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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Well it is now Tuesday afternoon and the 2016/2017 spankathon meetings between me and Ana, Marta, and Nickki have all taken place and numbers have been assigned with all parties signing off on the conditions. I sat with each one in private, discussed 2016, told them about why we were doing this, and even showed them the two possible paddle choices so they could feel and see the difference. The one big surprise in this is that Rosa and I had planned on adding the numbers together from all the involved parties and doing a single.....or double marathon of punishment. She had assumed that Nickki and Marta would not go very high and the only big numbers would come from Ana. Well, that is not what happened. Without a single need for me to encourage the two novices to 'go higher' each assigned a decent, substantial spanking on their own.

Ana's slips alone are off the charts, turning a double punishment into more of a prolonged "Boot Camp" that will require several days to complete. And she is fully aware of the extreme nature of her declared amounts and staunchly stands by them as completely consistent with what she feels I deserve.

As a result, Rosa and I have no choice except to do each person's punishments on different days. Marta's is scheduled for tonight barring interruption.

The meetings with each person were as interesting as the recommendations they ultimately declared. In order to do this little adventure justice, I will probably write a separate blog post for each person and go into more detail about the entire process for each of them. Each person was allowed to make suggestions on specifics as well as request certain 'perks' for themselves.

For now, though I will reveal the numbers and recommendations each person came up with. The more interesting details around these punishments will come later.


MARTA: 2016 Close-out: 480 with our heavier punishment paddle. She said Rosa should start off easier but go harder as the spanking continues and said that the last 30 should be VERY hard.

2017 Kick-off: 200 with our lighter paddle given more as to act as more of a warning than a punishment.

Her personal requests are that "we call her on her phone when the spanking is taking place so she can talk to me and hear the smacks in the background." She even specified that we call her house number since "she can hear better on that line". Afterwards she wants me to toss on my cheek-baring chaps, and come to her house to thank her, give her a bonding hug, and of her the damage!


NICKKI: 2016 Close-out: 350 total with the following understanding:
the first 250 are to be given hard with the heavy paddle. The next 100 are technically from her for two things I did that annoyed her in 2016 but she wants them done with the lighter paddle since this is our 'first time' dealing with punishment for behavior.

2017 Kick-off: just 50....But with the heavy paddle.

Nickki's only request is simple but specific: she wants a clear 'butt-shot'. "Full screen. No background showing, just red ass."


ANA: 2016 Close-out: 2499. No, that is not a typo. 2499! and with the heavy paddle.

2017 Kick-off: 2500 with the heavy paddle. Here Ana broke from the feeling that the warning should be lighter by adding a smack.

Ana and I naturally discussed these huge numbers and she knows that 4999 spanks cannot be given in a day. She thinks a series of spankings over the course of several days is more in line with what is needed to get us back into a stricter FLR. She also admitted that she is fully aware of what this will mean for me......and my butt. She asked that I keep her informed of the progress via texts as the days go on, and that she wants me to take her for a gyro lunch. (I doubt I will be sitting comfortable at that meal!)

No need to think that I will be echoing this greedy sub's complaint!


  1. Wow! Any one of them would be like a half-year's worth (or more) for me.

    1. Admittedly, we do tend to go with high number spankings, but that is just our style. Still, only Angela's reads like an average punishment around here. Marta's is reasonable ....but substantial enough to have me a bit worried about the evening ahead. (I also think her phone call request is rather cute and funny......on paper. I am worried that in the actual moment I will find the triple aspect of processing real punishment spanks, talking to her lucidly, and not really embarrassing myself by 'ouching' and yipping like a schoolboy to be a bit intimidating. I am notoriously bad at even answering Rosa's simple questions when the smacks are landing.)

      Ana's were a shock .........though I had expected a total from her that would have reached 4 digits......I never expected 5 times that!

    2. Ours are high, but I have only one person ordering and conducting them. I have never actually managed to count all the way through a session, but a good estimate is probably around 4 to 5 instruments and around 30 to 40 swats per instrument. So, it probably does average around what Marta suggested for a "kick-off."

      This does all lead me to ponder whether I should suggest to my wife that we agree to some ungodly high number of swats per each resolution I fail at this year, so that I know through the year that come January there will be a very, very bad time ahead for me if I do what I did this year and miss most of them. The problem is, I got spanked very hard last night, and as it was happening I was mulling the fact that two of the most excruciating instruments are ones that I bought for her in a quest to find things that would really get through to me. At the moment, I don't see asking for something even harder to bear any time in the immediate future.

  2. OUCH!!! Someone's getting a real whupping!

    I'm not sure if I mentioned that Shilo got a real spanking/paddling on NYE, but if you want to see Dan's.

    1. Oh the heck with it! I'll give you the link:

    2. That's an "ouch"!

      I tend not to color matter how hard I am spanked.

    3. No, actually it sucks for two reasons:
      my butt can be absurdly sore and tender and no third parties ever think so from the look of it

      and secondly, the color I do get hardly shows up in a photo unless I manipulate the settings to try to bring it out.