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Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Dyngus Day!

First of all, a late Happy Easter to everyone. I'm sorry for the tardy greeting, but I was very busy for the last couple of days. Anyway, Easter here was great and I hope yours was too!

Today is Easter Monday, and young ladies across the Slavic portion of Eastern Europe are being doused with water and struck across their behinds in celebration of an odd combination of Easter and Dyngus Day.

I am of Polish descent and without any sisters, never really saw any manifestation of this 'fertility ritual' being performed when growing up, but I know of people who did carry on the practice here.

"Wesolych Velku Noc" is one way to say "Happy Easter" but to truly mean "Easter" the way most people do, one would say: "Wesolego Aleluja" instead. "Velku Noc" is still Easter......but it's the wet and stingy-bottomed Easter Monday-Easter.

A while back I came across the following cartoon and as a sub male, LOVED it:

( The confident young lady has obviously turned the traditional tables and is saying: "I'll give you 'Happy Dyngus Day'!!!" You can even see her wielding the traditional decorated braided whip that vendors sell or people make on their own and decorate with colorful ribbons. .........I wonder if when she's done, she'll cool off that striped bottom with a splash of cold water? )

For more on Dyngus Day check (here). Then go whack a few bottoms before the day runs out!