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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

You could go with flowers....

Many just stick with candy......

And if you have the money, jewelry is always nice..............
But if you REALLY want to show your love, remember............
(I've always loved this image! The message is great, but I also think the model's expression, pose, and attire sell an entire attitude of commingled innocence AND naughtiness!)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Rosa and I are going to have a nice rare duck dinner at home later (I like to cook) and I've already given her a modest gift of a multi-pot planter with each pot filled with little treats she likes. She loved it!

And we also get to end our run of Cupids with this final pair:

( "Roses again!? But I've still got thorns in my butt from last time!")

And after all of these daily spankings, I think even a naughty boy deserves some forgiveness and love:
Awwww. There's a scene that's doubly tender!


  1. Say what you will, but for this male, naked over my wife lap for a sound spanking tells me she loves me.

    1. "but for this male"

      And which male would that be? Is signing a fake name so difficult?

    2. jake, forgot, sorry,

    3. You're forgiven, jake. I think we all thought you were someone else who chronically leaves out their name after being reminded over and over.

      Is this your first time posting? Welcome.

      Also, I do have to say I agree with what you said. While it may not seem like it to the vanilla world, discipline is definitely an expression of love within a caring DD relationship.

    4. Jake, my wife is not intending to hurt me, she is giving me a spanking to teach me and remind me. I feel very little over her lap and much more so facing the wall. Women know how to spank and insure you remember.

    5. Well, some women do. Not all.

  2. Replies
    1. I amended my text above to reflect the importance of following the 2 simple rules for commenting here. Two fucking rules!

      I also really resent having to resort to a text color change to RED (which does not really 'go' with my intended color scheme here) to get people's attention. And to express "rules" which are fucking no-brainers to begin with! Sign a name? Duh! Didn't people learn that in Kindergarten? Or Pre-school?

    2. I think it was second grade. Maybe they deserve to be put in a corner and ignored?

  3. Anyway, Happy Valentines day, and I hope you get what you want.

  4. I think Merry and I BOTH got what we wanted.

    1. Lucky devils. Rosa and I are waiting for our moment later this week.

      (The duck came out FANTASTIC though!)

    2. Shilo got what HE wanted. I'm still waiting on mine!

    3. Me too! I have an "IOU" for Saturday, so we'll see.

  5. Looking at the first Venus-spanks-Cupid artwork, Venus is holding the short rose stems (obviously covered with thorns) with her bare hand, while Cupid's chubby vulnerable behind seemingly is getting hit primarily with the flowers themselves, which shouldn't be hurting him much at all. This truly would be a spanking which "hurts me (the spanker) more than you (the spankee)," I'm figuring.

    The second post-punitive painting described as "DOUBLY tender," I'm guessing that means both emotionally (Venus being affectionate and comforting) and physically (Cupid's bottom feeling sore and sensitive).

    "GOOD BOYFRIENDS EAT ASS," I certainly agree with that sentiment, although with my darling wife it only went so far as me kneeling behind her and gently kissing her nude derriere yesterday, then getting a different type of "smacking" from her on my own exposed and soundly paddled posterior.

    Roses (albeit not as a godly spanking implement), a flowery card and dinner out at a steakhouse appealed to her basic 'vanilla' orientation, but then again she's worth it... --C.K.

    1. Your Valentine's day sounds very nice!

      .....but I think you got the best 'end' of the deal. ;-)