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Monday, February 13, 2017

The Internet

I had a nice exchange with Mitch from "All Things Spanking" (linked in the margin to the right) concerning a quote/caption he posted on his blog. Go take a look, it's quite an amusing thought, BUT if you have a hard time believing Freud would ever say something like that, you aren't wrong. He didn't. Here's another I found that is just priceless:

(I can only HOPE this was done intentionally to spoof the very thing I'm discussing. If not? I'm not sure what penalty should befall its creator. )

While I can't fault well-meaning bloggers for not being able to verify the accuracy of everything they post, I can (and do) blame the people out there MAKING these things. In a couple of days (after Valentine's day) I will be posting my thoughts on those people out there who create false information or who steal or alter things that aren't theirs.

But, in the meantime, here's our penultimate Cupid of 2017:
("Horsed" and switched! The 'blindfolded Cupid' is another theme seen in artwork as a symbolic depiction of the notion that "love is blind". Of course here it just looks a bit kinky. But maybe it's best he doesn't see that switch-bundle coming, because I think this particular Cupid is in for a rough time.)


  1. Probably should wait until I read your post on the subject, but it is always interesting to me the way the internet has impacted people's view of what is and is not "their" stuff. A year or so ago, I posted a drawing from a well-known spanking artist. But, in this case, someone had altered it so it had some spanking-related caption. Well, I get a nasty email not from the artist, but from the guy who scrawled some inane phrase on top of the artist's drawing, complaining that I had posted "his" work without permission. I wrote a fairly long and nasty response explaining that the guy who scrawls "Fuck You" with on bridge with a can of spray paint doesn't come to own the bridge. On the other hand, you have people who really do create something, but lose control (not ownership, but control for sure) of it, because it is virtually impossible to control distribution of visual content on the internet. Interestingly, it has always been assumed that we must have copyright laws because without the ability to financially profit from limiting distribution of the work, no one would create. That seems to be a pretty questionable economic assumption, given the explosion of creative works that people put out there on the internet for free.

    And, even if people get the quotes wrong (intentionally or accidentally), it's amusing -- for the exact same reason that postings asking for donations to the victims of the Bowling Green massacre are amusing.

    1. That bridge analogy is freakin' PRICELESS!

      While I suppose copyright is intended as an economic protection, I am more offended by seeing something I drew with the original dialog replaced by something else. Or redrawn in a style that negates the impact of my dialog....but otherwise copies the set-up and wording. I've had both happen and even had one asshole assert that the copy that missed the whole point of the cartoon, was "better" because the female was now a stereotypical Dominatrix with torpedo breasts and hourglass figure. It would be like someone taking "To Kill a Mockingbird" and changing 'Boo Radley' to 'Bob Wrigley' because they think it sounds better.

      And getting a quote wrong might be accidental, but intentionally crediting someone else for another's wit is less forgivable.

      But you'll see what I have in mind in a couple of days.

  2. Replies
    1. Well perhaps they were going for the Triple Crown of stupidity?

  3. That's a pretty bizarre meme, if it was done intentionally I can't figure out what its point is.

    However, this is an intriguing Venus-spanks-Cupid drawing, because he's blindfolded and is about to get a pretty serious switching with that birch bundle, not a playful spanking with his mother's smacking palm.

    That moment of first stinging, burning impact figures to really 'blindside' the naughty godling; whatever he did to earn this maternal ass-thrashing, he'll soon be regretting it! --C.K.

    1. In all honesty, if you put a gun to my head and asked, I would have to say my gut instinct is that THIS particular image was made intentionally to spoof the huge number of incorrectly attributed, misspelled, grammatically mangled, and just plain stupid "quote memes" out there on the 'net.

      But I could be wrong.

      And I agree this Cupid is in for a rough afternoon.