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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Good week!

This morning was very nice and capped off what I can only say was a 'damned good week'! Rosa and I had some nice sexy-time earlier and then later today I will be making Ana her lasagna treat. 

Marta & Wally came over last night after my crowd and I went to another friend's house to pick up a ridiculously heavy cast iron stove. (Rosa has wanted one for ages and now we got one for free!) It was nice chatting with them. It was chilly so I made a nice warm fire in our fireplace..............very cozy.

I don't feel particularly controversial or witty today. The fact is....I'm a bit tired. I renovated a bathroom this week and while it looks great, it took a lot out of me. So I will just add our 'Cupid-of-the-Day' and just be a lazy bum for a bit.

( hmmm, maybe I'm wrong, but in this painting little old Cupid looks like he's enjoying his spanking quite a bit. Mommy-Venus seems to be enjoying herself as well. What a delightfully dysfunctional pair!)