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Monday, April 10, 2017

Apples, Trees, & Mushrooms

In my last post I talked about Rosa's beautiful feet and the amount of attention they receive, but the high level of focus on foot care here is not limited to her alone. This is a very "mushroom-oriented" household............."mushrooms" being our own, very unique, inside joke-term for 'toes'. Ana, ( who is living proof of the adage: "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.")............. is also the recipient of regular foot care and has been for almost as long as Rosa.

When we all came together as a family and Rosa and I decided to live our lifestyle openly, Ana, who expressed an early curiosity and interest, was slowly and carefully given different 'privileges' as the 'Junior Boss'. And one of these was free access to a pedicure and foot rub. In fact, on my two posted sets of Rules of Behavior for each of my "Honeys", besides being shown proper respect and patience, and having the ability to impose punishment if needed, the only other "common ground" rule between Rosa and Ana is the guarantee of regular foot pampering.

Ana always seemed to enjoy the attention, even when she was more of a wise-cracking tomboy than the studious ( but still wise-cracking ) young lady she is now. She once told me that she used to occasionally rub her Grandmother's feet back in Peru and felt like the attention she was getting from me now was 'her turn' to enjoy a good massage. Back then, because she was a bit of a tomboy who was never girlie or vain about fashion or make-up, I used to tease her about her 'mushrooms' being 'monkey toes' and needing immediate attention to groom them into cute, human toes, more appropriate for the young lady she was growing into.

Another funny routine that resulted from all of this was an occasional, though on-going, Mother/Daughter mock rivalry. Depending on who was getting pampered, depending on the situation or mood, the current recipient would inform the other that they were currently the focus of attention in order to gloat good-naturedly over the other. For a while, Ana seemed to particularly enjoy letting her Mother know when she was in the middle of getting a pedicure, and Rosa would playfully overreact feigning jealousy.

Now Ana and I have a weekly 'us-time' each Friday morning (barring some change in plans) where we do our weekly behavior review, talk about whatever serious, funny, or personal issues that are of interest....... all while I attend to her feet, you can see from this recent, post-pedicure photo.....

......are definitely no longer "monkey toes"! In fact, besides being just like her Mom in enjoying a good foot-pampering session, she also inherited whatever genes result in having cute little pink 'mushrooms'. Truly, in so many ways......the apple REALLY doesn't fall far from the tree! 


  1. Replies
    1. I'm thinking Ana might be flattered by that......but she visits occasionally (in between studying) so I'll let her speak for herself. ;-)

    2. My favorite part of this would probably be the teasing I do to mother because she gets jealous and she's usually at work and she can't do much besides tease us playfully through texts! It is in the mornings too so she won't b me home for hours! Her puppy and sad faces she makes is to die for! Also you can't tease me anymore because even when you don't do them, they look good! Haha

    3. Well that's true......but they didn't get that way by magic or by themselves.😏

      And I get why the teasing appeals to you. Though it does prove you are a little 👹.