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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Round 1: Marta

So a lot has happened since my last post: I have gotten both Marta and Nickki's installments with Ana's scheduled to begin tomorrow morning. My bottom is swollen and stings even without being touched. If chafed it feels like a bad sunburn! But first things first. This post will deal solely with Marta's installment.

As discussed previously, I was to meet with each lady and solicit their suggestions for a post-2016 close-out spanking and a kick-off warning to behave in 2017. Marta was the first person I met with and we talked for over an hour. I was blushing pretty openly at the beginning but there's something about Marta that makes me feel like I'm talking to a trusted therapist.

She patiently asked me about my behavior in 2016 and what I felt guilty over. We discussed everything from me snapping at my loved ones (which she admitted she noticed a few times) to unconfessed lapses from some of our more minor rules. When we were done she asked me a series of questions to help determine her number. Without any numerical guidance (other than me reminding her of the 300 for her melted dishes) foor my 2016 punishment, she confidently suggested 480 right out of the gate!  And added another 200 with our lighter paddle for 2017's 'warning to behave'.

Last night after dinner Rosa gave me the 480 as directed. They were punitive and as per Marta's instructions, I called her as the spanking began so she could hear the smacks while talking to me. She seemed quite entertained by me talking with little grunts and 'umphs' punctuating my responses. After a few minutes she said she did not need to be on the phone for the whole thing and I told her "OK, I guess I'll be seeing you in a short while anyway." And she laughed. The entire spanking hurt plenty but the last 30 were scorchers! Afterwards I dressed in my chaps and punishment panties and headed over to Marta's house (in a long coat) to thank her with a hug and show her my butt. This is not a very good shot since it was taken with a cell phone in a hurry but it gives some idea of what Marta saw:
(I tend not to color drastically, but believe me in real life this looked worse! The one thing this shot does show well is how swollen my bottom was. I never have those pronounced  "folds" between my cheeks and thighs normally.)

Well she was definitely impressed. She made a lot of comments teasing me about sitting and such and I reminded her that I still had to get her 2017 kick-off, which was scheduled for the following morning. I informed her that despite the second one supposedly being 'milder', getting it atop a residually-sore behind was going to be no picnic. wasn't.

But, that morning spanking did not happen in the morning due to Rosa not feeling very well. In fact she even stayed home from work. But after she felt better we ran a few errands together and wouldn't you know it but as we were getting out of our car at around 3:00 to go inside to do Marta's 200, Marta pulls up in her car! Well, naturally she teased me in front of Rosa and Rosa did the same in turn......but it was all good-natured and playful. I believe her first tease involved asking us "who drove?" and when I said that I had, Marta snickered "oh, you were able to sit to drive?" After the teasing subsided, I informed Marta what was coincidentally about to happen and she laughed loudly. As we parted to our separate tasks, Marta told Rosa that she wanted to talk to her about an unrelated matter and Rosa said she would call her as soon as we were done.

We went in. I got naked, draped myself over Rosa's lap and got what was supposed to be the mild warning for 2017........which stung like crazy on my still-tender bottom! Afterwards, Rosa did call Marta as I laid next to her. And naturally, when they finished their regular conversation, the topic switched to my second spanking! Marta was very pleased.

(Another view that shows my chaps and panties a bit more clearly. Again, the color in the photo is not indicative of the true color nor the sting in those cheeks!)

Next up: Nickki's Installment


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    1. Thanks! I had to do some tweaking to get a decent contrast, but I'm definitely feeling it back there.....and there's no end in sight......well, technically there is but it's the 31st! A lot of spanking between now and then.