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Saturday, April 8, 2017

10 of My Favorite Things!

I spent part of this morning working on my Honey's feet. She loves any sort of attention directed at her "mushrooms", particularly what she calls "diggin' in".......which is using a cuticle stick to clean all around the nail. The end result is a picture-perfect toenail, that when trimmed and buffed needs no polish to look its happy, pink best!

I still remember the first time I saw Rosa's feet after I removed her sneakers in my car following a trek in a local park. As cute as they were then, after several years of nearly weekly grooming they least to 10 perfect pink cuties. She thinks her feet are not dainty enough to be "beautiful".....but maybe I'm just prejudiced in her favor. To me they are adorable!

One of our common 'rituals' on a weekend morning is me snuggling up to her feet while she drinks the coffee I make for her as she reads through her electronic news and messages. It's a 'little thing' but can be so relaxing and bonding for both of us....while still accentuating our roles. And 'yes' I spent some time doing just that this morning as well.......among other things.

(This is an actual shot from my phone taken this morning after a post pedicure massage.)

( Here's another. Just look how immaculate each nail is! I did a trim this morning, but after a couple of days growth Rosa's nails look like they were painted in a French manicure/pedicure style....with a crescent of even white atop a healthy pink nail. And as adorable as they look here, they are even cuter in person.)


  1. I told Rosa, and she said "Thank you!"

    I say 'thank you' as well. ( A lot of work went into those tootsies over the past years! And those cuticle sticks make a huge difference....I even found a metal one which is an awesome tool.)