone. 

My brothers do care and at the specific time may get frustrated or slightly mad but as the quote says "boy will be boys", they live for the second and then it is gone. They go do their own things and they honestly won't think about it more than they have to. In some ways, I wish I could be like them sometimes. Their cluelessness has somewhat protected them from getting brought down in a way. On the other hand, they do not see what I do see. I see the worry-ness, the anxiety, the need for affection, interaction and love. At times I do feel responsible for not being able to provide some help with all of that. 

I do not know all of the story, but I have a little outtake. It has been a scary year and we are not out of the woods yet. Also, family drama does not help. Having to live with two boys that have to be told exactly what to do in a specific manner - something I am proud to say I mastered, is exhausting on some levels, especially if one them is almost 21.  But hey, at least they are not getting picked up by the police, going to principal's office, getting high, or rebelling against everyone. I would take my boys over anyone else any day, but I get the feelings and frustration. 

I also get the lack of attention, recognition, and love. That is the key most of the times to be lifted up and get into a good vibe. I cannot explain every situation with a logical answer because the house is filled with 80% inconsistent thoughts and 20% consistent ones overall. I know having it expressed is lovely but the same way it is affecting one person so is the other. Everyone has their own shell, their own coping, their own cloud of thoughts they want to escape to figure out what to do, who to pay, what to buy, what to prioritize, and how. 

I like zoning out and for a period of hours excluding everyone, not because I do not love them or I do not respect them, but because I cannot think properly and I need that time to get myself together and hey, I am only in college, imagine what you guys have to do. There are times I want to be around people but ignore the problems for my own sanity because I won't be able to handle it. I have a relationship with someone who likes to communicate about everything and it can be frustrating at times because some problems cannot be talked about at the moment or it cannot be said or admitted as easily as it sounds. I am my mom's daughter and I keep to myself, whatever good or bad happens, especially bad. If it was up to me, no one would ever know anything because that has been the only thing that has protected me and has let me keep moving forward when I needed to. There are times when you only feel like you had yourself and so I honestly do not blame my mom for being the way she is. She has had to struggle her whole life to be able to keep moving forward. 35 years is a long time. 

I have been able to open up more, but it has taken me a while, especially to express my feelings instead of ignoring them, but there will be always that part of me that will want to keep things to myself. You hurt the ones you love the most, not because you mean to, but because you have to let it out on someone and usually they are the ones you feel comfortable with and the ones that you know will always be your side It is not always fair to them but at the time it is hard. 

Anyways financially there is a lot to talk about but all I will say is that life has taken a toll and not everything that has happened to us has been fair, and it has been extremely tiresome but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

When the idea of the spankings was first brought up, I decided to go with it. I do not want to hold anyone responsible for these months because I know everyone has been trying their hardest to cope with the distress but I have to say it has affected me in ways I wish were different. I have tried so hard to balance out school, family, homework, friends, boyfriend, myself-time, and it is hard, especially when I literally have two free days and the rest is something else. I want to make everyone happy and it has cost me my own happiness at times and no one is responsible but me. I just want to let all of the past be in past because as I have had time to think, I would want to start fresh. I decided to give the high numbers for the spankings to not only enforce that the past is the past, but so there is no more screaming over silly things, no more feeling sorry for ourselves, no more waiting on having fun, no more impatience, no more rushed actions. The new year should be treated carefully, treated as the ‘new leaf’. And when a situation gets harder so should we. I came up with a high number because I have big expectations. I expect this to be a warning to adopt a better aura, especially in the house, which used to be my safe place. 

I am glad other people have taken part in this "project" since it makes it more fun. Initially I took it as fun and playful when I first thought of it, but as I kept thinking more, the more in depth I got into what this really means to me. I want a lesson to be learned from this so we can move forward. The spankings will represent each time (KDP) has lost control over the situation. I do have sympathy for (KDP), that is why I had put the numbers low-ish... lol (kinda not really, but a little fun in life is necessary too ;) )I hope this year is as bright as his arse will be at the end of these spankings. To me, it represents the start of something new, something firey .. lol. 

I get it, not all of it,  but I can picture being in your shoes a little bit to see things the way you do and I see why certain actions are done. There are no irrational thoughts except when there is no communication over the little silly things, but I get it and I do not hold anything against you because there are times that the cards are all against us. But I just want things to be better and for people to realize that things literally could be worse and that anything can happen anytime, anywhere to us and .. is that the way we want to be? the way we want to be remembered? Do we always want to be seen as the victim? .. So let these spankings be the opening of the new year in a way."----Ana 

(this is the emoji I use when I text "little monster"!)

Pretty revealing stuff, huh? Proof that her recommendation for 4999 smacks was not just the silly whim of a mischievous kid, but a well thought-out response to a very difficult year. It shows why Rosa did not even blink at the numbers when I told her. She understood completely. Ana truly is an exceptional person in so many ways. I also want to publicly apologize to her for making 2016 so hard for her, and everyone else. And I would like to thank her for taking time from her studying and homework to write that detailed and emotionally-honest piece. (....and you will get your lasagna too, Little Monster.)

Anyway, the sequential spankings did take a two day break on Friday and Saturday due to those circumstances of life, but we resumed last night and this morning. So we are back on track, except now the last day will be Thursday rather than tomorrow.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


In doing some online scavenging for images for upcoming posts I was amazed at how few images of spanking art are actually drawn anymore. Instead there are all of these CGI pictures, oddball 'composites' some of which look like a preschooler got his hands on his dad's porn collection before going at them with scissors and paste, and photos altered by computer to 'look' like they were drawn or painted. Very disheartening. However, among all that, I did find some gems and this one in particular got my attention and admiration:

Now as I've said before, while I am no advocate of corporal punishment for kids, I do enjoy the imagery since I tend to place my adult self in the position of the depicted miscreant. This drawing is all about "expression"! There's not a lot of action happening. There's no wild beating taking place. It is a quiet moment before the storm to come......... but it is loaded with foreboding. And just look at the boy's face! This is not the face of someone wrongly accused. He is guilty and knows it......and yet is not any too eager to bend for that switch............ although he knows it is inevitable. He seems almost mad at himself for getting himself into this predicament. The disciplinarian's expression is pure stern annoyance. She is not looking any too forgiving right now. In short, this is a fantastic piece of "spanking art" even though no spanking is actually taking place.

If only those hundreds of action-packed but emotionally-vacant images I had to wade through possessed even a fraction of the humanity and realism shown here!

Friday, January 27, 2017

More on successive spankings

OK, OK, I know I've been posting incessantly on the topic of sequential or successive spankings, but since I'm in the midst of such a situation it's hard not to be thinking about it. Heck, I'm reminded every time I sit! Anyway, I saw this cartoon and thought it was perfect for the recent topic:

Of course such a situation would be fairly unheard of nowadays, but it did make me smirk a bit since I know all too well how that kid must be feeling.

Yesterday we employed a new strategy to ensure that my bottom lasts until the 31st: I put a moisturizing cream on the spot that is most damaged before Rosa started the spanking and she eventually adopted a 'two-on-the-left' for every 'one-on-the-right' cadence to even out the damage. The spanking still stung plenty even with these amendments, and Rosa reminded me that she is not spanking like she typically would.....which I do know AND APPRECIATE! She did say that she has seen my bottom in worse shape and did not seem overly concerned about the effect the repeated spankings have had. Given her tone, I would not be surprised if, as we near the end, she ramps things up again.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sustained damage

The following shot is a phone selfie I snapped just now...... about 12 hours AFTER my last spanking. (I have not gotten today's installment yet.) This is just what my bottom now looks like even after the warm pink from the actual spanking fades away:

Notice the patches of dry-looking skin on the lower cheeks. You may even notice the beginning of some skin failure on the right cheek in the form of a dark line. (my right cheek ALWAYS seems to get the worst of it!) Rosa has been great with me though, I must say. She has switched over to our lighter paddle despite Ana's direction that the heavy one be used, and she has not hit with her full fury. However, she has not backed off on making sure I get the full amount due me and she has certainly not been delivering play-pats either. She is admirably balancing her concern for my 'safety' with her belief that what I'm getting, while unpleasant, is well deserved............and that my butt will eventually get to heal completely. Right now though, this IS punishment. I'm ok with that, but it hasn't been easy as I've written before.

And.......there are still five and a half days to go (counting today)!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sequential spankings

Today I am due for my 6th sequential spanking under Ana's installment direction. If you count Marta's & Angela's, I have already received multiple serious spankings for 7 days in a row. Last night's was horrible! I actually began to feel a wave of resentment..........and I KNOW Rosa was going a bit easier than usual! (to be honest the resentment was geared more towards Ana than Rosa for coming up with such a huge number.........but then afterwards I felt a little guilty for feeling that way. ) I made a LOT of noise and wriggled like an eel out of water.

The fact is I'm sore! And I enter into my next spanking still sore from the prior ones. Anyone who thinks this is easy or cute or fun or whatever should trade places for a few days. And like I said, the spankings don't even need to be all that hard after a while. Just a wrist-flick with a decent paddle will be enough to generate some real contrition. I've said it's like getting slapped atop a sunburn.

So, if you are a DD Top and you worry that your sub is not taking your punishments seriously............try doing a medium spanking over the course of many days. I think by anywhere from the third day on your miscreant will be finding the experience all too real and utterly unpleasant. 

(I still have to make it to the end of this month to finish this out. I really dread tonight and the next several days. And on a side note: today I laid new tile on a bathroom floor we are renovating...................with a PLUG in my hinder!)

(I promise, "Ana's Installment" will be coming soon!)

Sunday, January 22, 2017

What is 'real'?

Rosa and I are now several days into the "2016/2017" Committee Spankings. I have decided to wait on Ana's Installment until we are at least halfway through it. As of today we are only on day 4 of a 12 and 1/2 day run (and today's have not even happened yet due to some morning errands). The daily spankings are taking a toll on my butt and I can't say I've been any too eager to present myself for more...........which brings me to a separate but related topic for this post: what makes a spanking "real"?

Admittedly, this is a cute little cartoon and it echoes a sentiment that I have heard too many times. I do find it interesting that the creator of this chose to illustrate a desire for a spanking's reality by using a cliche "dominatrix". (because we DD folk all use fetish gear to emphasize the reality of what we are doing, right?)

Even if we overlook the Dominatrix, what can be said about the veracity of such a claim in general? Only tears prove a spanking is real? Really? I think I and my currently tender butt might have some objection to that. I tend not to cry much.............except during certain movies..........but does that mean I am not being genuinely affected by my punishments? I don't think so.

To me a 'real' spanking is any spanking given for a real instance of misbehavior or one given to emphasize a power dynamic in a way that the submissive is not "enjoying" in a playful or sexual way. But that's only my opinion. One could easily counter that if the spanking is not imagined, it is real........and they'd have a point. My definition is based not on an objective reality of an action taking place, but on intent. As a DD person I view certain spankings as being given the same way they might have been used by a parent or teacher "in the old days". For me, these are "real" whether they produce tears or not.

What I am currently going through seems quite real to me and I think that as the days wear on, I will be fearing my daily morning and evening installments more and more. (And Rosa hasn't even threatened to wear a leather bustier!)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Round 2: Nickki

To do Nickki's involvement justice, I should start by saying that out of the three women involved, she is the most likely to one day actually spank me herself. The only thing that has thwarted such an event is the confusion and conservatism of her wife, Jean. Now Jean has known Rosa for years and is very protective of her, AND thinks the world of her, trusting her completely.......but until recently, she never knew about Rosa's inclination towards administering disciplinary spankings. On some level, Jean accepts it and even understands aspects of it, but much like Marta's husband, Wally, she can't imagine anyone wanting to live this way. However, Nickki TOTALLY gets it and has said she'd have no problem spanking me for fun (like birthday spanks) or........... for genuine punishment! 

Nickki is just a bit younger than me but older than Rosa and given the way she spoke about all this when we were discussing our lifestyle, I got this strong feeling of having this strong-willed, playful, yet firm-but-loving "big sister"  suddenly introduced into my disciplinary lifestyle. She seemed to easily understand what can be very sexual, what might merely be sex-y and fun, and what also might just be purely an unusual yet practical 'behavioral therapy' aspect to "spanking".

When we sat down for our private meeting on the 2016/2017 spanking event, Jean and Rosa were just yards away in the next room chatting. Nickki displayed a perfect mix of thoughtful intent and bemused enjoyment while she took my notepad and grilled me over my behavior in 2016. At one point she brought up two instances where she was annoyed at things I did with her. She did point out that neither instance seemed driven by meanness, and each were just things I sometimes do that drive my friends and family crazy. She felt this was the perfect time to address those annoyances. 

I of course pointed out that if she wished, she need only tell Rosa and I could very easily end up over her lap right then and there, but she declined (again due to Jean) and said that 'this time' she would just factor the offences into the 2016 close-out, but she wanted me to know that a particular set of 100 in her total of 350 were from her. She also said that "since this was the first punishment from her specifically" this time those hundred would be with the lighter paddle. The way she said that really made me think that eventually her hesitation over Jean's attitude would give way to action. In my head I pictured something very akin to this occurring sometime in the future:

( this shot I found is quite evocative of an imagined session with Nickki.........except there's NO WAY Nickki would just use her hand!)

Anyway, after a bit more discussion, Nickki settled on her decisions as stated in the post where I listed everyone's recommendations. Yesterday evening, hours after getting the remaining 200 of Marta's for 2017, I got the full 2016/2017 installment of 400 spanks for Nickki. And as she requested, Rosa snapped a few shots of my butt to send her via phone message. 
Rosa seemed to like this one best, but I think the next one, taken while still over her lap, shows the "damage" more clearly....

....see what I mean?

Mere minutes later, Nickki texted Rosa back with a teasing exchange about how she can now really call me 'hot stuff'. At one point, obviously seeing the red on my thighs, Nickki said she'd have to "show her (Rosa) how to stay on the butt" with her smacks, but Rosa replied, "oh no, Honey, top of the thigh is definitely fair game." Seeing the two texting prompted me to join in and I did get some more teasing from Nickki........ but I also got an opportunity to thank her for her involvement and her thoughtful contribution. 

The big questions going forward are 'will Nickki decide to act on her new authority and spank me personally at some point? and if so...........when?' There's something about Nickki, Marta, and Ana that all trigger a genuine respect in me. And while silly spanking games are always fun with the right people, it takes a special kind of person to evoke the kind of loving authority necessary for me to feel that a genuine and unpleasant punishment spanking from them would be completely appropriate.

Next up, Ana's installment (which began this morning)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Round 1: Marta

So a lot has happened since my last post: I have gotten both Marta and Nickki's installments with Ana's scheduled to begin tomorrow morning. My bottom is swollen and stings even without being touched. If chafed it feels like a bad sunburn! But first things first. This post will deal solely with Marta's installment.

As discussed previously, I was to meet with each lady and solicit their suggestions for a post-2016 close-out spanking and a kick-off warning to behave in 2017. Marta was the first person I met with and we talked for over an hour. I was blushing pretty openly at the beginning but there's something about Marta that makes me feel like I'm talking to a trusted therapist.

She patiently asked me about my behavior in 2016 and what I felt guilty over. We discussed everything from me snapping at my loved ones (which she admitted she noticed a few times) to unconfessed lapses from some of our more minor rules. When we were done she asked me a series of questions to help determine her number. Without any numerical guidance (other than me reminding her of the 300 for her melted dishes) foor my 2016 punishment, she confidently suggested 480 right out of the gate!  And added another 200 with our lighter paddle for 2017's 'warning to behave'.

Last night after dinner Rosa gave me the 480 as directed. They were punitive and as per Marta's instructions, I called her as the spanking began so she could hear the smacks while talking to me. She seemed quite entertained by me talking with little grunts and 'umphs' punctuating my responses. After a few minutes she said she did not need to be on the phone for the whole thing and I told her "OK, I guess I'll be seeing you in a short while anyway." And she laughed. The entire spanking hurt plenty but the last 30 were scorchers! Afterwards I dressed in my chaps and punishment panties and headed over to Marta's house (in a long coat) to thank her with a hug and show her my butt. This is not a very good shot since it was taken with a cell phone in a hurry but it gives some idea of what Marta saw:
(I tend not to color drastically, but believe me in real life this looked worse! The one thing this shot does show well is how swollen my bottom was. I never have those pronounced  "folds" between my cheeks and thighs normally.)

Well she was definitely impressed. She made a lot of comments teasing me about sitting and such and I reminded her that I still had to get her 2017 kick-off, which was scheduled for the following morning. I informed her that despite the second one supposedly being 'milder', getting it atop a residually-sore behind was going to be no picnic. wasn't.

But, that morning spanking did not happen in the morning due to Rosa not feeling very well. In fact she even stayed home from work. But after she felt better we ran a few errands together and wouldn't you know it but as we were getting out of our car at around 3:00 to go inside to do Marta's 200, Marta pulls up in her car! Well, naturally she teased me in front of Rosa and Rosa did the same in turn......but it was all good-natured and playful. I believe her first tease involved asking us "who drove?" and when I said that I had, Marta snickered "oh, you were able to sit to drive?" After the teasing subsided, I informed Marta what was coincidentally about to happen and she laughed loudly. As we parted to our separate tasks, Marta told Rosa that she wanted to talk to her about an unrelated matter and Rosa said she would call her as soon as we were done.

We went in. I got naked, draped myself over Rosa's lap and got what was supposed to be the mild warning for 2017........which stung like crazy on my still-tender bottom! Afterwards, Rosa did call Marta as I laid next to her. And naturally, when they finished their regular conversation, the topic switched to my second spanking! Marta was very pleased.

(Another view that shows my chaps and panties a bit more clearly. Again, the color in the photo is not indicative of the true color nor the sting in those cheeks!)

Next up: Nickki's Installment

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Well it is now Tuesday afternoon and the 2016/2017 spankathon meetings between me and Ana, Marta, and Nickki have all taken place and numbers have been assigned with all parties signing off on the conditions. I sat with each one in private, discussed 2016, told them about why we were doing this, and even showed them the two possible paddle choices so they could feel and see the difference. The one big surprise in this is that Rosa and I had planned on adding the numbers together from all the involved parties and doing a single.....or double marathon of punishment. She had assumed that Nickki and Marta would not go very high and the only big numbers would come from Ana. Well, that is not what happened. Without a single need for me to encourage the two novices to 'go higher' each assigned a decent, substantial spanking on their own.

Ana's slips alone are off the charts, turning a double punishment into more of a prolonged "Boot Camp" that will require several days to complete. And she is fully aware of the extreme nature of her declared amounts and staunchly stands by them as completely consistent with what she feels I deserve.

As a result, Rosa and I have no choice except to do each person's punishments on different days. Marta's is scheduled for tonight barring interruption.

The meetings with each person were as interesting as the recommendations they ultimately declared. In order to do this little adventure justice, I will probably write a separate blog post for each person and go into more detail about the entire process for each of them. Each person was allowed to make suggestions on specifics as well as request certain 'perks' for themselves.

For now, though I will reveal the numbers and recommendations each person came up with. The more interesting details around these punishments will come later.


MARTA: 2016 Close-out: 480 with our heavier punishment paddle. She said Rosa should start off easier but go harder as the spanking continues and said that the last 30 should be VERY hard.

2017 Kick-off: 200 with our lighter paddle given more as to act as more of a warning than a punishment.

Her personal requests are that "we call her on her phone when the spanking is taking place so she can talk to me and hear the smacks in the background." She even specified that we call her house number since "she can hear better on that line". Afterwards she wants me to toss on my cheek-baring chaps, and come to her house to thank her, give her a bonding hug, and of her the damage!


NICKKI: 2016 Close-out: 350 total with the following understanding:
the first 250 are to be given hard with the heavy paddle. The next 100 are technically from her for two things I did that annoyed her in 2016 but she wants them done with the lighter paddle since this is our 'first time' dealing with punishment for behavior.

2017 Kick-off: just 50....But with the heavy paddle.

Nickki's only request is simple but specific: she wants a clear 'butt-shot'. "Full screen. No background showing, just red ass."


ANA: 2016 Close-out: 2499. No, that is not a typo. 2499! and with the heavy paddle.

2017 Kick-off: 2500 with the heavy paddle. Here Ana broke from the feeling that the warning should be lighter by adding a smack.

Ana and I naturally discussed these huge numbers and she knows that 4999 spanks cannot be given in a day. She thinks a series of spankings over the course of several days is more in line with what is needed to get us back into a stricter FLR. She also admitted that she is fully aware of what this will mean for me......and my butt. She asked that I keep her informed of the progress via texts as the days go on, and that she wants me to take her for a gyro lunch. (I doubt I will be sitting comfortable at that meal!)

No need to think that I will be echoing this greedy sub's complaint!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Spanking by Committee

This past Saturday Rosa and I were visiting with some longtime friends (the same from the old "Skinny-dipping post" ) who only recently were informed of our exact lifestyle. I will call them "Nickki" and "Jean". On Saturday we explained things to them in pretty precise detail. Their reaction was very positive, especially by one friend, Nickki, who had already expressed her own interest in discipline scenarios……though in a more fun/fetish vein. However, she readily grasped the appeal of using spanking as a genuine consequence of bad behavior rather than as kinky foreplay. Her understanding and appreciation resulted in something I doubt she ever expected: Rosa’s pronouncement that going forward Nickki would now have fairly free authority to recommend punishments for me. At first Nickki smiled and understood that to mean that she could suggest a spanking that would be delivered by Rosa, but Rosa responded by saying that while she would definitely have that ability, her punishments would not be limited to just suggestions. If Nickki wished to, she herself could deliver her own spankings as long as Rosa approved them……which Rosa laughingly assured her would pretty much be a given.

As a result the circle of women who have this authority over me has expanded to three: Ana, Marta, and now......... Nickki.

Around New Year’s, Rosa and I discussed the year ahead and vowed to get back to a more structured FLR since the stresses of 2016 have subsided. Another thing we agreed upon was to have more fun with our FLR as well. We then discussed the idea of a substantial double-spanking to mark the transition from one year to the next: a hefty ‘this is for all the stuff that went unpunished’ spanking to close out 2016 and another ‘you better behave going forward’ warning spanking to usher in 2017. Unfortunately issues of timing, health, and privacy all conspired to postpone this momentous event.

This morning we jointly tossed a few ideas around until Rosa was pleased with the result: this upcoming Tuesday evening the 2016/2017 spankathon would take place (barring the unforeseen). And to add some spice (and embarrassment) to the mix, prior to Tuesday evening, I would have to arrange separate talks with Ana, Marta, and Nickki to humbly solicit their recommendations for the double spanking. I am to tell them that whatever they come up with…..both in terms of quantity and tone….would be implemented exactly as suggested. I asked Rosa if I should let each of the ladies know that they were one of three contributors to this event, but Rosa surprised me by adamantly forbidding that. She said that knowing others were adding to the tally would probably not deter Ana from suggesting a high number, but that as a result of 'being too nice', Nickki and Marta would quite likely go too low. Rosa told me almost evilly that this was not supposed to be ‘just an average spanking’ but a memorable event and she wanted three good sets of numbers to add together for a truly devastating total.

As of this writing, I have cryptically set up a face-to-face with Marta for late Monday morning and a phone conversation with Nickki a bit later, after she completes an errand. Ana and I will discuss this on Tuesday morning. None of them knows the details of what I will be asking of them, though my tone and euphemistic insinuations have probably given them a clue that this has something to do with DD.

I have had “spanking by committee” punishments before, but never one quite like this. In the past, it was Rosa who asked the ‘wronged parties’ in an issue for their input and then tallied up the sum. This time “I” have to do the asking and am honor-bound to dissuade any possible leniency by informing them of Rosa’s desire that the punishment be significant. I don’t know what Marta and Nickki will say, though I’m pretty sure Ana won’t hesitate to make this unpleasant for me. The thing is while I am not embarrassed by my position and situation, I always find it mortifying to actively ask someone for punishment. I’m always OK with it beforehand in my head, but the moment I am face-to-face with someone I know from my day-to-day life and have to assure them of my guilt and willingness to suffer for my actions I tend to blush, stammer, and freeze up. I find it hard to say certain words and end up being confusingly euphemistic.

I can tell someone about a spanking without being too shy, but the whole process of having to clearly explain the situation and then ask for the person's input is difficult. In the past Marta in particular is very keen on probing for background so she can accurately assess the situation. This will mean admitting that I am indeed guilty of plenty of misbehaviors that went either undetected or unpunished, and she tends to like to play this up with "oh, so you have been naughty, huh?"-type remarks. In the past, it was Rosa who encouraged her to be strict and impose a significant punishment. I was not even in the room with them while this was going on. THIS TIME, I will have to be the one to convince her that a serious spanking is in fact deserved and warranted. I know I will be shaking with a beet-red face by that time. And she loves when I blush!

I am hoping that once each party understands what I’m asking of them, that their own mischievous glee will spare me the need to have to personally encourage them to be strict. 

I guess I will know soon enough.

Sometimes..... just grabs your waistband and pulls.

Obviously my laptop is now fixed, but boy did it take a while. Anyway, I'm back and will be updating shortly with some posts about various topics.....ranging (as always) from snarky commentary to the more personal. 

But for now just enjoy this little mean-scene while I decide what topics I'm going to blog about first. See you all soon.