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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My new Tumblr

Normally I try to not post twice in one day, but the weather prevented me from doing anything outside today and since tomorrow is supposed to be great, I figured I'd put up tomorrow's post tonight so I can just down my morning coffee and dive right into the garden.

If you look over in the right margin you'll see a new link under the one for my main website for a Tumblr entitled "Caption Hell". Regulars here know I hate:

1: inane captions 
2: regular photos altered to appear kinky

"Caption Hell" is a loose collection of images gleaned from the Internet that I have found to have been misleadingly altered, or captioned in a way that just irks me. There I will post the offending image and offer my own caption rebuttal. Or in the case of Photo-shopped kinkiness, I will post the misleading image and then follow it with the original.

And to 'cut the ribbon' on the new Tumblr, I am offering an uncaptioned image I found so that you readers can offer your best quips:

(this is just BEGGING for a caption, so let 'em fly!)

Let's show the world what the clever 'Round Tablers' here can come up with! (And by all means, go check out "Caption Hell".)


  1. Sorry but Wonder Woman doesn't like impostors and God gave you those glorious gluteal globes for one reason ...

    1. Not bad, "anonymous". I was thinking an 'impostor' comment was likely!

      And in the spirit of fun for which this contest was intended, I'm letting you slide on the rules.....this time.....but next time please add a fake name to your post so we know who you are in relation to all the other anonymous posts we get. "No names" get deleted. Thanks....and welcome!

    2. oops sorry, it's your friend Rosco

    3. No problem, Rosco.

      ( Unless you're itching for a spanking? In which case I could send you to Merry? ;-) )

    4. You never know when your services might be needed.

      But as long as you're here.......tell me what you think of my Tumblr.

  2. Dr. Jung, I had the most unusual dream last night.

  3. Crimson Kid (C.K.)April 3, 2017 at 12:28 PM

    "If you were wondering what a wonderous paddling would feel like from the real Wonder Woman, I'm sure certain that it's wonderful for you, Miss Wonderbuns!"

    "That was the rule for this cosplay contest, that the winner gets to spank all the other entrants, so don't be a sore loser!"