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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ana and the Beast

( Or Ana and the Beast? )

This weekend Ana saw "Beauty and the Beast" with her boyfriend (poor guy actually had to sit through such torture), and it must have influenced part of her thinking. After we dropped her back off at college today, I texted her to see what her thoughts were about the things discussed and at that time she told me that before she left, she placed a signed discipline slip on her Mom's dresser and told her about it.

Anyway, once informed about the slip (which I was almost certain she had forgotten) I went to check it out. On it she wrote "For assuming attitude instead of asking."  and assigned 666 spanks as punishment. I was a little surprised at the number and asked why she chose it. Ana texted back: "I chose 666 because you were evil and I was just a little angelic victim."

Now, if you know Ana, the one thing you would never accuse her of is being angelic. In fact a few years back I did this cartoon for her which shows her true nature:

(I don't call Ana  "my little monster" for NOTHING!)

So if anything, "666" is more her mark than mine.......but...... she is right about my behavior and she has the authority to impose the quantity of spanks she feels appropriate to set things right, so 666 it will be. Although, given my recent posts, and her ability to slide effortlessly between the serious and mischievous, I don't think I'm wrong in thinking the number is her way of settling the real incident that happened between us in a way that will also more than thoroughly sate my current need for a 'reset' of sorts.

It will be interesting to see how Rosa proceeds with all this. And of course, I will keep you all informed.


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    1. That was succinct.....but not unexpected. I has a feeling you (and probably everyone else) would approve.