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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Grapefruit shrub

Yesterday I took Rosa out for dinner at a lovely place whose menu is eclectic and whose cocktail menu is ........inspired. In doing so I discovered why my Grapefruit Negroni never quite tastes like theirs: I was merely using grapefruit JUICE.....they use grapefruit SHRUB! (click for recipe)

The basic Negroni is a gin and Campari combination that has a uniquely bitter/herbal quality. The addition of a shrub adds a subtle infusion of sweet, vinegary citrus, making the drink even more complex...........and wonderful. So I will very soon be picking up some fresh grapefruit that will end up 'pickling' in my refrigerator for future Negroni-mixing.

And speaking of tasty cocktails...I found this drawing of Betty Page bathing in a Martini: new meaning to "bathtub gin".
(And if you say, "oh no, don't you mean vodka?" I will shake my down-turned head with disappointment. ;-) !) Maybe it's me but somehow, given the olive 'bathbrush', I think this drawing would have been cuter with Betty naked.

Today's featured story is a longer piece called "Crushed" (click to read) Crushed is not primarily a mother/son spanking story, and in fact, such an occurrence only happens at the very end. The main plot of Crushed centers around a sister who has "spanking privileges" with her younger brother and how she both responsibly and irresponsibly uses her power and influence. There are no easy answers in this story which deals with several 'coming of age' elements.

And here's our Cupid-of-the-Day:

Venus again seems delighted to switch her son's behind, this time with the help or interference (hard to tell which) of a satyr. And Cupid again seems more than a bit apprehensive of that poised  bouquet. 


  1. Amusing story. Thank you for sharing it. Does Ana ever spank her brothers?

    1. Thanks.

      And definitely not. (though Rosa did tell me that one time when they were all about 8 years younger, she came home to find Ana play-spanking her younger brother) She has the gene, but Ana is much more mainstream than she sometimes seems. She understands it all. She accepts it. She even enjoys big chunks of it.....but it just doesn't seem to be a big part of who she is.

    2. They probably have needed it a couple times though , those punks! It would have gotten my point of then being more responsible!! Tsk tsk

    3. I would say, "I've created a monster!" but my little honey has ALWAYS been a monster, so I really can't take credit. ;-)