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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sustained damage

The following shot is a phone selfie I snapped just now...... about 12 hours AFTER my last spanking. (I have not gotten today's installment yet.) This is just what my bottom now looks like even after the warm pink from the actual spanking fades away:

Notice the patches of dry-looking skin on the lower cheeks. You may even notice the beginning of some skin failure on the right cheek in the form of a dark line. (my right cheek ALWAYS seems to get the worst of it!) Rosa has been great with me though, I must say. She has switched over to our lighter paddle despite Ana's direction that the heavy one be used, and she has not hit with her full fury. However, she has not backed off on making sure I get the full amount due me and she has certainly not been delivering play-pats either. She is admirably balancing her concern for my 'safety' with her belief that what I'm getting, while unpleasant, is well deserved............and that my butt will eventually get to heal completely. Right now though, this IS punishment. I'm ok with that, but it hasn't been easy as I've written before.

And.......there are still five and a half days to go (counting today)!


  1. Considering the drought we've gone through since Merry broke her arm, the following words may ring hollow, but really true: I'm quite jealous.

    1. Well........I do understand, careful what you wish for, my friend. ;-)

    2. Shilo got spanked when he got home from work until I couldn't take it any longer.

      Then I noticed the toilet seat up! Guess what? I gave him more!

  2. Monsieur KD, vous n'avez pas honte de montrer votre gros derrière à toute la spankosphère ?
    Qui croyez vous donc que ça interesse de voir vos fesses ?
    C'est bon pour les adolescentes de faire des selfies de ce genre !
    Ma fille a eu le fou-rire en voyant votre vilain cul rouge.
    Ma femme a dit "Ah mon dieu, quelle horreur !"
    Quelle honte pour vous de vous exhiber ainsi !
    Et pour ce qui est de l'état de votre derrière, il mériterait à notre avis, une bien meilleure tannée.
    Ma femme et ma fille propose une dose de martinet, quant à moi, je vous prendrais bien sur mes genoux pour ce qui s'appelle une VRAIE FESSEE !
    Pourquoi, tant que vous y êtes ne nous montrez vous pas aussi votre service trois pièces ou votre trou du cul, pour nous faire voir dans quel état ils sont.
    C'est vraiment dégoutant !

    Une famille française

    (if you do not read french, we tried a translation)
    Mr KD, are not you ashamed to show your big behind to the whole spankosphere ?
    Who do you think is interested in seeing your ass?
    It's good for teen girls to make such selfies!
    My daughter laughed loudly when she saw your ugly red ass.
    My wife said "Ah my god, what a horror!"
    What a shame for you to show yourself thus!
    And as for the condition of your backside, it would deserve in our opinion, a much better beating.
    My wife and my daughter propose a dose of martinet, as for me, I would take you well on my knees for what is called a TRUE SPANKING!
    Why, as long as you are there do not show us also your family jewels or asshole, so that we show in what state they are.
    It's really disgusting!

    A French family

    1. Oddly enough I WAS considering posting a shot of an asshole, but your comment indicates one so much more clearly that now I don't have to.

      (I am forced to question the intelligence of a "whole family" who cruises spanking blogs together and then feigns outrage at seeing a spanked bottom. What do you think you'll see? Sunsets? As for who I might think is interested in seeing my butt? Well......... you and your family certainly spent some time pondering it, even writing a lengthy and bilingual post about it. And dude, the fact that YOU want to spank me is just creepy.)

    2. After reading your bilingual post, we all know were the asshole is!

  3. Here's a thought. If you don't like what you are reading, don't read it.

    1. Unless the person gets off on putting other people down.