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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bali Hai/Kali O

A few days ago Rosa and I indulged in a bit of torturous "fun" featuring a little piece of BDSM equipment called a "Kali's Teeth Bracelet".

(This is a typical commercially-available model made of steel. Ours looks almost exactly the same but is a homemade version constructed of PVC and as such the 'spikes' are a bit  pointier.)

For those unfamiliar, this is how it is worn:

(Not me, but you get the idea. The  larger idea being that the KTB is barely noticeable when flaccid......but increasingly uncomfortable should any growth towards erection occur. The pain usually causes the erection to either hurt mightily or retreat.)

The game we played was simplicity itself. Since I had not had a release in weeks, I asked Rosa if I could be allowed a nice session focused on her delicious bottom and offered two possible ways to conduct it:

1: Be locked in my CB with no ability to get any stimulation to my privates and NOT be allowed an O. Or......

2: Be confined in our KTB ( which Rosa calls our 'Spiked Tube' ) and be technically allowed an O.....if I felt brave enough or even able enough to achieve one while wearing the spikes. This option also would allow her to tease me with her feet.

She chose #2. Initially the session was a see-saw of pleasure and sting as I got excited with my 'treat' only to feel the sharp reminder of what I was wearing. Rosa who was now enjoying my plight, began to further my frustration by fondling the exposed end of my penis with her dexterous toes! OUCH!

Rosa doesn't smoke......but this Namio Harukawa illustration is freakishly accurate otherwise!

This went on for a bit as Rosa just relaxed.......but eventually the 'game' got her excited enough that she was approaching an orgasm of her own! I naturally sensed her desire for one and did my best to help her achieve it......which she did. But now this O-giving activity got me even crazier than I was before and I began to feel like my encased organ was getting a bit used to the cycle of sharp pokes. Had Rosa not had her "O" I probably would have just gone to bed O-less after satisfying myself with her bottom................but now I wanted one! Even if it meant feeling the bite of those points!

I re-focused and concentrated on both my oral servitude and the mounting build-up in my groin, until I reached a point of no return and achieved a release. However, the spikes .....while somehow not as bad as I remember them from the very few times I had an O like this......still 'ruined' the O. So there was a bit of release......and an ejaculation accompanied by the spikes.....but not a truly satisfying one. And yet......I was glad to have had the semi-release after the long time without anything.

The thing is, I am now probably even hornier than I was before the ruined O! 


  1. Those teeth look horribly uncomfortable, but every time I see them, my mind wanders.

    1. They can be barely felt if totally's only as things swell that their bite intensifies. Rosa seems to enjoy knowing she is the 'cause' for the pain. If theidea appeals, why not try one?

    2. Ah, I see. Well no one is into EVERYTHING.....not even me!