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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sequential spankings

Today I am due for my 6th sequential spanking under Ana's installment direction. If you count Marta's & Angela's, I have already received multiple serious spankings for 7 days in a row. Last night's was horrible! I actually began to feel a wave of resentment..........and I KNOW Rosa was going a bit easier than usual! (to be honest the resentment was geared more towards Ana than Rosa for coming up with such a huge number.........but then afterwards I felt a little guilty for feeling that way. ) I made a LOT of noise and wriggled like an eel out of water.

The fact is I'm sore! And I enter into my next spanking still sore from the prior ones. Anyone who thinks this is easy or cute or fun or whatever should trade places for a few days. And like I said, the spankings don't even need to be all that hard after a while. Just a wrist-flick with a decent paddle will be enough to generate some real contrition. I've said it's like getting slapped atop a sunburn.

So, if you are a DD Top and you worry that your sub is not taking your punishments seriously............try doing a medium spanking over the course of many days. I think by anywhere from the third day on your miscreant will be finding the experience all too real and utterly unpleasant. 

(I still have to make it to the end of this month to finish this out. I really dread tonight and the next several days. And on a side note: today I laid new tile on a bathroom floor we are renovating...................with a PLUG in my hinder!)

(I promise, "Ana's Installment" will be coming soon!)


  1. Better a plug than a humbler, i always say.

    1. Agreed!............Especially with my bad back. But the plug was not a little one, so it was still plenty 'interesting'.

  2. To each his own, of course, so I'm certainly not trying to one-up, but here's my tuppence:
    1. I kinda like being 'humbled' Merry and I did a video wherein I cleaned the bedroom floor, with one attached.
    2. I have yet to 'meet' a butt plug I did not like, and I possess quite a few.
    3. In better days, before Merry's arm breakage, she practiced on me two-a-day spankings: one in the morning, once I got home from work and another in the afternoon, when I was up and getting ready for work.
    Those were the days....

    1. Thanks for the input! I would not mind trying a humbler but my back is SOOOOOO bad that walking around like that might be hell.

      The plug from yesterday is not a commercial variety, but a homemade one that is worn with a harness. It is somewhat bullet-shaped and only tapers at the front going in. From then on it just gets wider and stays wide. (It is about the diameter of a soda can before it flares wider to prevent slipping in.) When working with it in, it tends to move in and out about an inch or so as I move and bend so it is like getting butt-fucked by a giant! After a while it just gets raw and burns too much to be able to concentrate on anything.

  3. You know, I'm not sure how you didn't see this coming. You asked three extra women, after giving them a full year to get good and annoyed with you, to tally up how many swats they thought you deserved. If that didn't have disaster written all over it, then the women in your life hold a grudge a lot less readily than those in mine! :-)

    1. This made me laugh out loud.

      But you're right. Still, I knew this would be bad, and that's what Rosa and I were shooting for. I just never expected Ana to go so extremely high. I made it through Marta's and Angela's, it's this 4999 installment that's killing me.