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Friday, March 31, 2017


I came across these in my travels and just had to share:

( On the set of  "It's Your First Orgy, Charlie Brown", which was never released due to squabbles among the cast. )

( Be honest, didn't every single one us wish this would have happened at some point? )

( And who didn't see this coming?)

None of these images are really shocking to me because as a kid I was always prone to imagining stuff like this as I watched these cartoons and read the comics. I mean after Lucy yanked that football away from Charlie Brown for like the 100th time it just stopped being funny and cried out for retribution. 

And I can't be the only person who read a LOT into Marcie's insistent use of "Sir" when addressing Peppermint Patty? I was constantly imagining what went on with the two of them 'off-camera' and a lot of it  ended with Marcie over Patty's lap!


  1. Linus spanking his big sister Lucy is very appropriate

    1. I agree, but when I first showed that image to Ana ( who is a huge Snoopy/Peanuts fan) she said that she felt Lucy comes across as a Top. And I think initially and superficially she does......but I think she might well be one of those aggressive personalities that deep down are looking to be taken in hand.

      And Linus as a Top to me represents what is the best and most appealing in male dominance. Gentle but firm, logical and thoughtful mentoring.

    2. I see Lucy as a Sadist that has gotten out of hand. That spanking is deserved. Linus would be a great Daddy-Dom.

  2. Replies
    1. Welcome, Ramya. I love your name! ( 'Ramya Reddy' It sounds like a porn star "ready to be rammed".)

      While I usually delete posts that have nothing to do with the topic, I found yours enlightening enough to retain. I mean really..."escorts n Bangalore"? Who would have thought?

      And there seem to be so many!!! I guess they're more popular than I thought, but maybe it's sort of like eating kimchi.........once you get past the smell, it's really not bad at all.

      And I suppose that even if the regular escorts are less-than-appetizing to anyone without a head cold....or could always try the "high end" escorts listed. (I'm guessing these are the ones who still have a nearly full set of teeth and all of their limbs?)

      And I'm so glad the escort service is so varied that even "High profile" and "Celebrity" escorts are offered. I could never imagine such a thing here in the U.S. ( I mean can you imagine ringing up a 'celebrity escort' from some Manhattan hotel room and have Meryl Streep show up?) but then again, I doubt your Bollywood stars earn the salaries that our Hollywood folks get. So it probably doesn't hurt to supplement those incomes with a little escort action on the side? I mean people have to eat right? (Well at least the wealthy, it doesn't seem to be too important to anyone there that your poor get fed.)

      But probably the most surprising thing of all was the existence of "Independent" escorts in Bangalore. In a land where women have fewer rights than a goat, I am amazed that a woman can operate freely as an escort without a man to supervise her. (And by 'supervise' I guess I mean 'threaten with beatings or immolation if a certain client quota is not achieved'.)

      Anyway, all-in-all your unsolicited soliciting was educational and entertaining. Please feel free to post again if you manage to branch out into other areas that are as equally amusing.

    2. You're leaving it up???

      I do like your response though...

    3. I'm leaving it up so my response has context. And I'm glad you liked what I wrote.....even if this was the 'toned-down' version.

    4. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. One day, I would enjoy seeing your less than polite answer, but only if you don't get penalized for it.

    5. Thanks. Now let's see if this happens again. If so, you might just see another level of derision.