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Monday, February 27, 2017


Art by SassyBottom?

I recently came across this image..................and being a lover of reversals, it initially intrigued me..................for about a minute. Then a very different feeling came over me (the one involving a meat cleaver). Unless I am VERY mistaken, this is NOT a SassyBottom piece but rather a Sassy-Frankenbottom piece.

Look at this mess! Sassy had a cute style but within that style she could draw things in proper proportion and with consistent gesture. Granted her gestures were always somewhat placid, even as brushes fell, but the calmness still had a correctness. If this IS a SassyBottom drawing, I would be very surprised.

Look at the size of the spanker (ostensibly the girl) and the spankee (ostensibly the "mom"). They are totally out of whack. And the woman's head is too big for her distorted body and smaller than the girl's. The woman being spanked looks like someone edited out about six or more ribs from her extremely shortened torso. The spanker's ass is enormous in contrast to the "mom" being twice that of the supposedly adult bottom being spanked. Compare this hodgepodge to anything else Sassy has done and you will see why this is so suspicious. SassyBottom might not have been a Rembrandt, but she never made these kinds of major errors.

Now I have never seen a reversal done by SassyBottom and this looks like someone snipped heads and redrew limbs to create one. The distinct lines of the legs in particular do not match the softer lines of the other objects and bodyparts. I tried to do some research but found nothing to support or deny the authenticity of this piece. If any of my more clever readers has some information on this piece, please jump in with a comment!

And if there is someone out there who is responsible for this abomination, please chop off your finger now. Perhaps we can find an address for SassyBottom and mail it to her?


  1. Replies
    1. That's me: the Critic-with-a-Cleaver!

    2. My actual belief is that if people spent a little time learning the basics of the various arts and then practicing how to disassociate subjective reactions from objective critique..............everyone could (and probably should) be a critic. What good is it to have to rely on someone else's opinion, when they could be wrong......just because somewhere along the line they were labelled a "critic"? Who's to say that any one of us might not be better at it even though it is not our official profession?

  2. Well, it's been pretty well established that "Sassy Bottoms" is a male, specifically Bobby Beausoliel, a one-time member of the Charles Manson 'family' who's been doing a life sentence for first-degree murder since 1970, although it was one committed slightly before the infamous Tate-LaBianca murders most widely associated with Manson.

    Beausoleil apparently created a lot of non-spanking-oriented artwork--it seems rather dark and brooding to me--which he sent to his wife (Barbara), there have apparently been showings of his 'mainstream' art and he's also produced a music album.

    The spanking-oriented drawings were published and sold by his wife (who died a few years ago) under the "Sassy Bottoms" name for their "B.B. Publications" company starting in the '80s--apparently they were even brought up as a negative factor during an '85 parole hearing of his.

    As for this drawing, I'd venture that you've exaggerated the physical distortions a little, although I do agree that the spankee's head is a touch too large while her torso is significantly too short, given the length of her legs. The spanker does have a broad bottom (as seen from the rear with her seated), but that's not totally uncommon among women, even some young ones.

    Is there any labeling which suggests that this drawing definitely involves a 'role reversal' situation? It could easily be daughter-spanks-mother, yet the exact age of the spanker strikes me as uncertain because her face is about 90% hidden from view--possibly she's the youthful-looking mother (which might partially explain her derriere's 'spread' as being early-middle-aged), or perhaps more likely the older sister, of the about-to-be-spanked female.

    I'm appreciative of this situation wherein the hapless spankee is required to 'assist' with her own seat-smacking chastisement, via handing back the spanking brush to the disciplinarian whose lap she is alteady lying bare-bottom-up across.

    This drawing has been around on the internet for some time, whether or not it's truly by "Sassy Bottoms," I'm not certain of that--although I must admit that some of the spankee's physical proportions aren't all that realistic... --C.K.

    1. Thanks, CK! I did see the connection to Bobby Beausoleil and even went on the Manson blog/site. (creepy place) However, I read somewhere else that this connection was not 100% proven and someone on one site even claimed to have corresponded by handwritten mail back in the 70's and was convinced she was female.

      However, the BB-connection seems damning. So it is either 'possible' or 'definite' that "Sassy" is a male ex-member of the Manson Family. Therefore, if this WAS actually drawn by Bobby Beausoleil, we can only imagine where those missing ribs went.

      I still think it's a composite. The face, ottoman, background, and seated figure all seem 'pure SassyBottoms', but the spankee's limbs and overall proportional distortions seem out of character for the artist. And as I mentioned before, many SassyBottoms themes have multiple drawings (even the silly Cupid idea has TWO)..........but there does not seem to be another reversal anywhere. I think it's because the notion of a reversal is not something that interested the artist. As such, a reversal fan felt compelled to "make their own".

      Thanks again for such thorough input, CK! You have a well-earned seat at the old table! Keep 'em coming!

    2. Well, isn't it strongly possible that Bobby Beausoliel's wife (Barbara) was actually that correspondent back in the '70s?

      It would certainly have been financially beneficial to promote "Sassy Bottoms" as being a young woman (which Barbara would've been forty years ago), and as the promoter and publisher of her husband's spanking-oriented artwork, she might have considered the pseudonym to partially belong to her as well.

      There two drawings, 'before-&-after' of Cupid being spanked by Venus, which are definitely in the "Sassy Bottoms" style and were supposedly included among Beausoliel's 'mainstream' artwork collection--one picture shows Cupid being gently scolded by Venus, the other one shows him being kissed by her while sporting a mildly pinkened bare bottom and a slightly tear-stained face. (It apparently was quite moderate discipline, although the spanking action itself seeming isn't shown.)

      Since that artwork, reflecting a common "Sassy Bottoms" theme and clearly drawn in his/her style, was purportedly in an art collection of Beausoliel's 'mainstream' works, I'm reasonably certain that the guy was that artist.

      I found it intriguing that numerous participants on the "Manson Family Blog," which basically deals with real-life individuals who actually tortured and murdered other truly existing people, were quite offended at the imaginary spanking of fictional children in the "Sassy Bottoms" drawings posted there back in 2013--they described that artwork as "sick," "disgusting" and "perverted," even promoting of pedophilia, I believe.

      I'm now figuring that you're correct about that F/F OTK 'handing back the hairbrush' picture though--it does strike me as some sort of thrown-together composite work... --C.K.

    3. I have thought this over and completely agree with you. I believe the claimed correspondence was probably with Barbara Beausoliel. It seems more and more probable that the beloved SassyBottoms is indeed a convicted murderer from the Manson clan.

      The clan's outrage over the subject matter is yet another example of moral hypocrisy at work. (While still criminal assault, would the victims of the Manson Clan's violence be as .......dead, if the violence perpetrated upon them involved spanking rather than murder? Even an unwelcome paddling is preferable to death I would think? But 'no'....this is obviously not Charlie's message to his chosen. (Ugh!)

      Thanks for seeing my point about the apparent 'composite'. I can't find source imagery to prove it. (And I've looked) but it just seems so .......wrong.)

    4. I've seen that drawing and was never particularly curious or critical about it as it didn't fit my particular preferences. I've been a fan of "Sassy's" work for some time and my only critique of "her" work is that virtually all the spankees look decidedly feminine, even the boys. I'd heard the stories about she being a he, and in prison but not about being Bobby Beausoliel. "Sassy's" are was commercially available under the BB Productions label (I bought some "illustrated" notes) and then everything ceased and it was assumed Sassy was dead, but now, apparently, it was his wife, as I'm sure he can't sell the stuff himself from prison. A very interesting and disturbing story. And my reply might be a bit off topic as I'm not referencing the relative merits of the drawing itself. Sorry.

    5. Your reply is just fine, my friend. My objection is when certain visitors take a post like this as an opportunity to tell some sexquitur story about how someone spanked them in the past. Your post is right on topic and very welcome.

    6. This reminds me of my very first spanking....

    7. "Merry! He's at it again!!"

    8. Nobody likes a snitch.
      HEY, Ana. Write him up!

    9. I probably don't even need to snitch on you. You seem to get yourself in plenty of trouble all on your own.

      And Ana cannot be cajoled.....(or at least I don't think she can).

  3. Correct. I get into plenty of trouble on my own. Don't need any help.

    Where's Ana, anyway?

    1. In class or in her dorm studying probably 😏

  4. Well... my huff has arrived. I'm going to get in it, and leave.

    1. Try a taxi instead. Then.......

      "If you can't get a taxi you can leave in a huff. If that's too soon you can leave in a minute and a huff."