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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

(In this case they'd have to change the moons to pink, instead of the hearts.)

Rosa and I love St. Patrick's Day! In fact, we are suckers for "all things Irish"......even though neither of us is the least bit Irish. Maybe it's the appeal of rooting for the underdog? Anyway, we make a big deal out of the day......although you won't catch us in any corny hats or kitschy crap like that. So, because I will be busy Friday cooking for guests, I am posting now late Thursday night. 

In addition to the usual 'corned beef & cabbage' (which I make with stout .....NO, not Guiness!) I will be serving Potato & Leek soup, colcannon, and soda bread with seasoned soft butter. Marta is making an Irish dessert of custard and blackberries.....all atop a very green and white table! The beer refrigerator is stocked with various stouts, porters, and other sundry ales. There's also some Paddy for the strong o' heart.

We own various CDs of Irish music.....from traditional jigs and reels going back to the 1800's, through harp, dulcimer, and bagpipe music, all the way to the Pogues (and Flogging Molly, if my daughter brings it).

Later we will enjoy a few rounds of pool while "Boondock Saints" plays in the background. 

I love Irish movies. We started off the week with a re-watch of "Miller's Crossing".  But there are several gems that we rotate around watching. In my opinion, the top Irish movies are (not ranked):

"In the Name of the Father"
"The Wind that Shakes the Barley"
"Miller's Crossing"
"The Field"
"Straw Dogs"
"The Informer"
"The Departed"

There are also a lot of very fine movies, which are not perfect......but still a lot of fun to watch:

"Boondock Saints 1&2"
"Waking Ned Devine"
"The Crying Game"
parts of "Gangs of New York" (the parts with Daniel Day Lewis as 'Billy the Butcher')
parts of "The Quiet Man" (the parts with Barry Fitzgerald or Victor McLaglen)

And I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch more.....but enough for now. 

So enjoy the day! Be authentic. Be real. Or, if you really can't resist the urge to dye your hair green and don a giant floppy top hat or glittery shamrock antennas... least wear one of these (whichever pertains):



  1. Replies
    1. Oddly enough I have not gotten to that one......but want to eventually.

      I also forgot "The Commitments "....which is odd because we just re-watched it a couple of days ago.

  2. I watched it in my early days of recovery from my accident. I saw about 80 movies in that first month by using the DVR.

    1. It came up n conversation yesterday, and Rosa and I are determined to view it when we can get the chance.

      Another movie that came up, that I forgot to list was "Far and Away".