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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Does behavior mar art?

Below is a picture of 'no hands clapping' Brie Larson alongside Oscar winner, Casey Affleck (accused of having his hands being overly active.)

(notice Brie's non-clapping hands)

I don't know if Affleck did what he's accused of or not, but this is a recent example of how behavior outside of one's work can affect how one's accomplishments are received. My last post was about a drawing that I found to be suspiciously uncharacteristic of an artist. However, in researching the validity of the piece, I discovered more about the artist than I may have cared to. And while the verdict is not without a shade of doubt, there is a strong likelihood that a popular spanking artist known to the world as SassyBottoms and generally thought of as female is actually a Manson Family member serving a life sentence for murder.

So, my question is: If true, what will you do with your SassyBottoms pictures? Continue appreciating them, or deleting or burning them in a pyre of disgust?

The idea of a person being affected by their secret behavior is rampant in this age of social media...........where a lion-killing dentist can't safely return to his office, or where no one feels like watching re-runs of The Cosby Show. And yet, like all things in our society, there is no even application of this standard. ( The people who voted for Trump STILL support him, no matter what he says or does.) Hell, I know plenty of people who won't watch Tom Cruise movies because "he's such a jerk!" I always reply, "I wouldn't want to hang out with the guy, just like I wouldn't want to hang out with most 'stars', but name one movie he was bad in. Not a bad movie he was in, but a role that he botched." No one can ever name one. (but....yeah, he DOES seem to be an asshole.)

So is the application of disgust over behavior truly basic moral outrage, or is it tempered by something much more selfish? OR is the dismissal of accomplishment by someone seemingly guilty of improper or criminal behavior silly? If we found out that da Vinci had murdered a rival, would we burn the Mona Lisa? Should we?

What are YOUR thoughts?

Monday, February 27, 2017


Art by SassyBottom?

I recently came across this image..................and being a lover of reversals, it initially intrigued me..................for about a minute. Then a very different feeling came over me (the one involving a meat cleaver). Unless I am VERY mistaken, this is NOT a SassyBottom piece but rather a Sassy-Frankenbottom piece.

Look at this mess! Sassy had a cute style but within that style she could draw things in proper proportion and with consistent gesture. Granted her gestures were always somewhat placid, even as brushes fell, but the calmness still had a correctness. If this IS a SassyBottom drawing, I would be very surprised.

Look at the size of the spanker (ostensibly the girl) and the spankee (ostensibly the "mom"). They are totally out of whack. And the woman's head is too big for her distorted body and smaller than the girl's. The woman being spanked looks like someone edited out about six or more ribs from her extremely shortened torso. The spanker's ass is enormous in contrast to the "mom" being twice that of the supposedly adult bottom being spanked. Compare this hodgepodge to anything else Sassy has done and you will see why this is so suspicious. SassyBottom might not have been a Rembrandt, but she never made these kinds of major errors.

Now I have never seen a reversal done by SassyBottom and this looks like someone snipped heads and redrew limbs to create one. The distinct lines of the legs in particular do not match the softer lines of the other objects and bodyparts. I tried to do some research but found nothing to support or deny the authenticity of this piece. If any of my more clever readers has some information on this piece, please jump in with a comment!

And if there is someone out there who is responsible for this abomination, please chop off your finger now. Perhaps we can find an address for SassyBottom and mail it to her?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

And unfortunately....

......for Bill it is.

I just saw that Bill Paxton died at 61! What the hell?! That's way too young. Interesting thing about him is that he could show up in a movie and you'd either immediately recognize him....or not even realize it was him until something triggered the association. Rosa particularly enjoyed his haunting and haunted performance in the  "Hatfields and McCoys" miniseries. But for me, he'll always be the jerky and excitable Private Hudson in "Aliens". What a shame dying so young.

Friday, February 24, 2017

The old "tease and lock"

I get the 'tease' text often enough from my Rosa, and occasionally the 'tease' command is followed by a 'lock up after' command...............and that is what I got this morning. So as I head off into the garden to do some yardwork, I will be a locked and frustrated little puppy.......and my Honey will be very amused. 

(Unlike this young lady, Rosa wears her key in a locket of a Celtic design. And despite being hidden, a co-worker once teasingly asked her if her locket was for a chastity key, probably hoping to shock her, only to be shocked themselves when she said that was EXACTLY what it was!)

Teasing is a mixed bag for me. Since I am not allowed to touch myself at all, having permission to do so is a kind of relief..............BUT when I realize I have to stop without release...........OR if the tease is directed to be particularly drawn out, it can be more of a torture than nice. (Or maybe even a "heart-breaker"?) It's particularly powerful to go right from tease to cage...............and Rosa knows it. If you would like to see what I mean, you can click here: (Tease/lock cycle) but do so only if you don't mind things being explicit, otherwise content yourself with these instead:

( Though probably a posed/pro shot, you still have to love her look of total glee.)

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Another odd CFNF

(As odd CFNFs go, this is in my "Top 5"!)

Take your time and soak in all the details. The most logical explanation I have for this one is that it is another one of those "Nude Bicycle Events" but there's not a bike to be seen and those usually have crowds in the frame. Short of that? This is well into 'WTF-land'.

Key observations:
-obvious age discrepancy but they don't seem related (but could be, I suppose)
-it's  definitely public and not a private backyard
-there's a clothed person walking by in the background
-the clothed woman is wearing a dress as opposed to comfy jeans and a tee which for me suggests this is some kind of 'event' (again one of those bicycle events seems most likely)
-their pose is comfortably loving and friendly, so this doesn't seem to be a photo-op for a curious clothed onlooker. More likely they know each other well or ARE related
-the naked girl seems to be barely 18 and therefore unusually young for this to be a 'proud mom' photo...........but the clothed woman appears to be very proud
-the naked girl is just adorable!......and cute as a button...........but that doesn't really offer a clue. It's just a personal observation.

So, what do you really think this is all about? (And if the word "spank" appears in your comment, I swear I am sending you to Merry hoping she has some thorned switches leftover from Valentine's Day! There is NOTHING in this shot to suggest anything to do with spanking.)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Try again

So despite getting ready for my Honey, things just didn't materialize as planned. Somehow the night just kept going off in different directions until both of us just didn't feel the mood anymore. But that does not mean the intended adventure is lost. We're simply going to try again today. So that means another round of this for me:

And then perhaps if nothing deters us later..............

At the very least, after two days, I will certainly have had a good flush of the old system!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I've been given adamant instructions today to self-administer a good cleaning.

(while the thought of being a victim of the ministrations of others, the fact is both Rosa and I BOTH prefer that I do my own 'cleaning out'.)

All in preparation for Rosa's plans to do this later:

Needless to say that at the very least, my day should be interesting.

Monday, February 20, 2017


As cute as the idea of "cum filled balls" might be, and as popular as the phrase and notion seem to just ain't so!
Seminal fluid is stored in the seminal vesicle, closer to your butt than your balls. And even sperm, which are produced in the testicles, only stay there until mature, whereupon they then travel north through the vas deferens awaiting their chance to either combine with seminal fluid and be ejactulated, or as they age, be expelled through the urethra during urination.
The idea that a man's balls are twin round reservoirs for 'cum' is as accurate as believing that 'love' is stored in your heart.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Public spectacle

I found this image on a blog and traced it back to the creator's blog, who is a French artist who goes by "J.P." and who has quite a volume of work. This piece in general caught my eye due to the theme. I wondered what the "story" behind this image was and searched to see if there was one. As it turned out, the image was drawn by the artist as their interpretation of a true life account from someone who witnessed such a spectacle in their youth. The person said the incident occurred at a public pool where a young lady was standing facing the wall exhibiting coloration from an obvious correction. (I had to Google-translate the story, so a bit was lost since those Internet translators are what lead to things like the captioned spanking picture with the mother and daughter that I posted a short while back.) The person went on to say that the identity and circumstances surrounding the 'victim' were never made known, but the incident made a huge impression regardless.............resulting in ever-expanding fantasies prompted by the scene.

The artist found the episode to be something that resonated with her and decided to "illustrate" the described scene. The expression of the girl in the yellow suit and the two curious kids she's addressing accentuate the victims embarrassment exponentially. Peer or adult witnesses are bad enough, but when younger kids are teasing you, wow!

Here is the (poorly) translated post itself:

"It was after discovering my drawings a few years ago that a young lady of Italian descent began to send me messages and to tell me the fantasy that haunted her for years and her genesis, A fantasy she had never spoken to anyone before:

When she was 17 years old, Antonella went to the municipal swimming pool with the other girls in her class for the swimming lesson. 
From what I understood the pool area during the day was open to women or men following the hours.

There were girls and ladies of all ages as usual but on that day she was more than intrigued by a scene taking place outside: A sobbing teenager was facing one of the walls of the pool, punished, The jersey lowered at the ankles and there was no doubt that had the color of the naked behind she displayed in the sight of all, she had received a memorable spanking.

Without knowing what had happened before and without daring to ask for it, Antonella felt a great deal of compassion for this unfortunate girl.

But very soon, she realized that she was totally fascinated by this spectacle, although she tried to concentrate on her lengths, to listen to what her friends told her, her look and her mind was magnetised to this girl punished Which offered the sight of her bare buttocks.

To see a naked child, or in tears is nevertheless banal she said to herself but there, it felt in the bottom of herself that it was totally different.

She never knew who she was, nor the why and how it happened to this girl but immediately afterwards, this scene began to delightfully haunt these nights.

And very quickly in her thoughts, she began to imagine herself in the place of punishment, thus exhibited. 
At first, there was just me, facing the wall, she said. And behind, the cacophony of this kind of places.

"But the nights passing by, I more and more distinct voices, what is said of me, there are dirty little girls who amuse themselves by pulling on my jersey already lowered to make it fall even lower. Has hands that come to wander just for fun and others who come to slam me to make me morality.

The pool has even become mixed!
I would never dare turn round! Because I know that in the pool, there are eyes only for me! "

The little drawing I made for Antonella (with colored pencils because I had nothing else on hand at that time)" 

As a fan of reversals, this does not quite 'qualify' but yet retains some of the key emotional aspects that make 'reversal themes' so powerful for me.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day, or at least has plans to celebrate it fully in the days to come. Before the 14th I touched on the topic of Internet folk messing with images and either intentionally altering them without permission, or just attributing things (like quotes) to the wrong people. I promised a more detailed follow-up and here it is:

( And very possibly not even Hannum! )

They say we are ‘free society’ but we all know that nothing is free. Everything has a cost and I think that while it should be OK to promote and create just about anything, there should be a cost to intentionally creating something false at the expense of someone who is unaware their image or their work is being used to promote something they have not consented to. Whether it’s the “fake news” we hear about, or knowingly attributing quotes to the wrong person, these things should be permissible…………but come, like everything else, at a reasonable cost. My suggested price-tag is simple:

After all, the average person has ten fingers, so losing one is not the end of the world. And if something is really important to you, what’s one finger? Losing a finger to something you really believe is important demonstrates your commitment. Below is my proposed list of things that should definitely be permitted……..but only at the cost of a finger:

-fake news. If you create fake news just to screw with people and manipulate sentiment, the next time you manipulate anything, it should be with one less finger.

-assigning someone's clever quip to someone more famous ( the Freudian "assholes" quote that was actually created by Debihope on Twitter was what started this finger idea.) Misquoting someone accidentally, or out of ignorance should not cost a finger, however..............just ridicule.

-deleting someone’s name from their work and posting it as an anonymous piece
(I've had this happen to me)

-altering someone’s art or writing without their permission and having it appear that it is their original work (removing the original dialog from a cartoon and replacing it with words the cartoonist never penned.)
(I've had this happen to me, as well.)

-altering someone else’s work and having it appear as your own work…..(this should probably cost two fingers, but I’ll settle for one to keep the law simple)
(And yes, this too has happened to me.)

-Photo-shopping relatively innocent images to add prurient aspects that in no way are connected to the individuals being manipulated.  As a spanking enthusiast, my best example would be the adding of pink patches to the behinds of people who may not be in any way connected to, or interested in spanking, like so:

(This adorable bit of exposure can be found on blogs all over the 'spankosphere'. It resonates with people because it is an acutely embarrassing public display of a usually private kink....should such a thing happen as shown. Unfortunately a quick "Search Google for this image" eventually reveals:

Ta-da! Where did the pink go? Wow, this lady heals quickly, eh? Nah, this was somebody's prurient little project and should cost a finger.

-Captioning an innocent photo to make it appear that the subject is saying things they might never say in real life. (Again, the best example is the captioned spanking image whose  subject is just a plain attractive female smiling into the camera…..without any implement or background suggesting she is in any way into spanking.)

( Just LOOK at this! This poor girl (somebody's daughter) had a nice picture taken of her that made it onto the Internet and someone cheesily inserted a crapily Photoshopped switch into her hand and added dialog that is in no way connected to her gesture, pose, or expression, and is probably NOT something this little lady was thinking when this shot was taken. There are plenty of pictures of women holding spanking implements all over the Internet, so why do this?. This is the sleazy defiling of an 'innocent' and at the very least should cost a finger.)

And though it has nothing to do with the Internet, I always felt rubbernecking an accident as a driver should cost a finger as well. It's a ghoulish indulgence that delays all of the people behind you who just want to get on with their day. As such a finger seems the perfect price of admission for ogling someone else's misfortune. Perhaps when the Police and EMT arrive on the scene, this young lady should show up as well? 

(Despite her car-halting good looks and outfit, I'll bet after a few digital dismemberments, traffic would be moving along at an impressive clip!)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

You could go with flowers....

Many just stick with candy......

And if you have the money, jewelry is always nice..............
But if you REALLY want to show your love, remember............
(I've always loved this image! The message is great, but I also think the model's expression, pose, and attire sell an entire attitude of commingled innocence AND naughtiness!)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Rosa and I are going to have a nice rare duck dinner at home later (I like to cook) and I've already given her a modest gift of a multi-pot planter with each pot filled with little treats she likes. She loved it!

And we also get to end our run of Cupids with this final pair:

( "Roses again!? But I've still got thorns in my butt from last time!")

And after all of these daily spankings, I think even a naughty boy deserves some forgiveness and love:
Awwww. There's a scene that's doubly tender!

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Internet

I had a nice exchange with Mitch from "All Things Spanking" (linked in the margin to the right) concerning a quote/caption he posted on his blog. Go take a look, it's quite an amusing thought, BUT if you have a hard time believing Freud would ever say something like that, you aren't wrong. He didn't. Here's another I found that is just priceless:

(I can only HOPE this was done intentionally to spoof the very thing I'm discussing. If not? I'm not sure what penalty should befall its creator. )

While I can't fault well-meaning bloggers for not being able to verify the accuracy of everything they post, I can (and do) blame the people out there MAKING these things. In a couple of days (after Valentine's day) I will be posting my thoughts on those people out there who create false information or who steal or alter things that aren't theirs.

But, in the meantime, here's our penultimate Cupid of 2017:
("Horsed" and switched! The 'blindfolded Cupid' is another theme seen in artwork as a symbolic depiction of the notion that "love is blind". Of course here it just looks a bit kinky. But maybe it's best he doesn't see that switch-bundle coming, because I think this particular Cupid is in for a rough time.)

Sunday, February 12, 2017


That's the only word to describe today. Rosa and I are both in a weather-induced funk of sorts. We need Spring to arrive soon! (or at least have the sun come out!)

I also thought that perhaps the following non-fictional story might fit in with the Mother/son discipline theme, even though it does not describe an actual mother/son spanking. "Unexpected Endorsement" (click to read) This is an actual account of the discussions I had with my own Mother about the lifestyle that Rosa and I live. I sometimes wonder how different things might have been had my Mother remained healthy and was still with us, after having learned about what we do. 

And with just a couple of days to go until Valentine's Day, here's today's Cupid:

(Don't you just love that "what the fuck?" expression on Cupid?)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lazy Saturday

I'm currently embarking on a stained glass project that has siphoned my creative juices away from "thoughts kinky". If something interesting happens, I will possibly update this post but more than likely I will just be a little lazy today.  But I owe you all a Cupid, so here he is:

(Roses yet again! So I'm wondering: is spanking with roses supposed to be a token/symbolic punishment because of the flowers, or is it a harsh one because of the thorns?)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Sounds familiar

Hey! I think I know this artist. I think he's the same guy who wrote the assembly instructions for that shelf unit we got for Ana a while back!

Today's Cupid is from SassyBottom which C.K. mentioned in one of his comments. Here you go, C.K., enjoy!

I like the old-time Grammar School Reader feel to Sassy's work. This Cupid is a bit older and leaner than the little cherubs from the other pieces, but  Cupid was represented as an older kid by the Greeks. And in the Cupid & Psyche story, it fits better than picturing him as a putto.

Today's story is "A Boy Forever" (click to read). While no actual mother/son spanking occurs within the piece, the story centers around the concept almost entirely, and how it may or may not fit into an adult man's future. I did two illustrations for this piece in a style a bit different from my other work in order to suggest the dream-world that the main character seems lost in.

This will be the last story with any connection to mother/son spanking, so enjoy.

Thursday, February 9, 2017


A storm in NJ has interrupted our Spring-like Winter with a vengeance. The good news is my little Monster, Ana got to come home a day sooner, and Rosa may also be leaving work early. So....I'll have both of my honeys around me and safe!

Because Ana had the morning free, we decided to do our first 'Weekly Review' this morning rather than tomorrow. The good news is that I passed, but she did not feel I was deserving of any significant treat either, only a small one ( and that was only after I reminded her that neutral outcomes are not nearly as effective as punishment or reward....even if the reward is just a token 'pat on the head'). 

As we settled in for her weekly pedicure, we discussed what she thought could be improved going forward. Ana said that I handled some annoying situations better than in the past, but she challenged me going forward to 'let go' of the mood these annoyances trigger in me rather than have a 'sad face' afterwards. It's a substantial challenge since I have always been better at 'acting' a particular way than having my expression support that action. (I have always been told that my face tells the world exactly what I'm thinking even as my mouth says something much more diplomatic. I can get in trouble even when saying nothing because of how readily people can read my thoughts.)

I do appreciate Ana's honesty and fairness. I think I'd feel like I couldn't win if she felt that my residual demeanor at times was deserving of punishment. I like to think we should be judged on our actions rather than our expressions. But by the same token , she is trying to help me see that in the real world, even those instinctive facial expressions can have negative impact. She seems determined to help me with this. And I do think after the effort I put into this past week, that I'd resent ending up with a discipline slip in hand to submit to Rosa. So this was good. No punishment, but a definite challenge to try even harder this week ahead.

And here's our "Cupid-of-the-Day" ( I don't have any in snow)

(This one is a little creepy. There is something about Cupid's expression that, coupled with his hair being held, gives me an uneasy feeling.)

Today's story is one of my personal favorites: The Woman of the Well (click to read)
This long, coming-of-age story centers around a boy's curiosity about corporal punishment and his desire to experience it. And again, while a mother/son spanking is not the main focus, it is a theme that eventually leads to the boy being subjected to one. (among others)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Before we start in on "Clues", here's today's Cupid and featured story:

(there are those roses again!)

Today's story is called: Proof's in the Pudding (click to read) It is a true Mother-spanking-son piece featuring a College-age boy in need of discipline. I wrote this one a long time ago and I find it now to be too direct and narrative, perhaps even a bit heavy-handed. But I suppose it has its charm as a straight-forward spanking story. I'll let you decide.

Now for today's topic:
Many of you know that Rosa and I are pretty open about our lifestyle, but even I have admitted that we are still somewhat selective about who "knows". The one exception to this selectivity is the small collection of "clues" openly visible to anyone who comes to they family, friend, or the guy who services the furnace.

Today I'm going to share them with you all. The first one you'd encounter as you come into our home is this spoon hanging to the right of the passage from our kitchen to the dining room. Anyone in our home would have to pass this at least once, but if you were a typical guest going in and out of the kitchen, you'd pass it countless times:
( I edited out Rosa's real name from the plaque but decided to just leave mine on the spoon since anyone who ever contacts me via e-mail has learned my first name anyway. Besides, a lot of good that alone will do for anyone looking to stalk me. LOL )

This is the killer wooden spoon we purchased in a small shop in Peru. I painted on the decorations and added a polyurethane finish. The smacking end is about 4" in diameter with the entire thing being about 21" from handle to bowl. It has seen action plenty of times and is quite devastating. Above the spoon is this plaque:

( Admittedly cute, but pretty blatant to anyone with a clue.......especially since it refer's to the spoon as Rosa's and the bowl itself has my name on it. Though someone could interpret it the other way around I suppose?)

Less overt, but purchased by Rosa as a definite open clue is this mug:
( This is technically "my mug" and everyone knows it. What they may or may not know is how the term "Bottoms up" is actually intended. Given the overall innocence of this cup, I believe only the family here "gets it".)

Our bedroom is 'off limits' to most guests. But if a guest did wander in there the clues would not be as subtle depending on where they looked. Our "piggy-spanking" pictures are on the wall behind the door. Our "House Rules" are on the back of the door itself. A framed print of a Medieval plate depicting a woman spanking her husband is on the wall in plain view as are two Pre-Raphaelite prints depicting scenes of a distinct FemDom flavor: Tannhauser in the Venusberg and La Belle Dame sans Merci.

( This is a photo of the actual plate we have as a framed print in a pretty, round plate frame . The original can be seen in the Metropolitan Museum in NYC...........and was the source of some embarrassed amusement early on when I took my gang there and one of them spotted this before I did, and made a very astute observation of its similarity to our own domestic situation.)

However, a guest need only be paying attention when sitting in our living room to see this small Period etching framed on the wall. It's not featured prominently, but it's not hidden either:
( Our living room is decorated in a humble attempt at Federal Period decor, with a lot of pewter and post-Colonial pieces strewn about. Visitors tease me that they keep looking over their shoulder for Thomas Jefferson to step in for a drink. [his portrait is in an antique frame on one wall] Anyway, as such, this little gem fits right in, but very few have ever commented on it on their own.)

So, tell me, if YOU were to visit, would you 'catch on'? Probably. But you all are hanging out on a spanking blog! (Perverts!) ;-)  But what about the "Vanilla Horde"? Too subtle? Or plain enough for anyone to figure out? 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Grapefruit shrub

Yesterday I took Rosa out for dinner at a lovely place whose menu is eclectic and whose cocktail menu is ........inspired. In doing so I discovered why my Grapefruit Negroni never quite tastes like theirs: I was merely using grapefruit JUICE.....they use grapefruit SHRUB! (click for recipe)

The basic Negroni is a gin and Campari combination that has a uniquely bitter/herbal quality. The addition of a shrub adds a subtle infusion of sweet, vinegary citrus, making the drink even more complex...........and wonderful. So I will very soon be picking up some fresh grapefruit that will end up 'pickling' in my refrigerator for future Negroni-mixing.

And speaking of tasty cocktails...I found this drawing of Betty Page bathing in a Martini: new meaning to "bathtub gin".
(And if you say, "oh no, don't you mean vodka?" I will shake my down-turned head with disappointment. ;-) !) Maybe it's me but somehow, given the olive 'bathbrush', I think this drawing would have been cuter with Betty naked.

Today's featured story is a longer piece called "Crushed" (click to read) Crushed is not primarily a mother/son spanking story, and in fact, such an occurrence only happens at the very end. The main plot of Crushed centers around a sister who has "spanking privileges" with her younger brother and how she both responsibly and irresponsibly uses her power and influence. There are no easy answers in this story which deals with several 'coming of age' elements.

And here's our Cupid-of-the-Day:

Venus again seems delighted to switch her son's behind, this time with the help or interference (hard to tell which) of a satyr. And Cupid again seems more than a bit apprehensive of that poised  bouquet. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Maternal Spankings

Over at Dan's blog this week, there is a discussion over the part that "nurturing" plays alongside "penance" within a DD relationship. One of the interesting side issues is the hot or cold reaction people have when using maternal imagery to reference this type of disciplinary dichotomy. In my comment to Dan, I mentioned that the camps seem divided on this with one side being totally turned-off by any references to 'mothers/mothering' while the other camp sees the imagery as merely descriptive and evocative of the situation.

Having been putting up daily images of Cupid being spanked by his mother, Venus, the mother/son issue has been fresh in my head all week. Adding the timing of Dan's discussion to this seems oddly coincidental. Anyway, I decided to revisit some of my stories that have a strong maternal theme to them and in doing so I figured that along with my "Cupid-of-the-Day" I'd link a "Mother/son Story" as well. So here they are for the start of this week:

"Still a Mom"  (click to read)---a story in which an adult son in his 40's, asks his mother for a spanking. In many ways this story is a fictional handling of some of my own most private thoughts regarding my own mother on whom "Loretta" is solidly based. Even many of the little details running throughout the story are based on things I recall from my own childhood. Essentially, this piece was almost a way to process thoughts that would otherwise have remained buried.

And taking a break from two dimensional depictions, here we have a lovely bronze of Cupid and Venus: 

Yet again, Venus seems to be enjoying.....or at least bemused by her disciplinary duties. Cupid here seems less pleased.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Non sexquitur

Non sexquitur, no, it's not a typo. 

I hereby offer this term of my creation as a valid name for a comment or statement that follows a particular post and yet has little or nothing to do with the topic, but rather goes on to describe some personal anecdote overladen with lascivious embellishment. Basically it's a non sequitur with sex.

To some (Dan are you out there?) non sexquiturs are sources of hypertensive frustration. To others (me….most of the time though not always) they are often hilarious bids for attention.  I am often tempted to follow a non sexquitur with a rambling account of how paper is manufactured…just to see what response I get.

Another interesting thing about non sexquiturs is their similarity regardless of author. They have a distinct pattern of desperation that conjures up images of one-handed typists sharing potentially fictional adventures for their own benefit rather than thoughtfully….or humorously, contributing to a group discussion of a particular issue.

In a recent comment to me, my good Blogging-buddy, Dan, admitted to wishing he had the patience to just delete all the non sexquiturs from his blog. To me this would be such a waste of comic material. I prefer to let the non sexquiturs I get stand as monuments to perverted narcissism. 

If you are reading this and wondering if you are a perpetrator of non sexquiturs, there is a simple test. Just ask yourself:

Was my comment true?

Was my ‘comment’ really just a sexy anecdote that had nothing to do with the post I responded to?

Was I jerking off while writing my comment?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are guilty and if you are on Dan’s blog, you may wish to delete your comment and save Dan the trouble. However, if you are guilty of doing it here….please continue so I have something to poke fun at.

Our Cupid-of-the-Day today has a particularly round and girlish bottom, giving Mom a lot of area to smack. Also, there are no branches or roses being used.............just a maternal palm.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Good week!

This morning was very nice and capped off what I can only say was a 'damned good week'! Rosa and I had some nice sexy-time earlier and then later today I will be making Ana her lasagna treat. 

Marta & Wally came over last night after my crowd and I went to another friend's house to pick up a ridiculously heavy cast iron stove. (Rosa has wanted one for ages and now we got one for free!) It was nice chatting with them. It was chilly so I made a nice warm fire in our fireplace..............very cozy.

I don't feel particularly controversial or witty today. The fact is....I'm a bit tired. I renovated a bathroom this week and while it looks great, it took a lot out of me. So I will just add our 'Cupid-of-the-Day' and just be a lazy bum for a bit.

( hmmm, maybe I'm wrong, but in this painting little old Cupid looks like he's enjoying his spanking quite a bit. Mommy-Venus seems to be enjoying herself as well. What a delightfully dysfunctional pair!)

Friday, February 3, 2017

Mission accomplished!

So, today begins the journey of a brand new year!  Yesterday Rosa gave me the final 400 (which she opted to make into 450.......again!) and to end with a 'bang', they were all hard ones with the hefty paddle over her lap. ( I'm definitely feeling it today.)

Ana came home last night for the weekend and we talked about our 'review' process. She said she would consider my behavior going forward from now on, so that her review of me would begin next Friday morning, not today. It made sense. (But she still got a pedicure out of the deal anyway.....and a cup of tea. lol.[sorry, inside joke] Tomorrow I am making her lasagna.) Decisions like that are why both Rosa and I trust her with having a good bit of authority. An irresponsible person would just dive in and even find an excuse for a punishment, but as playful as Ana sounds, deep down she thinks things through very fairly and seriously. I always say that while some people actually do 'have their shit together', Ana has hers in neatly labeled boxes tied with perfectly color-coded ribbons.

I also love that Ana has been leaving comments. She is a very busy student and spends a lot of time studying to maintain her near-perfect GPA, so I appreciate when she takes a few minutes to post her thoughts.....teasing though they may be. 

Later this morning Rosa called to tell me very playfully that she woke up already missing spanking me. She went on to say that she is not too worried though, since she says, even if I am on my best behavior I am bound to lose patience and snap at her eventually......and she's going to be waiting to pounce in return. (So there's that.)

And to keep counting down to February 14th, here's today's spanked Cupid:

(no roses today, but an honest-to-goodness switch bundle! I love the one leg being up like that. I do the same thing sometimes!)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Groundhog Day

Today marks the last day of my 2016/2017 “Committee Spankings”. I am surprised I made it through it all, but more credit needs to go to Rosa for managing the punishments than my sturdy behind for enduring them all. Officially I got 6079 Spanks over the course of about two weeks. Unofficially I got a bit more because Rosa occasionally added on another 50 or so that “didn’t count” (but I sure felt) to make her point.  The thing that struck me most was the realization that those around me were well aware of less-than-stellar behavior that I was a bit oblivious to, particularly Ana.  I thought a lot about what she wrote and I thought that she and I should come up with a more formal way to ensure that such a backlog of bad feelings never happens again. The other day I sent her this: (I edited out portions that are of a more private nature and left the gist.)

“Your essay really had me thinking. On one hand I expected a bit of teasing, and you definitely got in a few funny comments, but the overwhelming bulk of your letter was very revealing of how things affect you personally. It was very sincere and serious and made me think about how many things bother you that I am not aware of. So I was thinking. Since you already have a lot of freedom in dealing with my behavior, maybe we could come up with a plan so that these annoyances don’t pile up again?

I’m thinking that you could pretty much give me weekly or even bi-weekly “reviews”. And since we have been trying to stick to some “us time” on Friday mornings, maybe that could be the time we go over your assessment of my behavior for the previous week or two? The whole thing could take two minutes.

And since behavior is reinforced by a combination of reward and punishment, maybe that could be the focus of your review? We’d meet early, and maybe do a pedicure before you go off on your own. Before I start, you’d just tell me whether you think I was good or bad, and if I was good, you could let me have a token reward before I start your pedicure. If you think I was bad, I would start right in on your pedicure with no treat, and you could tell me about what I did while I’m working on you. Then you could fill out a “discipline slip” for what you think my punishment should be.

It could be a very easy, very quick, system of training……with you at the helm. You would be able to shape my behavior through the combination of me wanting to do well and be rewarded versus, losing out on a treat and getting punished instead. What do you think?”

Her simple reply was “I like it.”

So tomorrow morning, barring the unforeseen, Ana and I will have our first ‘evaluation’. It should be interesting.

Also, as promised here is our Cupid for today:

Wow! Spanked with roses? Ouch. Maybe the little guy was out shooting groundhogs?