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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lazy Saturday

I'm currently embarking on a stained glass project that has siphoned my creative juices away from "thoughts kinky". If something interesting happens, I will possibly update this post but more than likely I will just be a little lazy today.  But I owe you all a Cupid, so here he is:

(Roses yet again! So I'm wondering: is spanking with roses supposed to be a token/symbolic punishment because of the flowers, or is it a harsh one because of the thorns?)


  1. Didn't need gloves for these roses!

    Roses: Ancient Roman mythology of the rose is vast. It is said the Flora, the deity of flowers, was walking through the woods when she happened upon the dead body of a lovely nymph. Filled with sorrow, Flora gave the nymph new life as a flower whose beauty surpassed all others. The goddess of love Venus offered the bloom splendor, radiance, rapture and lure. The sun gave her warmth. The god of wine, Bacchus scented her with nectar. When complete she was crowned with dewdrops and was hailed the "Rose, Queen of Flowers". She was given to Venus's young son, Cupid, the deity of love and desire. Roman myth tells that Cupid spilled a vase of sweet nectar, and on that spot, roses grew. Cupid and Venus are also involved in the Roman lore of how the rose got its thorns. The tale follows that Cupid bent to sniff an open rose and was stung by a bee hiding inside. This displeased Venus, and she had Cupid shoot a line of bees with his arrow. Venus took the bees and bound them to the rose plant as thorns. Still, the rose is noted as the favored flower of Venus. Another Roman legend, involving mischievous little Cupid, is that Cupid bribed Harpocrates, the god of silence, with a rose so that he would not tell of his mother's (Aphrodite's), lured affairs. Thus, the rose has come to be a token of silence. In history, rather than mythology, the Romans truly had a passion for roses. Roses decorated ceremonial feasts and Romans often gorged on rose pudding. Rosewater and rose oil flowed through the emperor's fountains. They also perfumed the baths at many of the public bath houses. In public arenas, sun awnings were often saturated with rosewater, so crowds could revel in the scent. People adorned themselves with roses, and used them to decorate their homes; some used rose petals to stuff pillows. Most, if not all, Roman love potions and aphrodisiacs contained roses. Roses were extremely prominent at, the "Bacchanalia," Rome's official orgy. It is said that Rome's Emperor Nero sprayed dinner guests with rose perfume between courses.

    1. Well done. Unfortunately there's no mention of why so many artists' depictions show a rose bouquet as Venus' implement of correction. (I looked and could not find anything other than mention of it being the case, but not a sentence as to why it is the case.) There has to be a reason though. There are simply too many depictions for it to be mere coincidence of artistic affectation.

    2. Perhaps it has to do with Cupid and why roses have thorns?

    3. It could be that simple I suppose, but ugh, how boring! ;-) I'd much rather find out it had to do with a desire to combine the whole rose petal/thorn duality into the chastisement. And the reality of being switched with a bouquet studded with thorns is a harsh punishment even for the most hardened of bottoms. How many swishes of those blooms would it take before those cherubic cheeks were bleeding?

    4. not many, I'm sure!

      About roses: I love the beautiful colors, but I'm allergic to the point that I break out in hives on the remote chance my skin is pricked.

    5. So you will need those gloves after all.