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Friday, February 3, 2017

Mission accomplished!

So, today begins the journey of a brand new year!  Yesterday Rosa gave me the final 400 (which she opted to make into 450.......again!) and to end with a 'bang', they were all hard ones with the hefty paddle over her lap. ( I'm definitely feeling it today.)

Ana came home last night for the weekend and we talked about our 'review' process. She said she would consider my behavior going forward from now on, so that her review of me would begin next Friday morning, not today. It made sense. (But she still got a pedicure out of the deal anyway.....and a cup of tea. lol.[sorry, inside joke] Tomorrow I am making her lasagna.) Decisions like that are why both Rosa and I trust her with having a good bit of authority. An irresponsible person would just dive in and even find an excuse for a punishment, but as playful as Ana sounds, deep down she thinks things through very fairly and seriously. I always say that while some people actually do 'have their shit together', Ana has hers in neatly labeled boxes tied with perfectly color-coded ribbons.

I also love that Ana has been leaving comments. She is a very busy student and spends a lot of time studying to maintain her near-perfect GPA, so I appreciate when she takes a few minutes to post her thoughts.....teasing though they may be. 

Later this morning Rosa called to tell me very playfully that she woke up already missing spanking me. She went on to say that she is not too worried though, since she says, even if I am on my best behavior I am bound to lose patience and snap at her eventually......and she's going to be waiting to pounce in return. (So there's that.)

And to keep counting down to February 14th, here's today's spanked Cupid:

(no roses today, but an honest-to-goodness switch bundle! I love the one leg being up like that. I do the same thing sometimes!)


  1. After so long with nothing from you, I'm enjoying your daily updates.

    1. Thanks, dear! I've made peace with my angst over the blog. I realized that my desire to have the kinky "Algonquin Round Table" has actually been realized with fairly regular input from you, Shiloh, Dan, Smuccatelli, Tomy, StrictJulie, and others. It's just a smaller circle....but still a good one. If the other 700 daily visitors don't comment, I'm thinking it's their loss...........and who knows? Maybe the comments would not be and clever as the ones from you guys?

    2. And don't forget you have Shawn (sometimes commenting using that name and sometimes not), ever ready to pop in with a comment about mother-in-laws, facing the wall when someone might walk in, or his bottom red and stinging. Over and over and over again. On mine, on yours, on Julie's, on Hermione's . . .

      I probably shouldn't be so snotty, but the OCD commenters are driving me crazy these days. I now have one leaving comment after comment (pretending to be a new person each time) about his wife (mom, girlfriend, etc.) putting him (or his dad) in a scissor hold and going on and on about her powerful legs. Once is fine, but this repetitive, never-ending cycle of slight variations on the same theme over and over again . . . I know I should just delete them, but it just gets so damn annoying.

    3. Dan: lol! you just gave me an idea for a new post.

      (By the way.....did I ever tell you about the time a greased-up giantess held me in a headlock while three midgets used my scrotum for a punching bag? It was a dark and stormy night.......................)

    4. You are positively horrible! Such a naughty story!