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Friday, March 3, 2017

Summer in a glass.

My lovely honey, Rosa,  (and Marta too) have a new favorite drink which is just like having an early Summer in liquid form:
( I don't know if it has a name, but I can't take credit for creating it. Rosa had one at a favorite restaurant and I managed to duplicate it at home with my own little twists. The restaurant did not give it a name as I recall.)

2 oz. Cucumber Vodka or Cucumber Lime Vodka
3 fresh basil leaves
fresh cucumber slice
lime juice (splash)
white cranberry juice (chilled)

Put vodka in a shaker with ice along with two basil leaves and a splash of lime juice. Shake vigorously! Now depending on your preference, you can leave the bits of ice-pulverized basil bits in or strain them out. Either way, pour the strained or unstrained liquid into a glass with ice. Add chilled white cranberry juice to fill the glass, stir well. Garnish with both a slice of cucumber and a whole, pristine basil leaf.....and serve!

If you are sick of Winter and want to pretend it's July.....try one of these! (Actually we can't wait for the real Summer to get here, because we've already decided to make a whole spigot jar full of this concoction.) I don't normally go for drinks like all's pretty damned tasty.

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