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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kali How-to

A few posts back I discussed a little torture session and painful semi-O I was treated to while wearing a spiked tube better known as a Kali's Teeth Bracelet or "KTB". After posting that little blurb a reader responded to me via e-mail rather than in the comment section asking about how I made my KTB. Since I am always willing to share "how-to's" I figured that maybe it would be helpful to do a post on it for you all, rather than just telling it to one person in private. So...............without further ado:

"How I made my own PVC KTB"

I started with a section of basic 1 1/4" O.D.  basic white PVC pipe obtainable at any decent hardware store. I bought enough to do two complete sections since making the hinge would require making two separate halves rather than trying to cut one section with a precise hinge. To get a better idea, here's a picture of my KTB open:

Here you can see what the design involves. Two exact halves with a simple hinge pivoting on a heavy gauge pin. The other pin shown is what holds the tube closed. 

I then cut a tab mimicking the hinge to act as the clasp. I simply glued the pieces to the outer edges of each half so that a tab would fit neatly in the waiting groove. The pin then slides through a drilled channel to secure it closed.

The spikes are made from the same white PVC stems you see marking lawns with those little flags after a commercial treatment. They are about a 9/64ths diameter. I drilled out holes in each half, cut and sharpened the rod into the 33 points seen here, and then just glued them in place. 

Once complete, I sanded everything and assembled it all, and finished it off with a coat of black paint to the exterior.......just to give it "a look".

To use it, I simply pull out the clasp pin, open the hinged tube, and close it around my soon-to-be tortured member. In order to do this however, I have to be at my absolute most relaxed and flaccid state.......or the tube will not close. Once shut, the pin is inserted either from one end or the other ......depending on what I will be doing and the rest is a matter of teasing followed by pain. (To see a few shots of what I am describing, the more curious among you can click here: KTB in action.)

All-in-all, the project requires patience and a minimum level of competence using tools. The design is very durable as evidenced by the number of years this KTB has been in use. The most it has required is an occasional paint touch-up as scratches appear.

So, if you feel like a rainy day project.......give this one a go. 

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