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Thursday, February 9, 2017


A storm in NJ has interrupted our Spring-like Winter with a vengeance. The good news is my little Monster, Ana got to come home a day sooner, and Rosa may also be leaving work early. So....I'll have both of my honeys around me and safe!

Because Ana had the morning free, we decided to do our first 'Weekly Review' this morning rather than tomorrow. The good news is that I passed, but she did not feel I was deserving of any significant treat either, only a small one ( and that was only after I reminded her that neutral outcomes are not nearly as effective as punishment or reward....even if the reward is just a token 'pat on the head'). 

As we settled in for her weekly pedicure, we discussed what she thought could be improved going forward. Ana said that I handled some annoying situations better than in the past, but she challenged me going forward to 'let go' of the mood these annoyances trigger in me rather than have a 'sad face' afterwards. It's a substantial challenge since I have always been better at 'acting' a particular way than having my expression support that action. (I have always been told that my face tells the world exactly what I'm thinking even as my mouth says something much more diplomatic. I can get in trouble even when saying nothing because of how readily people can read my thoughts.)

I do appreciate Ana's honesty and fairness. I think I'd feel like I couldn't win if she felt that my residual demeanor at times was deserving of punishment. I like to think we should be judged on our actions rather than our expressions. But by the same token , she is trying to help me see that in the real world, even those instinctive facial expressions can have negative impact. She seems determined to help me with this. And I do think after the effort I put into this past week, that I'd resent ending up with a discipline slip in hand to submit to Rosa. So this was good. No punishment, but a definite challenge to try even harder this week ahead.

And here's our "Cupid-of-the-Day" ( I don't have any in snow)

(This one is a little creepy. There is something about Cupid's expression that, coupled with his hair being held, gives me an uneasy feeling.)

Today's story is one of my personal favorites: The Woman of the Well (click to read)
This long, coming-of-age story centers around a boy's curiosity about corporal punishment and his desire to experience it. And again, while a mother/son spanking is not the main focus, it is a theme that eventually leads to the boy being subjected to one. (among others)


  1. You are just an open book :D

  2. Crimson Kid (C.K.)February 9, 2017 at 9:00 AM

    So Ana is the loose basis for those 'disciplinarian's daughter' characters in stories like "Schoolgirl Spanking," "Proxy" and "Milgram 2016," is that correct?

    Venus strikes me as rather plain-looking (beyond merely her strict expression) for the Goddess of Love in this drawing, while Cupid almost seems to have an adult male's face, not a particularly handsome one either.

    His little godling friend looks more boyishly cute, so is his behind going to be targeted next by Venus? "Get in trouble with my child as his playmate, you also get spanked by me!"

    That probably worked sixty or so years ago... --C.K.

    1. C.K., you have nailed the source of those characters' character! Ana is absolutely the inspiration and even near-direct basis for all of them. (she even contributed considerable input into "Milgram") "To a Suspected Compeer" was also 'inspired' by Ana and a friendship she had when she was younger. The person being addressed is the friend, but the disciplinarian being referred to was based on Ana's personality and how she often interacted with that friend.

      Now you can see why I got so angry at the comments I received, especially on "schoolgirl's Spanking". When these clueless spanking wannabes made disparaging remarks about the 'schoolgirl', they were attacking my Ana......and provoking a wrath they were lucky was separated from them by an ocean.

      The picture today is not a favorite. The presence of the other "cherub" is also weird to me.

      (Nice having you around again!)

  3. Before meeting me. Shilo was a self-spanker. I imagine he felt that same thrill you described in your story. A match made in hell.

    1. I have always wanted to do a story about self-spanking, but so far I have only mentioned the practice in a very brief sement in "Montage"..... which is another favorite of mine since it experimented with form and explored several themes that were not all happy.

      You two seem perfectly matched.

    2. Crimson Kid (C.K.)February 9, 2017 at 8:49 PM

      Well, I'd say that "Best-Made Plans" starts out within an indirect (mechanical) self-spanking situation which has backfired on its perpetrator.

      In that sense, there was a bit of slightly more direct (mechanical but fully under the participant's control) self-spanking near the end of "Milgram 2016" as well, wasn't there...?? --C.K.

    3. Good catch, C.K. "Best Laid Plans" does indeed begin with a self-directed spanking in a commercial spanking machine.

      No self-spanking in "Milgram" though. All were delivered via someone else's finger on the button.

      (hmmm never even thought of "Best Laid Plans". I'm impressed with your memory. )

    4. Well, I 'misremembered' about "Milgram 2016" though, the young woman who was mechanically spanked asked someone else to work the spanking machine for her (it was the female protagonist who later had a remote control for it), although it was clearly at her direct request.

      I'm also not remembering exact story titles too well, it appears.

      Back to the subject of "Schoolgirl's Spanking," I read the Library of Spanking Fiction comments on it again, and I'm figuring that some of the critical commentary was partially caused by the title misleading readers, which I'm suspicious was intentional; some of them undoubtedly expected to read about a pretty teenager in a Catholic schoolgirl uniform being thrashed on her bare bottom by a middle-aged headmaster, and thus were a bit disappointed that it was actually an F/M domestic story (although I certainly wasn't).

      Any condemnation of the rather manipulative teenage daughter's behavior, including suggestions that she should've been spanked herself (by either her mother or the woman's boyfriend) were aimed at a fictional character, after all--even though she was loosely based on a RL individual whom you're close to (Ana), none of the commenting readers would've known that.

      However, I approved of the story's 'disciplinary dynamic' myself, since not all members of that household should've necessarily been treated the same by its head, who of course was the mother, plus all of them (even the spanked boyfriend) accepted the arrangement based on her authority. I thought the daughter acted like a typical teenage girl, she was a bit spiteful only after the boyfriend had refused to accept her initially playful teasing (about his moderate first spanking) and transparently lied to her. (Just because she wasn't corporally corrected herself didn't mean that she couldn't recognize the obvious sounds of a spanking being administered in the adjoining room.)

      There's somewhat of a parallel to this story and a RL account which you posted about here, the one involving the "Apples to Apples" card game, I believe. In that case, Ana (along with her boyfriend) provoked you by not playing the game as it was apparently intended to be played, then your response--doing the same although more blatantly to challenge her "cheating" (at least in spirit)--escalated the situation to the point of ruining the game's enjoyment for everyone involved, including her mother.

      Just as in "Schoolgirl's Spanking," only the mother's boyfriend (yourself) ended up getting his butt paddled by her, quite extensively I recall, in fact even getting some extra swats specifically for upsetting her daughter--who afterward expressed gratification at the fairly severe punishment which had been meted out to him (you).

      "Precisely equal treatment of different individuals isn't necessarily the most appropriate or effective way to deal with them..." --C.K.

    5. It seems you are proving Ana's comment here. I am an open book......for anyone who knows what shelf to look on.

      Your speculations are accurate. I fully intended the "Schoolgirl's Spanking" title to be misleading. However, while I may 'intellectually' accept the 'fictional character' excuse, emotionally I would still wish to punch those commenters. (I don't even hang out at the LSF anymore. I only go to check out if there are any new comments on my stories that I wish to respond to. Frankly? I have tried, but the place annoys me more often than it amuses.

      The Apples to Apples parallel is spot-on. And it is the sum total of similar real life situations that have inspired many of my stories. It is that and the fiction I've written based ENTIRELY on real events that is another reason I'm sort done with the LSF. There simply are not enough people there who get my stories, because to really appreciate them, you have to have at least a toe or two IN the lifestyle. I get that many write as a coping mechanism for being 'spankless' and others read for that reason as well..........and that's fine, but that's not who I'm writing for. And my feedback has illustrated that distinction over and over again. The people who like my work the most are those who recognize 'truths' in it from their own experience. Those without any real world experience comprise the mass of hot-and-bothered who made "50 Shades" a bestseller and they miss the significance of the descriptions and dialog that express the realities of living a DD or even just a BDSM lifestyle.

      You are a great example of someone whose experience is different than mine, but who possesses enough firsthand knowledge to catch on the phrases and moments that drive my stories. You invariably quote those passages, making me feel like I did not fail in my intent as a writer. Others have caught certain lines and descriptions as well. Those are the people who encourage me to continue writing.

      (taking my blood pressure medication now.) ;-)

  4. NJ huh? My ex girlfriend, now living in Manalapan, posted on Facebook a picture of her snow covered front yard and street.
    Something I've never seen in my 43 years in So Cal.
    (I did see it, living in Colorado and Oklahoma, though)

    1. I'm not far from Manalapan. And outside there's now frozen snow on everything.