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Thursday, April 13, 2017

More Bunnies

( "Happy Easter, kiddies!")

Leave it to adults to find seemingly innocent ways to torture children. I'll bet these two are in their 60's by now........and still in therapy!


Not much to report here. If life is a natural series of ups and downs, then we definitely have our share of both. After a couple of really interesting days, yesterday was a disaster. I know that Rosa gets stressed just before we have people over for holidays and this all could be that simple......but because I am home and working each day to make things better for her, it hurts me when she still seems unhappy............and yesterday I just blew up because of it. 

Hopefully it will all turn around. 


  1. ((((HUGS))))

    I haven't done ANY shopping yet! My goal is to get to the grocery store today.

    1. Thanks.

      Actually I am further ahead this year than ever......and that's what upset me yesterday when she still seemed stressed and unhappy. However, as more comes to light, it seems that this might be an issue with her kids....although I always seem to pay the price for the issues they cause. Anyway, if texts are any indication, today seems better already.