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Saturday, March 18, 2017

St. Patrick's follow-up

Well, everything went well......and I mean EVERYTHING! I hope you all had as good a time as we did. 

Just to share, here's what our table looked like before we sat down to dinner:

Undeniably "Irish" ..........without resorting to green plastic leprechauns or glittery shamrocks. To keep things simple, we blend old and new.....plain white dishes atop sliver chargers, all mixed with green Depression glass accents. The arrangement, alas, is not real but silk, and features green roses and white accent flowers.

Here is Marta's authentic Irish dessert of Blackberry 'soup' with custard. It is HEAVEN! The cordial glass is technically an antique Italian sherry glass with actual silver scrollwork (which I found at a thrift shop for $.75 each!)......but it looks Irish enough to fit in with the theme......and admirably holds a portion of Irish creme liqueur or 16-year-old Bushmill's single malt Irish whiskey. The pint glass (the one that has obviously been partially emptied, LOL) is holding a very nice Milk Stout out of Lancaster PA. ....much richer than the brown water they dump into Guinness bottles.

The potato/leek soup was a huge hit and surprisingly easy to make. And of course the corned beef prompted a lot of 'second-helpings'! I am sorry it had to end.