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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Round 2: Nickki

To do Nickki's involvement justice, I should start by saying that out of the three women involved, she is the most likely to one day actually spank me herself. The only thing that has thwarted such an event is the confusion and conservatism of her wife, Jean. Now Jean has known Rosa for years and is very protective of her, AND thinks the world of her, trusting her completely.......but until recently, she never knew about Rosa's inclination towards administering disciplinary spankings. On some level, Jean accepts it and even understands aspects of it, but much like Marta's husband, Wally, she can't imagine anyone wanting to live this way. However, Nickki TOTALLY gets it and has said she'd have no problem spanking me for fun (like birthday spanks) or........... for genuine punishment! 

Nickki is just a bit younger than me but older than Rosa and given the way she spoke about all this when we were discussing our lifestyle, I got this strong feeling of having this strong-willed, playful, yet firm-but-loving "big sister"  suddenly introduced into my disciplinary lifestyle. She seemed to easily understand what can be very sexual, what might merely be sex-y and fun, and what also might just be purely an unusual yet practical 'behavioral therapy' aspect to "spanking".

When we sat down for our private meeting on the 2016/2017 spanking event, Jean and Rosa were just yards away in the next room chatting. Nickki displayed a perfect mix of thoughtful intent and bemused enjoyment while she took my notepad and grilled me over my behavior in 2016. At one point she brought up two instances where she was annoyed at things I did with her. She did point out that neither instance seemed driven by meanness, and each were just things I sometimes do that drive my friends and family crazy. She felt this was the perfect time to address those annoyances. 

I of course pointed out that if she wished, she need only tell Rosa and I could very easily end up over her lap right then and there, but she declined (again due to Jean) and said that 'this time' she would just factor the offences into the 2016 close-out, but she wanted me to know that a particular set of 100 in her total of 350 were from her. She also said that "since this was the first punishment from her specifically" this time those hundred would be with the lighter paddle. The way she said that really made me think that eventually her hesitation over Jean's attitude would give way to action. In my head I pictured something very akin to this occurring sometime in the future:

( this shot I found is quite evocative of an imagined session with Nickki.........except there's NO WAY Nickki would just use her hand!)

Anyway, after a bit more discussion, Nickki settled on her decisions as stated in the post where I listed everyone's recommendations. Yesterday evening, hours after getting the remaining 200 of Marta's for 2017, I got the full 2016/2017 installment of 400 spanks for Nickki. And as she requested, Rosa snapped a few shots of my butt to send her via phone message. 
Rosa seemed to like this one best, but I think the next one, taken while still over her lap, shows the "damage" more clearly....

....see what I mean?

Mere minutes later, Nickki texted Rosa back with a teasing exchange about how she can now really call me 'hot stuff'. At one point, obviously seeing the red on my thighs, Nickki said she'd have to "show her (Rosa) how to stay on the butt" with her smacks, but Rosa replied, "oh no, Honey, top of the thigh is definitely fair game." Seeing the two texting prompted me to join in and I did get some more teasing from Nickki........ but I also got an opportunity to thank her for her involvement and her thoughtful contribution. 

The big questions going forward are 'will Nickki decide to act on her new authority and spank me personally at some point? and if so...........when?' There's something about Nickki, Marta, and Ana that all trigger a genuine respect in me. And while silly spanking games are always fun with the right people, it takes a special kind of person to evoke the kind of loving authority necessary for me to feel that a genuine and unpleasant punishment spanking from them would be completely appropriate.

Next up, Ana's installment (which began this morning)


  1. This male learned the hard way, women will decide on their own if and when. I pushed mine over the edge, worked at it, but accomplish what I wanted, but not all. I was erect and she decided I should masturbate, I protested but soon was stroking my penis as she smiled and watched. She was sitting and holding a paddle and it took sometime but I finally cum. The spanking that followed was more than I could take, learned later that was because I had masturbated and so the spanking hurt a lot more. Trouble is not always but still have to masturbate prior to some spankings.

    1. Your comment has left me speechless.

    2. I'm going to have to remember this rejoinder. Much better than what I usually use in similar situations.

    3. I have said this before and I will go on saying and believing it: you and I would get along famously, especially over a few drinks.😜🍸🍻

    4. Speechless is standing there, naked, masturbating, your wife smiling. When you cum, she slowly cleans you up. The spanking to come you dread, and not being able to rub, standing facing the wall. A couple of times I faced her, holding my limp penis, she smiles and said no stroking young man.

    5. One of the things I ask is that Anonymous commenters attach a fake name to their comments so we know who is saying what.

      I also appreciate comments that pertain to the post.

  2. Are you using flash to take those pictures? I never use flash on Shilo's pictures which makes the red that much redder

    1. I don't know what Rosa was using since I was facing the opposite direction, but I can't say that I noticed a flash.....other than my own. But the room was dark and the pictures are bright, so maybe she did.