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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Half Empty or Half Full?

Maybe I'm just a nasty little pervert, but when I first saw this John Currin painting I was quite surprised that the title claimed that the beverage shown was wine and not what I thought it was! Maybe it was its color....or proximity to the place I had assumed to be its source, but I just naturally assumed this golden delight was a freshly-decanted liquid and not something that was fermented and aged in a barrel.

I am no stranger to Rosa's "personally decanted nectar" and to my surprise, before leaving for work this morning Rosa surprised me with this:

It had been a while since Rosa last surprised me like this, but given the circumstances of the last few days, it made sense in a weird way. Anyway, it certainly added a twist to my day I wasn't expecting!

On another note, I have noticed that commenting has not just dwindled but ceased with the exception of Merry. I am not sure why this is and hope there is no serious reason for it, but it is a pretty sad thing when "Escorts of Bangalore" leave more comments than my once-loyal Round Table members! So don't be shy. Say your piece.......even if it is critical. (Just follow the rules for posting is all I ask!)


  1. depending on your relationship we get involved in many different actives. My wife is in control and I follow her. Many are involved in enjoying her nectar. That does not turn my wife nor I on and we have never done it.

    1. You are right about the vast diversity among practitioners of off-center activities. One of my earliest 'surprises' when I first began to communicate with folks online many years ago was how seemingly similar AND different we all are.

      And thanks for posting, arched! Really. I always like getting comments and you are one of my valued regulars!

  2. I would certainly agree on the first impression from that painting.
    My wife occasionally has a complete release when cumming. I thought she was just "squirting", but apparently it may be bladder release based upon the quantity at times. I have often had my face there at the time and eagerly licked, or sometimes drank as fast as I could. I have enjoyed that and have told her that I would be interested in having her intentionally pee on or in me. She once sat on my back while I was naked on all fours while she masturbated and squirted all over my ass crack. That was hot and we both have talked of doing that again.
    Perhaps someday she will be leaving me a glass of golden nectar to drink, too.

    1. Welcome, Mr. Bill.

      The origins for what we do now were far less intense....but still a bit 'naughty'. It began when Rosa and I were showering together and she coquettishly announced she was going to pee in the shower. I told her it was fine with me and actually kind of hot. She did, and eventually it became a habit and soon she was peeing into my hand. At one point I told her I wouldn't mind taking this to its bold conclusion. I thought she'd be shocked but instead was utterly nonplussed and soon my mouth replaced my hand in catching her flow.

      Your honey sounds pretty bold. I doubt she'd have a hard time taking things a step or two further. Good luck with it!

  3. Boxes are dwindling. Expect to see more of me soon

    1. Even WITH unpacking, you've posted more regularly than ANYONE! But if soon you'll be around even more......that'll be great!