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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A welcome addition and a name change!

Yesterday evening, while watching an old episode of MST3K, my cell phone rang, and to my surprise it was our dear friend, who I used to refer to as Angela! (To learn more about her, you can read the posts: "Skinny-dipping", "Spanked by Committee", "Committee ...continued", and "Round 2: Nickki". She is also 'fictionally-featured' in my story, "Milgram 2016".) 

Her first words were a playful admonishment of my decision to use 'Angela' as her pseudonym "Angela?, Angela???".....though she later admitted she was OK with it. However, today she asked to be known as "Nickki" and I am happy to oblige. Of course, that bit of teasing meant she had been reading this blog! I have been trying to get her to do so for a while now, and thought she'd enjoy it, but it never seemed to happen.......until last night. So now, 'Angela'/'Nickki' has us bookmarked, both here and at the main website, and can take her time checking out all that there is to be found.

Unfortunately, she informed me that despite her attempt to leave a comment on the "Ana and the Beast" post, she seemed to be having technical issues with Google's 'sign-up'. Nickki and Ana are long time friends and I hope Nickki can work out those bugs so she can freely comment. Her participation here would be SO welcome!

We talked for a bit with me pointing her in various directions with recommendations for stories she might enjoy and told her about how the cartooning started with me working for "Adam & Gillian" back in the 90's. Eventually she admitted she needed to get to bed so she'd be fit for work today and we said our 'goodnights'. I went to bed so happy that Nickki finally made it here! I'm hoping she returns as a true 'regular' so her charm and wit can be enjoyed by all. 

Of course, the whole episode also got me to thinking about how to finally get Jean on board so that Nickki can feel free to use the authority Rosa has given her to spank me?  Jean is great. And she's no shy little wall-flower. But she somehow keeps connecting spanking......even if it's just play, or even a real punishment, with something inherently sexual.  Granted some spankings can be EXTREMELY sexual, but spanking itself (as you readers well know) is a very varied act depending on who is doing it and why. 

Ironically, Jean loves to flirt openly with Rosa and Rosa LOVES to flirt back! Some of the shenanigans those two get into after a couple of drinks would make an onlooker blush......but because Nickki and I know that it's all in fun, we don't get jealous. I guess there's a part of me that's a little confused as to why Jean doesn't trust that if Nickki puts me across her lap and starts whacking away, we aren't going to end up in bed together either. I've talked to Rosa about this and she says that she is very confident that this will all work out. Rosa even speculated on how much fun it would be to have me wearing one of my lacy, thong-backed, pouch panties after Nickki thoroughly roasts my butt, so I could serve everyone drinks with my red hot bottom on display. Rosa has ENORMOUS influence with Jean, so I believe her. I just hope we can get past this because I think life is too short to miss out on little adventures that can liven things up.

(As much as I would like this to be my fate one day, there is a very real part of me that harbors a genuine but healthy apprehension over getting spanked by Nickki.  There is just something about her that makes me think that while she is way too caring and responsible to seriously hurt me, she seems mischievous and eager enough to not go lightly either.) 


  1. I love your stories

    1. Thanks, Nickki! I am so glad you are here......and I will now try to change your name (if I can) on the earlier posts. From now on, I will refer to you as "Nickki".

    2. Success! I went back and was able to change all past references to you as "Angela" to "Nickki"! The only thing that will have to stay as "Angela" is the Milgram 2016 story. But if I write a short story based on you in the future, I will refer to your character as "Nickki".

  2. I am reading your stories from the start of the page and must say Marta and Sofia's story of coincidences has made me extremely jealous. I will personally make myself available for an afternoon of clam watching if Sofia is agreeable to this. There is nothing like an afternoon of tea and TOASTED butt. Your friend always me

    1. >tsk-tsk< What a brazen little voyeur you are!

      (If you're serious, I doubt you'd have any difficulty in turning fiction into reality. Rosa would probably love it.)