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Friday, April 28, 2017

Embarrassed now?

So yesterday Rosa, Marta, and I all went to one of our favorite thrift stores to look for some retro clothes for a 70's party we are going to. Wally (Marta's husband) was at an adult class and was not in attendance........(though we found him a shirt anyway.)

As we pulled into the lot, knowing how much I love 'treasure hunting' in that particular store, Rosa said to me, "now don't go crazy buying stuff in there."

The remark sort of hit me the wrong way even though it wasn't said nastily, since even though I love to hunt for cool stuff, I am also pretty frugal on my own, and I responded by saying, "Honey, come on. Do you really have to embarrass me like that in front of Marta?"

Rosa just laughed at my objection and said, "really, Honey? How about if I put it this way in front of Marta instead: 'if you start buying too much, I'm going to spank your ass when we get home' ? Is that less embarrassing for you?"

Marta just laughed out loud and observed, "there you go, (KDP). You sort of asked for that!"
Well, even though we did get more than the retro clothes, Rosa had no problem with the stuff I found, so the above little scene DID NOT HAPPEN! would have definitely been interesting if it did!


  1. When it comes to spankings, mine is being spanked in public. It is the strongest desire I have, my wife has threatened, come close, but have not crossed the line, yet.

    1. Please refer to the rules for commenting or risk having your next entry deleted. Without a name attached somewhere, we have no idea who we are talking to. Thanks.

  2. Wanting to be spanked in public and having it happened, well my husband found out I was not joking. His public spanking occurred at the grocery store, no he was not bared, but everyone who was there saw me bend him over and paddled his bottom. When we got home, well lets just say, he will not do what he did again in public. Jackie

    1. I'm not sure how that story relates to the post, Jackie. Something that extreme kind of sounds like dragging innocent and most likely vanilla people into your kink rather than inviting a willing person in......but maybe that's just me.

  3. Though my husband has received the occasional swat in public, given jokingly but firmly gets his attention and is generally accepted in the vanilla world, I would never spank publicly.
    BUT, I have threatened or promised him a spanking in front of strangers. On a rare occasion a friend or family member but not as serious though my husband knew otherwise.
    The last time I remember was shopping in front of a cashier.
    I said what store we were going to next, my husband who had been whining with attitude from almost the beginning, said with an attitude "How about if we just go home?"
    The cashier, a middle aged woman was bagging my purchase, I asked my husband firmly, "So I can give you a darn good SPANKING?" (I emphasized spanking) "You've complained all day!" This definitely got both their attention. She stopped for a split second, looked quickly at me, my husband and resumed bagging.
    Hmm? I asked my husband who quickly said, "Sorry."
    I told the cashier, their like little boys sometimes, as I took my bag and then thanked her.
    My husband changed his demeanor for the rest of our shopping trip. I realized he was over due so after we got home and settled in, he got the spanking of his life.

    1. Cute story, Becky. And welcome.

      Rosa has given me a public threat on a couple of Home Depot in fact.......but not directly in front of a salesperson. Still very powerful.