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Friday, March 31, 2017


I came across these in my travels and just had to share:

( On the set of  "It's Your First Orgy, Charlie Brown", which was never released due to squabbles among the cast. )

( Be honest, didn't every single one us wish this would have happened at some point? )

( And who didn't see this coming?)

None of these images are really shocking to me because as a kid I was always prone to imagining stuff like this as I watched these cartoons and read the comics. I mean after Lucy yanked that football away from Charlie Brown for like the 100th time it just stopped being funny and cried out for retribution. 

And I can't be the only person who read a LOT into Marcie's insistent use of "Sir" when addressing Peppermint Patty? I was constantly imagining what went on with the two of them 'off-camera' and a lot of it  ended with Marcie over Patty's lap!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My new Tumblr

Normally I try to not post twice in one day, but the weather prevented me from doing anything outside today and since tomorrow is supposed to be great, I figured I'd put up tomorrow's post tonight so I can just down my morning coffee and dive right into the garden.

If you look over in the right margin you'll see a new link under the one for my main website for a Tumblr entitled "Caption Hell". Regulars here know I hate:

1: inane captions 
2: regular photos altered to appear kinky

"Caption Hell" is a loose collection of images gleaned from the Internet that I have found to have been misleadingly altered, or captioned in a way that just irks me. There I will post the offending image and offer my own caption rebuttal. Or in the case of Photo-shopped kinkiness, I will post the misleading image and then follow it with the original.

And to 'cut the ribbon' on the new Tumblr, I am offering an uncaptioned image I found so that you readers can offer your best quips:

(this is just BEGGING for a caption, so let 'em fly!)

Let's show the world what the clever 'Round Tablers' here can come up with! (And by all means, go check out "Caption Hell".)

A welcome addition and a name change!

Yesterday evening, while watching an old episode of MST3K, my cell phone rang, and to my surprise it was our dear friend, who I used to refer to as Angela! (To learn more about her, you can read the posts: "Skinny-dipping", "Spanked by Committee", "Committee ...continued", and "Round 2: Nickki". She is also 'fictionally-featured' in my story, "Milgram 2016".) 

Her first words were a playful admonishment of my decision to use 'Angela' as her pseudonym "Angela?, Angela???".....though she later admitted she was OK with it. However, today she asked to be known as "Nickki" and I am happy to oblige. Of course, that bit of teasing meant she had been reading this blog! I have been trying to get her to do so for a while now, and thought she'd enjoy it, but it never seemed to happen.......until last night. So now, 'Angela'/'Nickki' has us bookmarked, both here and at the main website, and can take her time checking out all that there is to be found.

Unfortunately, she informed me that despite her attempt to leave a comment on the "Ana and the Beast" post, she seemed to be having technical issues with Google's 'sign-up'. Nickki and Ana are long time friends and I hope Nickki can work out those bugs so she can freely comment. Her participation here would be SO welcome!

We talked for a bit with me pointing her in various directions with recommendations for stories she might enjoy and told her about how the cartooning started with me working for "Adam & Gillian" back in the 90's. Eventually she admitted she needed to get to bed so she'd be fit for work today and we said our 'goodnights'. I went to bed so happy that Nickki finally made it here! I'm hoping she returns as a true 'regular' so her charm and wit can be enjoyed by all. 

Of course, the whole episode also got me to thinking about how to finally get Jean on board so that Nickki can feel free to use the authority Rosa has given her to spank me?  Jean is great. And she's no shy little wall-flower. But she somehow keeps connecting spanking......even if it's just play, or even a real punishment, with something inherently sexual.  Granted some spankings can be EXTREMELY sexual, but spanking itself (as you readers well know) is a very varied act depending on who is doing it and why. 

Ironically, Jean loves to flirt openly with Rosa and Rosa LOVES to flirt back! Some of the shenanigans those two get into after a couple of drinks would make an onlooker blush......but because Nickki and I know that it's all in fun, we don't get jealous. I guess there's a part of me that's a little confused as to why Jean doesn't trust that if Nickki puts me across her lap and starts whacking away, we aren't going to end up in bed together either. I've talked to Rosa about this and she says that she is very confident that this will all work out. Rosa even speculated on how much fun it would be to have me wearing one of my lacy, thong-backed, pouch panties after Nickki thoroughly roasts my butt, so I could serve everyone drinks with my red hot bottom on display. Rosa has ENORMOUS influence with Jean, so I believe her. I just hope we can get past this because I think life is too short to miss out on little adventures that can liven things up.

(As much as I would like this to be my fate one day, there is a very real part of me that harbors a genuine but healthy apprehension over getting spanked by Nickki.  There is just something about her that makes me think that while she is way too caring and responsible to seriously hurt me, she seems mischievous and eager enough to not go lightly either.) 

Monday, March 27, 2017


Even if the label says "One Size Fits All"......... isn't always true.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ana and the Beast

( Or Ana and the Beast? )

This weekend Ana saw "Beauty and the Beast" with her boyfriend (poor guy actually had to sit through such torture), and it must have influenced part of her thinking. After we dropped her back off at college today, I texted her to see what her thoughts were about the things discussed and at that time she told me that before she left, she placed a signed discipline slip on her Mom's dresser and told her about it.

Anyway, once informed about the slip (which I was almost certain she had forgotten) I went to check it out. On it she wrote "For assuming attitude instead of asking."  and assigned 666 spanks as punishment. I was a little surprised at the number and asked why she chose it. Ana texted back: "I chose 666 because you were evil and I was just a little angelic victim."

Now, if you know Ana, the one thing you would never accuse her of is being angelic. In fact a few years back I did this cartoon for her which shows her true nature:

(I don't call Ana  "my little monster" for NOTHING!)

So if anything, "666" is more her mark than mine.......but...... she is right about my behavior and she has the authority to impose the quantity of spanks she feels appropriate to set things right, so 666 it will be. Although, given my recent posts, and her ability to slide effortlessly between the serious and mischievous, I don't think I'm wrong in thinking the number is her way of settling the real incident that happened between us in a way that will also more than thoroughly sate my current need for a 'reset' of sorts.

It will be interesting to see how Rosa proceeds with all this. And of course, I will keep you all informed.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Still moody

(  I saw this drawing and thought that someone had done a portrait of my "Inner Child".)

I had intentionally held off on posting in the interest of not belaboring the points made in the prior post. But I just was sitting here feeling all antsy and wanting to write something for today. I'm thinking a post might be therapeutic. An outlet.

The more I think about everything the more I feel like I'm just meandering further off course. (An old D/s friend from the past used to refer to it in an equestrian allusion of an unsupervised horse going off the path and 'wandering into the weeds'. ) I am that horse. And I'm a good horse! Handle me correctly and I'll win races for you. But if neglected, off into those weeds I go. And I don't even like those weeds. I'd rather be on the track winning another race...............but I can't do that without a jockey. The control of the reins and those occasional strikes of the crop are necessary parts of the equation.

One of the recurring themes I've heard endlessly discussed among real-life DD couples of all gender roles is that of needing discipline and being emotionally unable to just come out and say so. And while I can usually muster the nerve to simply be blunt, there are those times I fall into the same situation as my fellow subs and just feel like "asking" would only make me angry, sad, resentful, and therefore be totally counterproductive. This is one of those times.

But I'm not going to ask! I've done enough things, both inadvertently and even (yes) INTENTIONALLY, to prompt a reaction, but no 'clue' has worked......and I'm done. Now I'm just going to brood, and pout, and sulk until everyone becomes sick of my face!

Dan has talked about the need for leaders to lead many times and I've always supported him on this. It is not always easy to submit and obey, but you know what? It's even harder when you don't feel like it matters. I was a manager for many years AND a parent.....and I know you can't just lean back on your authority as a crutch and assume everyone is going to happily do what you want just because you are the boss. All of management is about motivation, using many means, but mostly perks and penalties. DD is exactly the same. Right now I'm feeling pretty 'perk-less' and 'penalty-less'. As a result, I feel like doing..................nothing. 

I went feverishly from project to project lately and I'm burnt out. And for the last two days I've done very little. Tomorrow, I am going to start fresh and take care of some things......because they need to be done. But I'm not going to be happy about it.....or perky, or upbeat. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Projects and DD

I fit the second section into the bottom window this morning!

As you know from a previous post, I've been working on this window project for the last few weeks and it is finally done. I am pretty pleased with the results......but I also know where the mistakes are. I enjoy glass work, but I do not consider myself a pro at it. Just Google to see what some people do! Some of it can make you cry.

The thing about a glass window though, is that the very charm of the light and color makes up for a lot of the imperfections......unless you are really looking for them.

DD can be like that.

I feel like my two "honeys," who have the power to decree a punishment, have been very lenient with me over some outbursts of attitude lately, because in the midst of it all, I have been doing several major projects that have benefited them both. Ana passed me again for last week and Rosa has not punished me for anything since we ended the 2016/2017 marathon over a month ago.

But I also know I have not exactly been an angel.......more like a very productive, but impatient and irritable contractor. And on one hand I appreciate their balance and apparent 'mercy'.....but I also wonder if maybe a different approach would be better? Maybe instead of good and bad cancelling each other out, maybe issuing both an award and a punishment would send me a better message? ( for example: Rosa: "Honey, that window looks great, I think you have a treat coming......but you also snapped at me last night, so we do have some 'attitude adjustment'to take care of first." )

Depending on how its handled, I think I would not resent the punishment......but I think that's what Rosa (and maybe Ana too) are concerned about. And it is a legitimate concern. My feelings get hurt easily when I feel I'm trying hard to please and get called out for an impatient response. And I know the effort I put forth in trying to make things nice for my loved ones is high. BUT....deep down, I AM a DD-oriented person and those occasional trips over a lap DO help keep me balanced. So I don't know what the answer is.

For now, I am just going to see what happens. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

St. Patrick's follow-up

Well, everything went well......and I mean EVERYTHING! I hope you all had as good a time as we did. 

Just to share, here's what our table looked like before we sat down to dinner:

Undeniably "Irish" ..........without resorting to green plastic leprechauns or glittery shamrocks. To keep things simple, we blend old and new.....plain white dishes atop sliver chargers, all mixed with green Depression glass accents. The arrangement, alas, is not real but silk, and features green roses and white accent flowers.

Here is Marta's authentic Irish dessert of Blackberry 'soup' with custard. It is HEAVEN! The cordial glass is technically an antique Italian sherry glass with actual silver scrollwork (which I found at a thrift shop for $.75 each!)......but it looks Irish enough to fit in with the theme......and admirably holds a portion of Irish creme liqueur or 16-year-old Bushmill's single malt Irish whiskey. The pint glass (the one that has obviously been partially emptied, LOL) is holding a very nice Milk Stout out of Lancaster PA. ....much richer than the brown water they dump into Guinness bottles.

The potato/leek soup was a huge hit and surprisingly easy to make. And of course the corned beef prompted a lot of 'second-helpings'! I am sorry it had to end.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

(In this case they'd have to change the moons to pink, instead of the hearts.)

Rosa and I love St. Patrick's Day! In fact, we are suckers for "all things Irish"......even though neither of us is the least bit Irish. Maybe it's the appeal of rooting for the underdog? Anyway, we make a big deal out of the day......although you won't catch us in any corny hats or kitschy crap like that. So, because I will be busy Friday cooking for guests, I am posting now late Thursday night. 

In addition to the usual 'corned beef & cabbage' (which I make with stout .....NO, not Guiness!) I will be serving Potato & Leek soup, colcannon, and soda bread with seasoned soft butter. Marta is making an Irish dessert of custard and blackberries.....all atop a very green and white table! The beer refrigerator is stocked with various stouts, porters, and other sundry ales. There's also some Paddy for the strong o' heart.

We own various CDs of Irish music.....from traditional jigs and reels going back to the 1800's, through harp, dulcimer, and bagpipe music, all the way to the Pogues (and Flogging Molly, if my daughter brings it).

Later we will enjoy a few rounds of pool while "Boondock Saints" plays in the background. 

I love Irish movies. We started off the week with a re-watch of "Miller's Crossing".  But there are several gems that we rotate around watching. In my opinion, the top Irish movies are (not ranked):

"In the Name of the Father"
"The Wind that Shakes the Barley"
"Miller's Crossing"
"The Field"
"Straw Dogs"
"The Informer"
"The Departed"

There are also a lot of very fine movies, which are not perfect......but still a lot of fun to watch:

"Boondock Saints 1&2"
"Waking Ned Devine"
"The Crying Game"
parts of "Gangs of New York" (the parts with Daniel Day Lewis as 'Billy the Butcher')
parts of "The Quiet Man" (the parts with Barry Fitzgerald or Victor McLaglen)

And I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch more.....but enough for now. 

So enjoy the day! Be authentic. Be real. Or, if you really can't resist the urge to dye your hair green and don a giant floppy top hat or glittery shamrock antennas... least wear one of these (whichever pertains):



( It seems that the disciplinary Mother-in -Law is a popular notion.)

Regulars here know how much I detest non seXquiturs, and since any post on any topic seems to always attract a "Spanking Mother-in-Law" comment from someone, I figured my best alternative was simply to post about the topic itself. Now any M.I.L. comments will fit right in appropriately and allow all M.I.L. afficionados to get their comments out of their systems so we can move on to other topics. (Brilliant eh?)

I have to admit, I myself did harbor a "disciplinary M.I.L." wishful thought in my previous marriage. I even wrote a story about it, but I discarded it eventually as self-indulgent and trite, and not up to what I like to think of as my usual standard. And now? If you ever met Rosa's mother, you'd see that such a thought is absurdly inappropriate. 

To highlight this, I can tell of the time we were visiting Peru and staying with Rosa's Mom. Although we are pretty "out" with our DD, Rosa never felt comfortable discussing it openly with her mother. However, being a bit hopeful......or just trying to get me to blush.....she showed her mother this traditional Peruvian 3-thonged whip we picked up while souvenir shopping and told her she intended to use it on me if I was bad.

(Ours looks just like this, but since it is made from some sort of gut or rawhide, the tied ends are actually sharp and would cut a bare bottom to pieces. Once home, I  repeatedly dipped the ends in a clear epoxy polymer until they were utterly sealed  and smooth. Even still, though now usable (and stingy), it rarely sees action in favor of our other, more traditional tools of correction. We do both have a mini key-chain version on our key rings yet another 'sign' to the outside world of what we are all about.)

Rather than wink and approve, Rosa's Mom got all protective and said that "arguments should be settled with kisses and not hitting". She was very serious too. (It was really very sweet.) So you can see how there won't be any M.I.L. discipline going on here. And I'm cool with that. Disciplinarians need to have an 'edge' to be effective......and Rosa's Mom simply is too sweet and traditional to fall into that category.

As for the frequency of disciplinary M.I.L. comments here and at Dan's...and elsewhere, I wonder just how truly common this situation actually is? I'm sure it happens. Hell, ANYTHING can happen! I'm sure people think I'm making up some of what I write about concerning my own situation, and yet it is all true. So....who knows?  Maybe disciplinary wife-apples don't fall far from their mother-trees? I can't imagine it is rampant though.

(Although it is rampant within the professional Spanking Film Industry!)

And now......finally, and without fear of "Non seXquitur Reprisal," tell us your M.I.L. stories, and understand that after this, all comments need to pertain to the post they follow.....or risk deletion.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Truth be told, I am not in a particularly "DD" frame of mind. I have been absorbed in a stained glass project where I just recently completed and mounted one of what will ultimately be a two-window set:

This is the top half.

I am more than halfway through the second window, which will feature beer glasses in the reversed half of the two semi-circles (making the final design a complete circle each containing an alcohol-related still life). So my mind is absorbed in all this and even thinking ahead to two more unrelated projects to follow! So, 'sorry' to you horny little kinksters looking for titillation. Perhaps the mood will return soon.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Multiple what?

The question on my mind today is: which scenario resonates more with you?

Being the sole focus of multiple discplinarians ?

Or being one of several recipients of discipline from a sole disciplinarian?

In looking for images, I can say that the second scenario seems MUCH more popular with artists! These multiple-victim pictures outnumber multiple disciplinarian images by a huge margin. And yet, this situation does not have a lot of appeal for me.  The shared fate situation puts me on equal footing with several others in the same boat, dissipating my submission and making my own turn over the lap seem more normal

No, I much prefer the idea of being the sole 'submissive in disgrace' among others who will not share my fate but rather bring about a worse fate through their involvement. Being a solitary submissive emphasizes the embarrassing uniqueness of being an adult subject to spanking by others with authority over me.

What about you? (I suppose f you can't decide you can always go with this:)

Being among multiple recipients of discipline from multiple disciplinarians!
Though it just seems like a factory assembly line of spanking to me.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Today is:

International Women's Day! Support the a woman.....

.... each in your own special way, of course!

Monday, March 6, 2017


That's what I'm trying to do......though I don't always succeed. Ana gave me another passing grade this weekend and so I managed, yet again, to avoid getting one of these:

( This is one of our "Discipline Slips" you may remember me mentioning in past posts. It's a multi-page document I ordered from a school supply source online with a main white original and carbon copy pink and yellow slips attached.)

This is the same slip presented to Marta and Nickki for their 2016/2017 spanking recommendations. Ana is VERY familiar with them and has filled out many of these for me over the years. Once an offence has been listed and the recommended punishment added, she would sign her name and either give it to me to present to Rosa, or just personally place it on her Mom's dresser directly. Rosa would then 'sign off' as well and at some point, I would receive the punishment in the amount and severity decreed.

The interesting thing is that given this policy, these slips are not handed out frequently and actually are treated judiciously. (The one thing that is a bit ironic is that while the use of the slip is not overdone, when one IS used, the person submitting it [usually Ana] is never hesitant to list a pretty high number of spanks as punishment. So while getting a slip is almost rare, when I do get one, the spanking decreed is almost always SIGNIFICANT!) There were only a handful of times where these slips were used for more playful 'punishments' or 'penalties'.....but even those times were very mutually agreed to by all parties concerned, and every time Rosa supported and encouraged those involved to make their recommendations freely.

Anyway, another week has passed where I too have 'passed'. And while Ana has not yet decided to use a slip, I have found knowing that a weekly evaluation is coming to be a very real incentive to behave. It is also VERY HUMBLING to sit down on a Friday morning, or exchange thoughts through texts, with a family member who is exactly 1/3 my age but by virtue of maturity and natural dominance, has full authority to exercise her personal judgement in how she feels I've behaved. And while we always are able to discuss things, we both know she will have the final word since her mother will most likely side with her decisions.

Now, in all honesty, I have not been perfect by any means. I am VERY prone to impatience......but I also try to be very helpful to my family and even generous with things. I have also been very busy building things and doing projects that have made life here more pleasant. It seems that in viewing the weeks as whole periods of behavior has resulted in some of the good things I've done mitigating the few times I lost my temper or patience. However, I also think that Ana has been able to see more readily WHY I flip out at times. Being the one doing the review, she has become very fair in looking more at all sides before just jumping to the conclusion that it's all me and my impatience at fault......and I think it is her acknowledgement of that which has made me the most pleased with our new review policy.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Summer in a glass.

My lovely honey, Rosa,  (and Marta too) have a new favorite drink which is just like having an early Summer in liquid form:
( I don't know if it has a name, but I can't take credit for creating it. Rosa had one at a favorite restaurant and I managed to duplicate it at home with my own little twists. The restaurant did not give it a name as I recall.)

2 oz. Cucumber Vodka or Cucumber Lime Vodka
3 fresh basil leaves
fresh cucumber slice
lime juice (splash)
white cranberry juice (chilled)

Put vodka in a shaker with ice along with two basil leaves and a splash of lime juice. Shake vigorously! Now depending on your preference, you can leave the bits of ice-pulverized basil bits in or strain them out. Either way, pour the strained or unstrained liquid into a glass with ice. Add chilled white cranberry juice to fill the glass, stir well. Garnish with both a slice of cucumber and a whole, pristine basil leaf.....and serve!

If you are sick of Winter and want to pretend it's July.....try one of these! (Actually we can't wait for the real Summer to get here, because we've already decided to make a whole spigot jar full of this concoction.) I don't normally go for drinks like all's pretty damned tasty.