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Friday, February 17, 2017

Public spectacle

I found this image on a blog and traced it back to the creator's blog, who is a French artist who goes by "J.P." and who has quite a volume of work. This piece in general caught my eye due to the theme. I wondered what the "story" behind this image was and searched to see if there was one. As it turned out, the image was drawn by the artist as their interpretation of a true life account from someone who witnessed such a spectacle in their youth. The person said the incident occurred at a public pool where a young lady was standing facing the wall exhibiting coloration from an obvious correction. (I had to Google-translate the story, so a bit was lost since those Internet translators are what lead to things like the captioned spanking picture with the mother and daughter that I posted a short while back.) The person went on to say that the identity and circumstances surrounding the 'victim' were never made known, but the incident made a huge impression regardless.............resulting in ever-expanding fantasies prompted by the scene.

The artist found the episode to be something that resonated with her and decided to "illustrate" the described scene. The expression of the girl in the yellow suit and the two curious kids she's addressing accentuate the victims embarrassment exponentially. Peer or adult witnesses are bad enough, but when younger kids are teasing you, wow!

Here is the (poorly) translated post itself:

"It was after discovering my drawings a few years ago that a young lady of Italian descent began to send me messages and to tell me the fantasy that haunted her for years and her genesis, A fantasy she had never spoken to anyone before:

When she was 17 years old, Antonella went to the municipal swimming pool with the other girls in her class for the swimming lesson. 
From what I understood the pool area during the day was open to women or men following the hours.

There were girls and ladies of all ages as usual but on that day she was more than intrigued by a scene taking place outside: A sobbing teenager was facing one of the walls of the pool, punished, The jersey lowered at the ankles and there was no doubt that had the color of the naked behind she displayed in the sight of all, she had received a memorable spanking.

Without knowing what had happened before and without daring to ask for it, Antonella felt a great deal of compassion for this unfortunate girl.

But very soon, she realized that she was totally fascinated by this spectacle, although she tried to concentrate on her lengths, to listen to what her friends told her, her look and her mind was magnetised to this girl punished Which offered the sight of her bare buttocks.

To see a naked child, or in tears is nevertheless banal she said to herself but there, it felt in the bottom of herself that it was totally different.

She never knew who she was, nor the why and how it happened to this girl but immediately afterwards, this scene began to delightfully haunt these nights.

And very quickly in her thoughts, she began to imagine herself in the place of punishment, thus exhibited. 
At first, there was just me, facing the wall, she said. And behind, the cacophony of this kind of places.

"But the nights passing by, I more and more distinct voices, what is said of me, there are dirty little girls who amuse themselves by pulling on my jersey already lowered to make it fall even lower. Has hands that come to wander just for fun and others who come to slam me to make me morality.

The pool has even become mixed!
I would never dare turn round! Because I know that in the pool, there are eyes only for me! "

The little drawing I made for Antonella (with colored pencils because I had nothing else on hand at that time)" 

As a fan of reversals, this does not quite 'qualify' but yet retains some of the key emotional aspects that make 'reversal themes' so powerful for me.


  1. Its my mind wandering as well. Thank you for sharing it!

    1. I thought I wrote: It leaves my mind wandering as well.

  2. I've enjoyed JPCors' work for some time. Unfortunately, her site is in French, which I neither speak nor read. Her images aren't usually captioned but usually have a story or explanation attached to the post. The "witnessed punishment" theme is also very compelling to me.

    1. Just click to have the page translated. It won't be a perfect translation but you can get the gist.

  3. Compelling for me as well. I look at the illustration and imagine that it is my red backside on display to all those women, a scenario I find arousing, not embarrassing.

    1. It does tend to be a theme that resonates with many of us.

  4. Well, I also like to imagine myself in this young lady's position, especially with the little girls giggling at my bright red bare bottom and teasing me about how it acquired that coloration, even pulling my swimsuit down all the way to my ankles--which I'm forbidden to interfere with.

    In my fantasy, I'm likewise not allowed to talk, except to politely (with "ma'am" always included, even for the preteen females) respond to direct questions, plus my feminine disciplinarian is now off retrieving her hairbrush, in order to very soon spank me more intensively over her knee right there at poolside, something the little girls are "discussing" with each other while tauntingly questioning me about my impending corporal comeuppance.

    I'm finding it quite arousing primarily because it *is* extremely embarrassing for me, while almost immediately going to become even more so once I'm publicly--and much more energetically than before--kicking and crying while being walloped across a maternal-type lap.

    "Yes, ma'am, I'm aware that I'm about to get my bare bottom spanked again, this time very long and hard with a wooden hairbrush right in front you girls..." --C.K.

    1. Sounds like the promising beginning to a classic C.K. story.