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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Before we start in on "Clues", here's today's Cupid and featured story:

(there are those roses again!)

Today's story is called: Proof's in the Pudding (click to read) It is a true Mother-spanking-son piece featuring a College-age boy in need of discipline. I wrote this one a long time ago and I find it now to be too direct and narrative, perhaps even a bit heavy-handed. But I suppose it has its charm as a straight-forward spanking story. I'll let you decide.

Now for today's topic:
Many of you know that Rosa and I are pretty open about our lifestyle, but even I have admitted that we are still somewhat selective about who "knows". The one exception to this selectivity is the small collection of "clues" openly visible to anyone who comes to they family, friend, or the guy who services the furnace.

Today I'm going to share them with you all. The first one you'd encounter as you come into our home is this spoon hanging to the right of the passage from our kitchen to the dining room. Anyone in our home would have to pass this at least once, but if you were a typical guest going in and out of the kitchen, you'd pass it countless times:
( I edited out Rosa's real name from the plaque but decided to just leave mine on the spoon since anyone who ever contacts me via e-mail has learned my first name anyway. Besides, a lot of good that alone will do for anyone looking to stalk me. LOL )

This is the killer wooden spoon we purchased in a small shop in Peru. I painted on the decorations and added a polyurethane finish. The smacking end is about 4" in diameter with the entire thing being about 21" from handle to bowl. It has seen action plenty of times and is quite devastating. Above the spoon is this plaque:

( Admittedly cute, but pretty blatant to anyone with a clue.......especially since it refer's to the spoon as Rosa's and the bowl itself has my name on it. Though someone could interpret it the other way around I suppose?)

Less overt, but purchased by Rosa as a definite open clue is this mug:
( This is technically "my mug" and everyone knows it. What they may or may not know is how the term "Bottoms up" is actually intended. Given the overall innocence of this cup, I believe only the family here "gets it".)

Our bedroom is 'off limits' to most guests. But if a guest did wander in there the clues would not be as subtle depending on where they looked. Our "piggy-spanking" pictures are on the wall behind the door. Our "House Rules" are on the back of the door itself. A framed print of a Medieval plate depicting a woman spanking her husband is on the wall in plain view as are two Pre-Raphaelite prints depicting scenes of a distinct FemDom flavor: Tannhauser in the Venusberg and La Belle Dame sans Merci.

( This is a photo of the actual plate we have as a framed print in a pretty, round plate frame . The original can be seen in the Metropolitan Museum in NYC...........and was the source of some embarrassed amusement early on when I took my gang there and one of them spotted this before I did, and made a very astute observation of its similarity to our own domestic situation.)

However, a guest need only be paying attention when sitting in our living room to see this small Period etching framed on the wall. It's not featured prominently, but it's not hidden either:
( Our living room is decorated in a humble attempt at Federal Period decor, with a lot of pewter and post-Colonial pieces strewn about. Visitors tease me that they keep looking over their shoulder for Thomas Jefferson to step in for a drink. [his portrait is in an antique frame on one wall] Anyway, as such, this little gem fits right in, but very few have ever commented on it on their own.)

So, tell me, if YOU were to visit, would you 'catch on'? Probably. But you all are hanging out on a spanking blog! (Perverts!) ;-)  But what about the "Vanilla Horde"? Too subtle? Or plain enough for anyone to figure out? 


  1. Crimson Kid (C.K.)February 8, 2017 at 7:18 PM

    If a 'vanilla' person were to see just one or two of these clues, particularly the ones which could be passed off as classic artwork--like the plate replica and "Federal Period" etching--he/she might not take them that seriously as indicating a spankophile lifestyle.

    Of and by itself, the wooden spoon with its accompanying plaque could be considered a joke/novelty item, like a 'classic Americana' souvenir paddle ("Heat for the Seat," "Board of Correction," etc.)--I'd definitely interpret them as female disciplinarian/male discipline recipient rather than the reverse, but I'm rather oriented that way. In context with the other items though, there should be no doubt that the "Head of Household" is feminine and the partner "Taken in Hand" is masculine.

    The cup is kind of cutesy but by itself could mean pretty much anything, although in context its caption and drawing would have one obvious meaning, I'd figure.

    I would say that even a 'vanilla' person looking around your bedroom should figure out your household's domestic discipline arrangement and spanking fetish, but admittedly some of those types can be quite clueless.

    (I'm reflecting on my girlfriend of 30+ years ago, perplexed at why our sexual interaction was suddenly more energetic almost immediately after she'd given me a pretty solid birthday spanking--but I married her a few years later anyway.)

    Hey, I'd figure it out rather quickly myself, but of course my mind works in that direction anyway... --C.K.

    1. Thanks for that thorough assessment, C.K.! I'd expect nothing less from your analytical deviant mind. ;-)

      You are right about the astounding cluelessness of 'vanillas' though. I am often amazed at the stuff that flies over their heads while they blink innocently at their cell phones. ;-)

  2. I doubt I'd notice. I mean WE have a spanking bench in the living room. It's where the recliner I'm currently sleeping in used to be.

    1. It sounds like it's not that you wouldn't 'notice''d just pass it all off as 'normal'.....or, considering your living room furniture, tame by comparison.

      (Tsk< A spanking bench in the living room, and you call ME "naughty"!?)

    2. Naughty for calling me a "Pervert"

    3. Besides, ALL of the men here are naughty and deserve a spanking!

    4. Post your address and I would venture to say a few of them would be knocking on your door with blushing bowed heads. ;-)

  3. I had a friend over playing chess. It was pointed out to him, and he thought it was some kind of weight lifting bench. Then Merry HAD to tell him about it.

    1. Well, it is sort of a weight lifting bench. If you get spanked in it for a misdeed you feel guilty over, it can be like a weight has been lifted from your conscience.

  4. With one or even two if the items you have it may go over their heads but with everything even a vanilla should catch on but being vanilla they wouldn't say anything. if spankos visit they would probably ask if they could be used on them.

    1. Arched! Welcome back!

      I do believe you are right about some vanillas suspecting but not saying anything. That seems to be their default reaction. It would be interesting to see how far they could be 'pushed' before breaking silence. Remember the old "Candid Camera"? What an episode this could make!

      Also, any spanko hoping to feel that spoon would probably be happily obliged by my eager Rosa...........and I doubt they'd be wanting her to continue for long. That spoon HURTS!